Wednesday, July 8, 2015

List: Ten things that make me feel old.

A recent conversation with a co-worker ended with him calling me “ma’am”.
I mean, am I really THAT old that I constitute being labeled as ma’am?  I think not!
That got me thinking that it’s not just my old soul that has me feeling ancient.
Maybe I’m just going through a quarter life crisis.  Is that even a thing?!

Ten things from the past that make me feel old.

1.  Furbys
This toy was HOT years back.  So hot, that my parents stood on line for hours to get me one.
Try explaining that to your Cuban in laws without feeling like an aged immortal!

2.  Cell Phones
I didn’t have internet on my phone until I was 22.
In fact, I didn’t even have a cell until I was 16 and it was a pre-paid virgin mobile flip phone!

3.  Baby Cousin
We’re all around the same age except for my baby cousin who’s 14 years younger than me.
I still introduce her as my baby cousin, but she’s a whopping TWELVE years old now.  Smh…

4.  Dial Up
I grew up with a dial up internet connection on my desktop computer with AOL.
Ask a teen about “You’ve Got Mail” or the dial up sounds while connecting to the internet.  Exactly.

5.  Snap Chat
A young co-worker asked me for my “Snap” and I had NO idea what this was.
I mean, for the love of God, who actually needs ANOTHER means of social media on their phone?!

6.  Lamb Chop
I got a crooked, confused look from my Mushy’s YOUNG assistant teacher when referencing Lamb Chop.
Keep this on R&W, but I might just still have my Lamb Chop pillow hidden in my room.  Hah!

7.  Aaron Carter
I attended a meet & greet Aaron Carter concert in order to meet my childhood idol.
He’s now an old drug addict that couldn’t even perform a whole show let alone “meet” you after.

8.  Real World & Road Rules Challenges
This defined my high school TV schedule.  Well, that and The Osbournes.
Does anyone even really know what these shows were about anymore?!

9.  Name Plates
All the cool girls in school had gold nameplates to rock.  I, sadly, did not.
Try explaining the twinge of jealously I feel to this day when I see one without looking old!

10.  Keenen & Kel
This duo STILL makes me laugh harder than any comedian that ever was on TV.
From Pier Es’cargo to Good Burger all the way to The Headless Knight, they invented LOL.

What things from the past make you feel old?


  1. Ah, the wretched era of Dial Up.... what hell that was.... And plus is was expensive here so I would buy an hour of internet and than spend it ten by ten minutes at a time LOL When I transferred to wireless I could not believe my net could be on all day long :)

  2. We just had a HUGE conversation about the Ma'am thing. I'm a Yankee like you but I moved to the south about 20 years ago where everyone says Ma'am and Sir. I used to think Ma'am made me sound so old too but not anymore. It's a sign of respect here and anybody who has class and cares about manners sends their children to cotillion to learn such things like boys opening doors for ladies, how to properly address adults with Ma'am and Sir, table manners, how to dance, and other pleasantries. I hope Ma'am no longer makes you feel old, but special.

  3. Ugg sooo glad there is no more dial up, despised that. I remember the era before the internet and vcrs and having to rewind, huge arse walkmans, no youtube. But meh, I change with the times. I only feel old when by body does its old thing lol

  4. Oh I do love me some snapchat - trying to keep up with technology in my 30s is no small feat

  5. haha....oh, you sound young!

    My childhood....

    - no cells. The phones were hooked into the wall with long curly cords that kept you corralled to the room.

    - no cable or satellite tv. Local channels only. No remote. The Waltons was the best prime time show.

    - no unleaded gas. It was all leaded!

    - Elvis was still alive!

    - No blow driers or electric rollers until high school!

    - All us girls smelled like Love's Baby Soft perfume.

    - It wasn't the era of green living or eating. Everything was processed from jell-o to twinkies to margarine. Pringles came on the scene, too!

    ok...feeling old.....really old. lol....

  6. hahha, isn't it funny how we were on the cusp of the technology age but having cell phones and even growing up with internet (dial-up, but internet!) and now that makes us old as like 8 year old kids have phones now. Crazy!

    And I always used to say to people who called me 'ma'am' - "there's no ring on this finger! I'm still a 'miss'". So now that there is a ring, i guess I have to accept that cruel name!

  7. Really though, ma'am is them being polite. What else are they supposed to say? Miss? Lady?

    I do remember all these things! My very first email address ever was an AOL account and I remember not being able to get on when anyone else was on. Not being able to make phone calls when anyone was on the net. And speaking of phone calls, having to call your friend's houses and asking their parents if you could talk to them. Wearing a watch to know what time it was to start heading home. Making mix tapes on cassettes. Having to rewind VHS tapes - Blockbuster. Actually buying CDs. Actually writing letters to your friends!
    It's strange to me to think how completely undependent I was on technology growing up, mostly because there weren't any haha, and now it's so commonplace that's it weird when people don't use it!

  8. I'm having the same struggle. My coworkers are 17, 19 (as of today), barely 21, and almost 22. The older ones and I (I'm still the oldest) have tried to tell the younger ones about shows we watched or games we played and they're like "wtf is that??" The almost 22 year old and I are constantly accused of being 16-17 though, appearance wise.

  9. I hated furbies even back then

    I remember cell phones's hottest thing was the one with the mini-keyboard.

    I hated dial up with a passion. Forget about watching videos

    I thought Aaron Carter was annoying

    Who loves orange soda?

  10. Hehe. My teen keeps my updated on the latest social media tools so at least I have a chance at knowing what "Snap" is when mentioned.

    Sadly, I was a child in the dark days before the Internet, and my first mobile phone was a "car phone." It had a plug and no battery and only worked in my patrol car. It sure was a lifesaver though in needed to use the phone for police calls.

  11. Yep, to all these things. Just yep.

  12. I'm with you, girl! Haha, DIAL UP. Man, those were the days!

    Le Stylo Rouge

  13. Katie Holmes is doing commercials for anti-aging products now. And when I am in line at the grocery store, I never recognize anyone on the covers of teen magazines.

  14. i love all of the nick shows from the fave!!


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