Wednesday, June 3, 2015

List: Ten necessities to throw a fabulous bridal shower.

Last week, my cousin managed to really surprise me with a gorgeous bridal shower.
I think she was successful with the “surprise” aspect because she kept my man in the dark.  Hah!
There was delicious food, a yummy cake, beautiful favors, fun games, and an amazing crowd.
Not to mention, they made a punch to kill with rum, orange sherbet, and pineapple juice.
Although I didn’t want a shower, they kept it low key and classy.  It really was a great time.

Please excuse my inappropriate outfit.  That's how you know I really was surprised!

I may not have thrown the shower for myself, but I took some serious notes!
Besides, my cousin helped me make sure that I didn’t leave anything out of this list.

Ten necessities to throw a low key, low budget, and HIGHLY fabulous bridal shower.

1.  A Place to Host
To keep the party low key and low budget, host at home or rent a cheap club house/hall.
Madre volunteered her home to host which made it so easy to get me there and keep the surprise!

2.  A Reasonable Guest List
Keep the crowd small.  Limit the list to close family, best friends, and the bridal party.
It was nice to enjoy with an intimate group of just girls.  It kept the atmosphere relaxed and fun!

3.  Recruit Help
The maid of honor shouldn’t have to burden all the responsibility.  Act as a team and lean on others!
My bridal party and close family all pitched in.  My aunt got the cake, my friend got the desserts, etc.

4.  Yummy Food
Whether it’s grandma’s famous eggplant parmesan or finger sandwiches, make it yummy!
My cousin catered from the same hall I’m having the wedding.  Talk about a mass tasting… hehe

5.  A Signature Drink
This could be something unique like chocolate martinis or something simple like bottles of wine.
My cousin made a HUGE bowl of punch with rum, pineapple juice, orange sherbet, and fresh fruit.

6.  Classy Decorations
Decorations should only accent the party.  Themed balloons, paper goods, and one focus piece is perfect.
A family heirloom was my cousin’s focus piece.  A gorgeous, hand-made, lace umbrella displayed open.

7.  Simple and Fun Games
The games could be themed or just a giant game of Pictionary.  Keep it simple yet real fun!
My cousin went the themed route and bought super cute prizes that she beautifully displayed.

8.  A Deliciously Themed Cake
The cake does not have to be comparable to cake boss.  It just has to be yummy and simple yet pretty.
My aunt got a pink and gold (wedding colors) cake with canoli filling.  It was so good!

9.  Desserts
There should be a couple other dessert options in addition to the cake.  Keep them simple and delicious!
My brother’s fiancé made a gorgeous fruit salad in a carved watermelon and to die for brownies.

10.  Invest in Memorable Favors
Whether it be tea light candles or chocolate lollipops, make them pretty enough to count as decoration.
My cousin got these gorgeous glass swans and filled them with baby powder scented bath salts.  Love it!

What are your low key bridal shower tips?


  1. Pulled one over on you, that isn't the easiest thing to do, bravo to her. Awesome that a fun time was had by all and a list too, not sure I have any tips on that though lol

    1. It really isn't! Hats off to them. Although, what they had to do to surprise me was a little much. hahahaha

  2. I'm so glad penis cakes, penis party favors, and penis themed showers are no longer in vogue!

  3. I'm glad they were able to surprise you - that's awesome. Glad you had fun! That cake = awesome!


    1. Thanks, Elsie!! Yes, they did a great job all around. :)

  4. that is so sweet! i love that!

  5. Love the photos and looks like it was a beautiful shower!! I actually had the best time at mine as well and my cake was my favorite part!!! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

    1. It really was very nice. I'm glad she didn't listen to me and threw one anyone. She did it perfectly low key. haha

  6. O, what a beautiful shower...and all the more fun because they were able to surprise you.

    1. Yes, they REALLY did get me good. I'm still bothered by that... haha

  7. SOOOOO fun! That's sweet that it was a surprise party! And goodness does your mushy ever look just like you! I felt really special on my Bridal Shower day, I'm glad you felt the same! Getting so close!

    1. I'm glad that some people recognize that Mushy and I have similiarities. hahaha Everyone always says that she looks like my man. :)

  8. Daisy didn't get a bridal shower. Most of her family (women around her age to be exact) live rather far away so it ended up not happening.

    1. Oh, that's ok! It's nice to have, but I'm sure you had a lovely enough wedding to make up for it. :)

  9. such delight! Hope someone throws a shower to the groom too :)

    1. Yes, they're working on it. Maybe some fancy bowling/bar place? I'm sure that they will take care of him.

  10. That's a lovely shower. I wish I had a piece of the cake. I don't think I've ever been to a low-key shower. People always overdo it.


    1. Thanks, Janie! I feel like low-key is always nicer than over the top.

  11. My low key tip is to not let the paparazzi know about the little party... once they find out it will be on the cover of every magazine and website on the internets.

    1. Are you the one that leaked the information to the paparazzi??? I mean, I couldn't even get out of the house without blinding flashes of light!

  12. Looks like a very fun time...and how fun that it was a surprise! Love the photos!

  13. Yay for bridal showers! You're a lucky lady. :)

    Le Stylo Rouge

  14. Out of my area of expertise, but I say any event with good food and desserts will be a big hit, no matter the crowd!

    Enjoy your weekend, Jax.


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