Friday, July 17, 2015

Wedding: One Week Marker

Well, it's really one week and a day from today, but it's close enough!
I really can not believe how quickly the time flew since I got engaged on July 26, 2013.
Not to mention, it's been NINE months since my first wedding post.

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What to do at: ONE WEEK until the wedding

Final Count & Guest List
I've been utilizing an Excel spreadsheet that's full of important guest information.  If you don't like excel try this wedding organizer.  It's cheap, pretty, functional, & makes a good keepsake.
You should list every invitees' full name, address, and their proper titles.  I've been filling out the sheet with who is attending and who isn't as I get my responses.  I hunted down the people who forgot to respond, and got my finalized guest list and count.
Remember when I was nervous that we wouldn't fit?  We fell at a perfect number of 111 guests!

Seating Chart & Place Cards
Using my completed guest list, I was able to make my seating chart.  I also made a separate list for my calligrapher to fill out my gorgeous place cards.  She filled out the place cards beautifully and they are packed away to bring to the hall.  Check out these rustic looking place cards and wooden table numbers to use the day of!
Just a heads to anyone who has never done this:  making a seat chart is a real pain in the butt!!

Final Fitting
I had my final fitting for my wedding dress and it couldn't be more perfect!
It's scheduled to be pressed and ready to be picked up the Thursday before the wedding.

Ceremony Music
I coordinated with the ceremony musician and he gave me a CD filled with possible song choices.  I listened and followed his handout making all of the final song choices for the ceremony.
I still can't wait to hear the "Here Comes the Bride" music as I walk down the aisle!

I sat down and purchased all of the decorations I felt were necessary to make my wedding gorgeous.  The place card table will be adorned with vases, fake flowers, candles, and our painted wooden initials.  The guest book table will be decorated with picture frames, candles, and a bird cage card holder.  I ordered gorgeous organza pew bows to decorate the church during the ceremony.  I purchased ballerina pink organza bows for the bridal party's chairs at the reception.  I also ordered gold signs that read "Mr" and "Mrs" for our table at the reception.  Gold table card numbers were bought to replace the hall's not-themed silver ones.

Wedding Favors
A while back we made a donation to Make A Wish Foundation in lieu of favors.  The month after that, we ordered little pink and gold cards to let the guests know what we did.  We purchased a beautiful gold 8x7 picture frame to display the certificate from Make A Wish.  My cousin made additional favors, chocolate lollipops for us to tie the cards onto lay onto each table setting.

Bagged Bird Seed
We bagged 100 tiny bags of bird seed and placed them in a perfect white basket for the ceremony.
You can no longer throw rice and who wants bubble prints on their wedding gown?  Bird seed it is!

Food Choices
We sat down with the caterer and picked the perfect food choices for the event.  We picked 10 fancy passing hor d'oeuvres, 2 carving stations, and 4 main courses.

DJ and Lighting
We met with the DJ and picked our final music choices.  We also made a game plan for the night including what "wedding" things we were going to do.  After the meeting, we rented additional up lighting to make the room look like a party!

I waited until 3 weeks before the wedding to purchase a veil because I wasn't sure I wanted one.  After a two year internal debate, I decided to rock a veil for the ceremony, but not the reception.  I purchased a VERY reasonably priced veil that looks lovely with my gown.
I still don't love the veil, but I like the tradition behind it.  I feel it takes away from my dress.

Flower Girl Dress
I took daughter to my favorite seamstress to have her dress custom made.  I haven't received the finished product yet, but it should be here any day.
Let's just say that the theme to her dress is POOF.  We're talking imperial waist and then POOF.

This next week until the wedding will be filled with confirming appointments and paying off vendors.  We will pick up my husband's tuxedo, my wedding dress, and the flower girl dress.  The rehearsal is Friday which is one of the last big things for us to complete.  We will also make sure to fully pack our suit cases for the honey moon prior to the wedding.  Then we'll be stuffing labeled envelopes with tip money and getting ready to enjoy the big day!
Here's to a perfect day that's been 2 years in the making, literally!

What's on your list for the 1 week marker?


  1. :) congratulations I love the ring!
    I think, just get over with the packing like you did mention actually.
    I like the veil too. I recall, when I was a kid I would dress up like christian brides and just flaunt LOL!!!
    I also like the music that is played (here comes the bride)

  2. Sounds like everything is sure in hand and ready to go. Sure it will be a wonderful day. Hmmm, but you and birds don't have the greatest track record, what if some bird sees the seed being thrown and thinks it is a snack? lol

  3. yes, veils seem strange to me too :) Wait, just a week! But I'm not ready! I must wax my legs, pluck my eyebrows........
    Hope you're enjoying the last week before the big event!

  4. Congratulations! It's so exciting to think the big day will be here soon!

  5. Does your veil have a blusher? I rarely see them any longer but think they are so cool. I had one. Something about the groom lifting it off your face to kiss you is so romantic. :)

  6. Just remember no Mexican food until after the wedding! Best wishes.

  7. I never really thought about Daisy getting or not getting a veil when we did ours. Good luck to yours

  8. Wow! You've been putting a lot (A LOT!) of work into your wedding day. I feel so lazy just reading your lists, and I'm married for crying out loud haha!

    One week...

  9. This is SO exciting - I am so happy for you and it's really incredible to see all of the work and effort that goes into making the day so special. DJ and food definitely make the day wonderful, and I know that all of your attention to detail is going to create the most perfect day ever. So excited for you, beautiful!

  10. You're so organized. I long to see you in your dress.


  11. I am excited and happy for you all! I love the birdseed idea.

    I hope you are able to enjoy all the fruits of your labors this week, Jax!


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