Monday, June 22, 2015

List: Ten unique ideas to bring to a backyard barbecue.

Father’s Day was spent  running around from place to place.  We took my daddy out for a nice breakfast in the morning.  Then we went to my future in laws for a Cuban style BBQ complete with the pig on a spit.  After spending the day at the BBQ, we headed to Nanny’s to have dessert with papa.  After all that running around, I really could use just one more day off from work…

Throughout the Summer season, we are constantly going to BBQs.  That means I’m showing up with a fruit salad or a bottle of wine in hand.  As you can imagine, I am sick of making fruit salad and buying bottles of wine.  In an attempt to switch it up this year, I compiled a list of new ideas.

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Ten unique ideas to bring to a BBQ.

1.  Homemade Red Velvet Cookies
The host will appreciate the time you took to cook them and that they aren’t a common treat!  These cookies are so yummy and very easy to make.  Recipe can be found here.

2.  Colorful Hanging Plant
This may not be something that can be served, but it certainly can be displayed!  Your host is sure to appreciate this gesture for way more than one BBQ.

3.  Homemade Sangria
This is one of my favorites to do because it's pretty to look at, tastes delicious, and shows that you really thought about it.  Make the sangria the night before.  Transport it with sliced fruit in a concealed container.  Come prepared with a pretty pitcher and a big spoon to pour it into upon arrival.  I have this pitcher that everyone always compliments.

Note- This makes a great gift!  Get all the ingredients for sangria, put it in a glass pitcher, and wrap.  Hello, amazing housewarming gift, especially for those who love to host gatherings!

4.  Quiche
A quiche goes with almost anything which makes it a perfect thing to bring on a BBQ.  This is an inexpensive way out but shows thought since it takes a little time to make.

5.  A BBQ Sauce Set With Flavor Variety
It’s almost a guarantee that the BBQ will involve some sort of grilled meat making this a perfect idea.  Whenever I go for this idea, the men always LOVE it.  This set makes the perfect item to bring.

6.  Homemade Guacamole
Everybody is sure to love this idea, just don’t forget to bring a bag of tortilla chips.

7.  Water Balloon Kit
This is a guaranteed hit with the kids and occupied kids means very happy adults.  Call me a kid myself, but water balloon fights are totally a summer highlight for me!  I recommend this Bunch O Balloons set so you don't have to tie every balloon shut.  You should also bring your own bucket so the host doesn't have to dig one out.

8.  Fruit Kebabs
This is similar to fruit salad, but it’s way more fun and things taste better when they’re fun.  They also are a colorful addition to the table.  Not to mention, grilled fruit is totally trendy right now!

9.  S ‘mores
A barbecue usually implies the use of an actual bbq which means it’s a green light for S’mores!  This Hershey S'mores caddy has everything you need and just looks like a prettier item to pass your hosts.

10.  Wattamelon Roll by Friendly's
This is perfect for a BBQ because it’s sweet, refreshing, and totally delicious.

What are your unique ideas to bring to a barbecue? 


  1. OMG imagine if that pig on the spit was a little's piggies papa? :(

    1. I know, Dez. It's awful when you think about it that way. If it makes you feel better, I didn't eat any of it. I couldn't bring myself to eat something that was looking back at me. Instead, I indulged in the homemade yucca and grilled vegetables. :)

  2. Not sure I could ever eat that pig in spit. Not even if you guys called in canadian bacon lol

    I see your water ballons and raise you a water gun

    1. LOL I couldn't either....and stop hiding the fact that ham is CANADIAN bacon. I know you all indulge in that up there. hahaha

      Hmmmm...water guns are fun too. :)

    2. Pffft never ever, ham is just ham. Dumb american name lol

    3. LOL!!! I'll still never forget your face when that's what they brought out to you.

  3. So many fun ideas - I love quiche and that would be a fun addition to any BBQ!! xo, biana -BlovedBoston

    1. Me too! So yummy, so easy to make, and real easy to warm up. :)

  4. sounds like a fun father's day! And yes, I think we all have our go-tos to contribute to events like that. I like those ideas- especially the quiche & sangria! I love both.

    Pretty new picture! :)

    1. Thanks, Caitlin!!

      Sangria is always a yummy contribution to anything, no?? :) :) :)

  5. Love the water balloon idea. Here in the south we do lots of pig pickins! And a pig pickin' ain't a pig pickin' without corn hole. Gotta play corn hole!

  6. Those all sound great! Any cool and refreshing salad...pinterest is full of ideas, too!

    water balloons....that's a super idea...the kids would be so excited!

  7. Love the idea of sangria for a BBQ!

    Le Stylo Rouge

  8. This post made me crave a barbeque! Red velvet cookies and sangria all the way :)

    There's a new GIVEAWAY on <3

  9. I would not have thought of quiche--interesting. And, I am for any reason to bring and eat cookies.


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