Monday, July 13, 2015

List: Ten false stereotypes men gave women.

This post is dedicated to the ladies!
How often do you find that we are stereotyped and throw into inappropriate woman “categories”?
Pretty darn often!!!!  Hmph! 

Men are always going around saying all different sorts of crazy things to rationalize their own stupidity.
They are constantly putting us down and blaming things on our gender.
Newflash boys: We can do almost everything you can do!!!
…and we usually can do it better….
The thing is, the majority of the time we just choose not to.
Why would women choose not to do things that we are more than capable of?
It’s simple!  Men like to feel “useful” and “needed” so we ask you to help us out.
Besides, chivalry and gentlemanly demeanor is expected from the male species. 

You know that bug that was about the size of a period at the end of a sentence?
Well, guess what?  I could have easily destroyed that evil creature myself!!
You know that really heavy box that I asked you to lift for me?
Well, I really couldn’t lift that…
That would be the “almost” I was referring to above. 

Common Stereotypes Given to Women by Men.

1.  Driving
As if our gender has anything to do with our driving capabilities.
We just have a few more things on our mind than you.  Our focus is a little off… 

2.  Weak
Just because we are females doesn’t mean that we can’t handle ourselves in a hostile situation.
While we would prefer to not have to defend ourselves, we aren’t all that dainty.
Besides, aren’t spike heels meant for beating muggers over the head? 

3.  Blabbing
Women are expected to do all the talking all the time.
Just because we are females doesn’t mean that gossiping is our favorite activity.
Ok, so maybe this one is sort of true, BUT I know many men that love to hear the juice too! 

4.  Pamper
Mirrors aren’t always a girl’s best friend!  We don’t all love to pamper ourselves.
Actually, we hate all the time and effort it takes for us to look decent for you!
Why can’t men just appreciate their hot date and not complain about the time it took to look like that?! 

5.  Menstrual
We are grouchy because you pissed us off, not because of our period that ain’t due for another 2 weeks.
Oh, this one IRKS me… 

6.  Poker
Women are masters in the art of the poker face.
You know that stone cold look we give when we saying “nothing’s wrong”?  That’s a poker face at its finest!
Just saying… 

7.  Crazy
Any stupid little thing we do gets us women labeled as “crazy”.
I know women that are crazy.  Date them for a while and then we’ll talk!  Hmph… 

8.  OMG I Broke A Nail!
If a woman gets pissed off that they broke a nail, they are automatically labeled stuck up and prissy.
This is NOT the case.  We are pissed off because that nail cost us 40 bucks and an hour of our life!
Think about that the next time you tease that we broke a simple nail!! 

9.  Math
Women are always told they stink at math.  I challenge you all to a math off RIGHT now.  You’ll lose.
Maybe I’m just bitter because I work in accounting with a bunch of Asian men who always throw “American White Girl Math" in my face.  Back off and watch my computations!! 

10.  Football
It’s automatically assumed that a woman doesn’t really “know” football or anything to do with it.
Women also can’t possibly be interested in fantasy teams either.
Guess what?  I love football and I beat all the boys in my fantasy league! 

What completely untrue female stereotypes have you heard??


  1. The driving one is kinda true in a way, as you don't see guys doing their make up or fixing their hair while driving. I see women do that all the time and they are actually driving, not stopped at a light or something. But then all idiots use cellphones. And I've met crazies, I only label them crazy when they are crazy though. Math? Never would have thought of that one. Either good or you aren't no matter who you are.

    I'd make fun that you spent 40 bucks on the nail and wasted an hour of your life, not that you broke it lol

    1. LOL, Pat!! Whose side are you on anyways?! I've seen men trimming their NOSE HAIRS while driving. I also see them reading the paper in NY traffice while sitting on the LIE. Thye are just as guilty. Ehh, well there are some crazy men as well. Crazies are crazies whether men or women. lol lol

      $40 to look fresh is money well spent!

    2. lol I'm an equal opportunity side, take cracks at both. Guess men do it to. Maybe I don't see them as they don't catch my attention lol crazies are everywhere indeed.

      Pfft take a shower for free, fresh as can be.

    3. lol Ok, I'll let you pass since you're equal opportunity and all. haha

  2. very true!! Absolutely so, so, so true! And I love the "math off!" comment. Reminds me of 'Mean Girls' and the Mathletes!! But yes, you definitely nailed this- especially in the sports department.

    1. lol..The math one kills me!! I mean, since when does a certain body part determine your math skills? Hmph!

  3. I know plenty of men who like to gossip! LOL xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

    1. Yea, me too! In fact, I'm engaged to one!

  4. I disagree that women can usually do things better. Different people have different talents, no matter what their gender is.

    1. Oh, of course people have different talents. I'm just saying that men and women aren't particularly good at anything just because of their gender.

  5. Hehe. No way, I know better than to test you on #10. My fantasy football buddy and someone I can ask Gronk/Pats questions to... The primary stereotype of women in my life has been taking forever in the bathroom; especially at night and when I lived in a one bathroom apartment. It just killed me if the Mrs. got to the restroom before me at bed time.

    1. OHhh Gronk!!!! He's the only one left me to swoon over...although the new QB is pretty darn cute. ;) haha

      Well, we have more to get done in the bathroom then men. Hair is an art and art takes time! lol lol

  6. 1 and 7 are definitely true for ladies no matter whatcha say :PP

    1. lol, really, Dez?! I happen to be a fabulous driver and I ain't all that crazy. lol!!!

  7. :) AWESOME. I m however guilty, that I know almost nothing about sports :(

    1. ...and that's a personal choice. It's not because you are missing a body part. See, I got your back, girl!! haha

  8. I won my Fantasy Football league this year too. BAM! We can even pee standing up now thanks to that fancy schmancy new invention I saw on Facebook.

    1. Yeeaaaa girlll!!! I should start another league. :)

      Yes, you're so right!!!

  9. SO true, haha. I totally take offense to the fact women "aren't good drivers." Excuuuuse me, no way, we're awesome! :)

    Le Stylo Rouge

    1. lol YES! I think I'm an awesome driver also. I could totally rock NASCAR. haha

  10. omg yes to all of these! such bs!!

  11. I'm a much better driver than my husband! I swear! ha.

  12. Are you being facetious with this: "Men like to feel “useful” and “needed” so we ask you to help us out. Besides, chivalry and gentlemanly demeanor is expected from the male species."
    Because that's a gender stereotype and if you're demanding men to stop lumping women into one pile, shouldn't the opposite be true as well?
    All people are no better or worse at something because of gender.
    And also, why even waste 40 bucks to get your nails done anyway? I just paint mine at home.

    1. It was playful sarcasm just trying to lighten up the topic. I was by no means really stating that all men feel/think/act the same way. My page is very light hearted and never meant to insult anyone. If I ever do say something insulting, I assure you that it was unintentional.

      $40 for a mani/pedi is by no means a waste of money for me! A gel manicure lasts chip free for at least 2 weeks. Not to mention, it's relaxing and makes me feel good! I call that an investment.

    2. Getting a mani/pedi every few weeks helps me keep my OCD under control. I wish Willy Dunne Wooters would get a pedicure. His feet are gross--cracked skin and thick toenails.

    3. Alright, sorry for jumping down your throat! It's just I've seen so much of this lately and it really bothers me :/

      I can see how you'd feel it an investment, but it doesn't really matter to me. Most of the time my nails are bare. I break them too much with the kiddo and dogs, so don't really see much of a point. Now, I've gotten a pedicure before and it WAS pretty relaxing but I wouldn't do it all the time. I mean, I've only forked out money for it once in my life.

  13. The football one is becoming less true as the decades go by. Though to truly break the glass ceiling, female football teams should be standard for most schools

  14. Girls become afraid to take higher level math and science classes because the boys brag about how good they are at those classes. So many girls are intimidated. The Hurricane was in a math competition when she was in fifth grade. She came home and said that various boys were bragging that they would win. I said, You don't need to talk about it. Show them what you can do.

    She won, and then won many more academic prizes over the years. She has a PhD in math. I'm very happy for her.



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