Wednesday, July 22, 2015

List: The ultimate wedding checklist.

On Sunday, July 26, I will be getting married!
This wedding has been two years in the making and I can't wait to live it.
There is a lot of stress, hard work, and meticulous planning that goes into this one day.
Hopefully my OCD and tracking skills can help someone else make the process a little easier.
As promised, my Google searchers, here is the combined wedding check list made from experience!

The Ultimate Wedding Check List.

Nine Months
­­__  Sign up for a helpful wedding app.  **I loved WeddingWire.
__  Make a wedding budget.
__  Decide where you like to have the ceremony.
__  Book the ceremony venue.  **Don’t forget to ask questions.  My church had many requirements.
__  Pick your colors.
__  Pick your bridal party.
__  Ask your bridal party to be a part of your wedding.
__  Search for reception halls. 
__  Pick and book your reception hall.  **Don’t forget that you will need to pay a deposit.
__  Create a potential guest list.
__  Make a dress shopping appointment.  **Clear the date with all females in the bridal party.
__  Research and pick an invitation vendor.
__  Start budgeting and brainstorming for you honeymoon.
Eight Months
__  Design your invitations and wedding envelopes.
__  Book your honeymoon.  **Flights and hotels are less expensive the earlier you book them!
__  Pick your bridal party’s gowns.  Have them sized and ordered.  **They take 4-6 mos to arrive.
__  Get an idea of how you want the groom and groomsmen to dress.
__  Pick your wedding gown.  Have it sized and order.  **It takes 6-8 mos to arrive.
Seven Months
__  Finalize your guest list.
__  Gather all necessary addresses.
Six Months
__  Finalize the invitation proofs and place the order.
__  Research DJs and book the one that you like.
__  Research limousine companies and book the one you like.
__  Purchase gifts for your bridesmaids.  **This could be something they wear the day of.
Five Months
__  Research and book a photographer.  **Inquire about packages and your rights to the photos.
__  Research and book a videographer.
__  Research and book flower vendors.
__  Research and book cake vendors.
__  If marrying in a church, ask two people to recite your readings during the ceremony.
Four Months
__  Hire a calligrapher to fill out the invitation envelopes.
__  Have your florist put together samples and start finalizing your picks.
__  Book a cake testing and finalize your cake order.
__  Start gathering decoration ideas for the ceremony and the reception.
__  Book a trial appointment with a makeup artist.  Once satisfied, book the day of appointment.
Three Months
__  Put the invitations properly together.  Stamp all the envelopes.
__  Mail out your invitations and start recording your responses.
__  Buy the wedding rings.  Have them sized and engraved.  **Invest in a warranty!
__  Finalize your centerpieces.
__  Decide on wedding favors and purchase them.  **We donated and framed a beautiful certificate.
__  Pick out the tuxedos and inform the groomsmen to get sized.
__  Purchase gifts for your groomsmen.  **We paid part of their tuxedo rental.
__  If marrying in the church, schedule pre-cana.
Two Months
__  Purchase unity candles and a stand.  **Candle factories sell beautiful handmade ones.
__  Book a trial appointment with a hair dresser.  Once satisfied, book the day of appointment.
__  Make a beauty plan for the day of with your girls.
__  Pick a place to hold your guests between the ceremony and the reception.
__  Order all matching stationary to go with your theme.  EX:  Place cards, favor gift tags, etc.
__  Purchase shoes for the wedding and start wearing them in around the house.
__  Buy wedding colored colors as extra d├ęcor for the guests tables.
__  Complete and pay for pre-cana in full.
__  Invest in a cake topper.  **Lenox has gorgeous ones that you can showcase for life.
One Month
__  Have all the bridesmaids get a final dress fitting and get appropriate alterations.
__  Schedule your wedding rehearsal date. **If planning a rehearsal dinner, finalize all preparations.
__  Meet with your officiate, and make all final plans.  EX:  Readings, gospels, etc.
__  Start the wedding dress fitting process.  Schedule at least two fittings and make alterations.
__  Create a themed way to hold your gifts.  **I used a pink and gold bird cage to house the cards.
__  Purchase gifts for the parent’s of the bride and groom.
__  Meet with your DJ.  Make a plan for the day of and discuss music choices.
__  Get your wedding license.
Two Weeks
__  Gather your final count and tell your caterer.
__  Give your final food choices to the caterer.
__  Create a seating chart.
__  Hire a calligrapher to fill out the place cards.
__  Go for a final fitting and schedule a date/time to have the dress ready for pick up.
__  Meet with the ceremony musician and make your final picks.
__  Purchase all decorations.  Ex:  Chair sashes, framed pictures, etc.
__  Get a guest book and a nice pen.
__  Do all last minute touches to your favors like tie ribbon or gift tags.
One Week
__  Bag bird seed or bubbles for the ceremony.  **Rice is no longer allowed.
__  Finalize any rentals.
__  Confirm appointments with all vendors.
__  Pay off all necessary balances.
__  Pick up tuxedo.
__  Pick up wedding dress.
__  Bring all necessary items to the reception hall and discuss with the event planner.
__  Put all tip money in labeled envelopes.
__  Give everyone their responsibilities for the big day.
__  Pack your suitcase for the honeymoon.

If I left anything out, please let me know.
I mean, I really want this to be the ULTIMATE list!


  1. and how do you feel, dear, four days before the big day? :)

    1. ...Dez, I woke up nervous!!! I think it's the antibiotic I just finished yesterday, but my man is swearing it's my nerves. Who knows?! I'll just keep taking deep breathes. lol

    2. antibiotic? Don't forget to take some probiotics too, you don't wanna be pooping like waterfalls when the wedding comes :))))

  2. Wow, you need to market that. Best of luck on Sunday. I'm sure it will be magical.

    1. lol! I just figured that I'd lump it all together for the person that didn't want to click a 100 times. hahaha Thank you :)

  3. Damn, all of that just makes my head hurt. If I can't elope, I'll stay single lol

  4. Relax and enjoy! It's almost here! Deep breaths!

  5. I always wondered about the rice thing, but snopes says it's untrue. Urban legends and myths tend to spread quickly until they become the "truth".

  6. AHHHHHH! Happy Bridal Week!!!! So, so, so excited for you! Soak it all in and enjoy every second. This list is great. I can't wait to see some pictures of you, Jax!

  7. This is perfect! I'm going to send it to my cousin who just recently got engaged- she'll love it!
    And happy wedding weekend- so excitingggggg!

    Le Stylo Rouge

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