Wednesday, July 15, 2015

List: Ten reasons why you need a bigger living space.

I really, really, REALLY, hate clutter.
Yet I love to save everything.  Go figure!
While I love my apartment, my landlord, and the town I'm in living...I think it's time to move on.
We are hoping to be able to take the next step and buy a house after the wedding.

Mushy is going to be in public school in a couple short years.  I want her to feel stability.
Not to mention, the amount of money we pay to live here is VERY close to a mortgage.
Those reasons aside, sometimes think that MAYBE we should wait a little while more...
...but then I look around and change my mind.
We just really need a bigger living space before things start to explode onto the driveway.

I know that this process takes lots of time and commitment, but I'm totally ready to start it!
...and, every time I start to chicken out, I'll just take a quick look around...

Ten reasons why you may need a bigger space.

1.  Half of your stuff is still packed in boxes.
If it's been over a year, and you still have several boxes filled with things, it may be time to move.
I have 6 or 7 filled boxes because I just don't have the space to put the unpacked contents.

2.  You use other people's homes as storage.
When you need to call people to utilize their basement and attic, it's time to find your own.
I have so many things "stored" in my father's dry cleaners that he should charge me fees!

3.  You find yourself not getting new things.
When you can't get a computer because the only space you have for it is the kitchen table, move!
I dreaded a bridal shower simply because I don't have anymore space for stuff.

4.  You can't fit a real couch in your living room.
When your living room is a love seat and folding chairs, it's time to find more space.
My living room is a love seat.  My man, Mushy, and myself don't even fit on it at the same time!

5.  Your trunk is filled with "home" things.
When the trunk of your car becomes additional cabinetry, it's time to reevaluate your home.
Our trunks are so full that it's hard to even fit groceries in our cars!

6.  Your closet spits at you when you open it.
When you open your closet and things fall down onto your head, it may be time to find more closets!
Every time I open my hallway closet, my Swifter mop hits me in the gut!

7.  The floor becomes an acceptable "place" for stuff.
When you have a designated spot on the floor for things, it may be time to find a new living space.
"On the floor behind the dining room table" is not an uncommon answer to "Where is that"!

8.  Random items serve as a decoration.
When a common item acts like an acceptable decoration, it may be time to move on.
Our stroller and vacuum stand in the living room like an artistic statue in my apartment!

9.  Your children's things start to spill out into the hallway.
When it's common for toys to spill out of your child's room, it may be time to find a bigger room.
My daughter's "big" toys need to spread out between her room, the hallway, and our room!

10.  You dread having company.
When you dislike gatherings becuase you don't have room for people, it's time to find a bigger place.
I love entertaining, but I avoid it becuase I just need more room for things and my guests!

What signs let you know it's time for a bigger place?


  1. My current problem is, while our apartment is fairly large, half the walls are covered in closet doors so there isn't room for furniture. We have boxes of stuff in closets, not because there isn't room, but because we can't block off the doors. Half of my bedroom is just doors. Bedroom door, 3 closet doors, and the bathroom door. Plus a massive window on the opposite side.

  2. in my country it is almost impossible to take a loan to buy a house and you can get a house only if you inherit it from your parents or if they help you with the loan and if you have a really steady job.... I don't even dream about it

  3. Now if you can tell me how to afford a bigger place, I'm set haha.

    No friggin room to do much in my place. Even doing some yoga poses is tricky lol can't get anything new as I have no place to put it.

  4. Hmm...I don't know! All those things say "declutter" to me. ha.

  5. omg, this is my life right now! All my wedding presents are in my dad's basement and he wants to kill me, lol. I'm like- we are moving soon, don't worry, don't worry! But at the same time, I don't want to buy a house yet because I don't want to make such a permanent decision! So I'm stuck in the middle, thinking in about two years I will want to.

    I bet with your little one you're even more motivated to own a home. that list you put together is so spot-on, ha.

  6. Yeah, I would definitely move on if I were you... Since it looks like you are going to have to do it anyway, might as well tackle it sooner rather than later. Then it will be done with, and you can get back to enjoying life. I, myself, could probably get a smaller place and it wouldn't matter, lol.

  7. We definitely don't have a lot of storage space right now so that would be my only reason for wanting a bigger place LOL! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  8. Sometimes we do buy too much stuff, one of the reasons for a yard sale. Though that's hard to do if you have an apartment

  9. I know it's time for a bigger place when my closets are stuffed- either that, or I need to good PURGE! :)

    Le Stylo Rouge

  10. You use other people's homes as storage... I know what that's like. I'm horrible that way.

  11. I'm a chronic purger and don't really keep a lot of things (besides books and writing related things). It's my kiddo and Other that have issues throwing stuff away. Working on helping the kiddo let some things go, especially the baby toys/books.
    Our apartment is super tiny, but we can't afford to move. We've got two full-sized couches stuffed in our living area. The vacuum cleaner is definitely just... out. No place for it. We'd probably have no room in the hallway closet if we didn't have so many useless coats and board games.


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