Monday, June 8, 2015

List: Ten things you should keep in your purse.

I’m that obnoxious person that is overly prepared for anything that MIGHT happen.
That means that my oversized Dooney & Bourke bag is always filled to the brim with stuff.
Did I mention that I have a love affair with my purse?  Well, I really do!

There she is!  She's got a real full belly!

Ten essentials  that should always be in your purse.
Let’s skip the obvious things like credit cards, keys, tissues, or your phone.

1.  Travel Size Toothpaste & Toothbrush
Because you never know when you’ll be in the mood for a garlic knot!

2.  Tinted Lip Balm
Because you never know when  you’ll want to hydrate or give a hint of color to your lips!

3.  Hand Sanitizer
Because you never when you’ll have no choice but to turn that public door knob!

4.  Paper Toilet Seat Covers
Because you can’t easily squat and hover in just any high-heeled shoe!

5.  Tide To Go
Because spills and spatters happen everywhere no matter how nice your outfit!

6.  Nasal Spray
Because who wants to keep running to the bathroom to blow their nose on a date?!

7.  A Stocked Pill Case
Because you never know where or when you will get a headache/indigestion/allergy attack!

8.  Band-Aids
Because you never know when you will get cut or need a quick fix for a broken nail!

9.  Information Card
Because sometimes you can’t speak your emergency contacts, medical conditions, or allergies!

10.  Alcohol Wipes
Because you can disinfect almost anything at a moment’s notice!

What are your pocket book essentials?


  1. I do love to carry hand sanitizer with me especially when I travel... I even have one called DEZIGEL and I fancy thinking it is my own collection of cosmetics eventhough it just comes from desinfect gel :)

    1. DEZIGEL?? I kind of want some of that too. In fact, I'll even say it's my friends company. Lol

  2. Granny Glasses 'cause I'm at the age where I can no longer read menus without them.

  3. I don't think Daisy has any of that in her pocketbook

  4. Well, let's see...I'm more of an essentials only..but you will find these in my solution, advil, hand sanitizer, nail file, and gum. The bigger bag I take with me to an auction has a lot more....can't drive out to a far-away farm without many more essentials like sunscreen, a bottle of water, bandaids, a ponytail holder, cash, a snack, etc. etc.

    Laughed at your squat and hover....I've mastered that skill from the porta johns at the auctions.

    1. Lol!!! All ladies should master the skill of squat and hover. Hahaha

  5. What? No money? you can't get anywhere without money in your purse lol I hate carrying things around, just something else I have to lug.

    1. Sadly, no. I never carry around cash. If I get mugged it's just easier to cancel a credit card.

  6. I just recently started keeping tide pen to go - life saver for sure!! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

    1. Oh I love that thing. On a business trip a few weeks back it saved my life. I spilled a cup of coffee on my blouse on the way there. Lol

  7. oh gosh, you are way more prepared than me!! look at you go!!! I can't believe you have toilet seat covers. Ultimate prep!

    I never really have anything like this prepared all the time, lol.

    And ps- I can't stop laughing at your potatoes/vanilla creamer story. haha, so funny and cute.

    1. Lol its funny to say, but he didn't warn me. I just ate a fork full and made a funny face. Hahaha

  8. In Alabama, there's a loophole with a law. The law states that you aren't allowed to have any sort of pills unless in the pharmacy or at home. A friend was picking up her prescription and her grandson's prescription, got into a wreck, and was arrested because the pills were in the car. She sued.

    Doesn't really answer the question but just a small warning. To answer the question:

    Nail file (obvious reasons), a legal knife/pepper spray/etc (especially if your form of transportation is walking like mine is), and a small amount of cash (because if a credit machine dies then you have backup or if there's an emergency, you can get a taxi).

    1. Good to know!!! I need to look into pepper spray, but I can totally see myself not being able to find it in my bag.

  9. Your #4 is a winner--I may even start carrying those for the kids when we go out. We were at a Target last weekend and little boy when to a stall to use the potty, and I am sure glad that I looked where he was about to sit--definitely needed cleaning and a double cover.

    1. Lol!!! Yes, ALWAYS check the toilet seat, and even when it's lined...hover!

  10. Tide pens + lip balm + anti-bac are always with me! :)

    Le Stylo Rouge

  11. Carrying band-aids with you is always a good idea. Sometimes a person will cut themselves and you can give them a band-aid, and you have made yourself a new friend!

  12. Oh yes to alcohol wipes and hand sanitizer! Everyone looks at me like I'm nuts when I whip out the hand sanitizer in restaurants, but then everyone wants to have some before they eat :-P

  13. I always keep a pocket knife with me as well - it's come in handy so many times


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