Wednesday, June 17, 2015

List: Ten necessities for your tropical honeymoon.

As quickly as our wedding is approaching, so is our honeymoon!  I’ve been preparing with shopping sprees and by strictly following my healthy swaps.  The honeymoon is almost exactly one month away, but I think I’ve finally gathered all necessities.  That means that they are purchased, checked off my list, and neatly put away in my suitcase.  We will be going to West Palm Beach, Florida for a whole five days on July 27.

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Ten necessities to pack for your tropical honeymoon.

1.  A Multi-Purpose Dress 
You'll need a dress that you can rock for a night out, for a walk along the boardwalk, or with flats for a casual lunch in the sunI packed this FABULOUS dress by Michael Kors because it was flattering, priced right, and goes really well with my sun hat.

2. At least two flattering bathing suits
You'll want a suit that is flattering, a little sexy because it is a honeymoon, and gives some chest support.  Without proper support, you can kiss any type of water sports goodbye.  I ordered this two piece tankini because it's sexy and functional.

3.  Sensitive Skin Sunscreen
Be prepared with a high SPF sunscreen from a brand that you're familiar with.  The last thing you want is an allergic reaction to dampen the mood of your honeymoon.  I use this spray sunscreen from Neutrogena because it's oil free and noncomedogenic.

4.  Reusable Water Bottle
You will need a refillable water bottle with a filter so that all your money can go to fun and delicious things.  My family and I bring our Brita Premium Filtering Water Bottle everywhere so that we can hydrate in style.

5.  Coordinating Bathing Suit Cover Ups
You want to bring something that covers up enough to enjoy a lunch at a casual restaurant and do some light shopping.  When you're on a tropical vacation, you'll always be wearing a bathing suit underneath.  I purchased two rompers just like this one because they are cute, mint, and gets the job done!

6.  Versatile Sandal
You need a shoe that's comfortable to walk in, matches everything, and makes you smile.  I got these shoes by Sam Edelman because they are all of the above PLUS they take up minimal room in our suitcase.

7.  Your Favorite Hat
The last thing you want is sunburn, skin damage, or wrinkles.  To avoid all of that, I always bring my favorite hat with me.  I use this exact straw woman's fedora because I like how they look on me, but for a honeymoon, you may want to invest in a personalized sun hat, like this one.

8.  Inexpensive Flip Flops
Your suitcase should have at least one pair of inexpensive flip flops in it.  You want a pair that are cheap enough to walk through sand, salt water, and whatever else to totally ruin without care.  Something like these flip flops would be perfect.  Keep an eye out for deals because I've scored them for $2.50 once!

9.  Sea Salt Hair Spray
You're tropical vacation is for natural wavy hair and low maintenance styles.  To do this effortlessly, make sure that you pack your favorite sea salt hair spray for the perfect beach hair before leaving the hotel room.  My favorite spray is this one because it gives texture and protects my already damaged hair.

10.  Wristlet
Every woman needs a small bag that matches everything.  The last thing you want is to worry about your designer handbag getting destroyed at the beach.  I love this particular wristlet because it matches everything, is small enough to not be a nuisance, and roomy enough to carry my essentials.

What are your tropical vacation necessities?


  1. Wait, what? All those things and nothing for Viking? :))

    1. He would require a much longer list...hahahaha

  2. Lotion! You have sunscreen, which is great, but heavy duty lotion for all that time you'll be in the sun and salt water. You should also get some playing baggies so that you can keep some things sand free at the beach. And a different kind of plastic baggy unless you're ready for a second Mushy. ;)

    1. hahaha nice on with the different plastic baggy

    2. lol! You guys are crazy. No worries...there will be no honey moon babies. There's no way that we can afford two little monkeys in day care.

    3. I wouldn't be worried. I would be excited for a second monkey! Monkies are cute.

      Thanks, Pat! I'm glad my humor is appreciated. :)

    4. Could have a monkey zoo and then no need for day care lol people will come and pay you? no?

  3. Love the mini bag! And I use that sunscreen, too! Nothing would put a damper on a honeymoon worse than a sunburn!

    I bet your hotel supplies beach towels...clean ones each day....would save you valuable luggage space. You could call and ask.....

    1. Thanks, Betsy!! I'm definately going to look into that. I could use every inch of luggage space. hahaha

  4. Sure don't need a sunburn at your sea. lol won't you look fun going with your Disney princess first aid kit hahaha

    1. LOL! Would you like to see a picture of me with my first aid kit?? hahahaha

  5. SOOO fun to think about! I love packing for hot vacations since everything takes up much less room! The flats & water bottle are key!

  6. I totally over packed for our tropical honeymoon, but I loved everything I brought and actually wore everything!! I'd say bring maxi dresses - lots of them because they are easy to pack and perfect for any occasion! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  7. The water bottle is smart. I remember going to a theme park and it being so hot they gave away water. They usually sold it for 4 bucks a large cup like soda.

  8. Love the inexpensive flip-flops. My last years beach vacation my flip-flops broke after an hour of use. Hopefully, yours will be more stylish and durable than mine.

  9. Yes to all these, especially the little travel first-aid kit! Those puppies come in handy!

    Le Stylo Rouge

  10. I could not travel anywhere without Diet Pepsi and Excedrin.


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