Friday, June 26, 2015

Wedding: One Month Marker

I can NOT even fathom the fact that it's been almost two full years since I got engaged.
This wasn't a real productive month, but I'll be seriously cracking for the next 30 days!
Let's all cross our fingers that I get done with everything in time for the big day!

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What to do at: ONE MONTH until the wedding

Bridal Party Attire
All of the ladies have picked up their gowns and began working on their alterations.  All of the men have been hunted down and measured for their tuxedos and shoes.  The ladies hair appointments have been set and their hair styles have been picked out.

Rehearsal Date
The wedding rehearsal date has been set and scheduled in the church's appointment book!  The bridal party has been informed and they're ready to go.
It's scheduled on my man's birthday.  I foresee a cake directly following the rehearsal.  Yum!!

We met with the priest and went over all of our reading choices.  We picked our favorite two and noted them in the official matrimony book.  Next we need to pass them along to our honorary readers so they can practice!

Wedding Dress Fitting
I had my first wedding dress fitting and I fell in love with my dress all over again!  Luckily, I didn't require any major alterations.  Just a gigantic hem and a few tucks here and there.  It was an easy process.  You just stand still for 3 hours while a seamstress cut out a dress around you to fit your body perfectly!

Wedding License
We gathered all of our original documents to prove our existence and headed to Town Hall.  We purchased our wedding license and we're ready to make it official! I still debate about changing my last name...

What's on your list for the 1 month marker?


  1. OMG now you have to watch not to get thinner or bigger in order to fit the dress!

  2. omg you are getting so close!! i love the countdown. this is so helpful!

  3. WOW, so exciting! Are you doing your own makeup?

  4. 3 hours? My back would have a fit standing for three hours haha

    Everything will sure be moving even faster until the big day, as things fall into place.

  5. Hommmmmmmme strettttcchhhhhhh! So exciting! Omg, your daughter is going to look so cute in a handmade dress.

  6. How more month!

    Sounds like you are super organized and have everything under control! It's the big countdown now!

  7. Wedding day timeline big to do for the month before the wedding :) xo, Biana-BlovedBoston

  8. Believe it or not, they didn't ask for for photo id when I got my wedding license. LOL south carolina's county employees

  9. I don't know nothin' bout plannin' no weddings.


  10. I knew a lot went into planning weddings, but sheesh... that sounds like more stress than I'm personally willing to take on. Good luck to you!

  11. The 30 day countdown! Good luck and I am glad it is you all doing the work and not me--I forgot about all that was involved.

    Enjoy your "working" weekend.

  12. You are serious about all of this! Planning my marriage took me, what, a week haha. Don't tell my wife.;)


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