Monday, June 29, 2015

List: Ten easy ways to grow your savings account.

I am one of those people that's always looking for ways to save money!
No, I'm not cheap.  I work hard for my money so I don't enjoy throwing it away.
Every dollar we save on necessities is a dollar we can spend on something we want.
Every dollar we save on things we want, is more money spent on wants in the future.
Those dollars may not seem like much, but they will add up to a nice sum over time.
Those are rules to live by right there!  No worries, I'm going to help you get there...with a list!

Via - This totally made me laugh.

Ten easy ways to save your money.
I'll skip the obvious tip:  coupons.

1.  Automatic Savings Deposits
Contact your bank to have a set dollar amount automatically transferred to a savings account weekly.
Just make sure that you line it up with pay day!  You want to make this a thoughtless process.

2.  Overdraft Protection
Ensure that you have overdraft protection to help avoid unnecessary fees and delinquint accounts.
My bank links my checking account to a free line of credit as a "just in case" method.

3.  Cook, Cook, and Cook
Avoid expensive take out bills and empty calories by cooking yourself dinner on a nightly basis.
Is the cooking overwhelming?  Cook in bulk and freeze.   Pick one night for take out.

4.  Budget
Make yourself a budget to account for all expenses.  Take a percentage of what's left and save it!
I'm the budgeting queen!  If you need any help, reach out to me personally or read this post.

5.  Make Advance Purchases
Don't wait to buy predictable gifts.  Buy them for less while on sale with coupons in advance.
I bought everyone their Father's Day gifts with (2) months to spare and saved at least $40.

6.  Store Brands
Swap your expensive name brands for less expensive store brands.  Most products are near identical.
Do you need help seeing which store brand items are the same as the name brand?  Look here.

7.  Shop Weekly Ads
Before making any purchase, check out the store's weekly ad for deals and new ideas!
I won't even start my grocery list before checking the supermarket's ad.

8.  Pack Breakfast & Lunch
Instead of wasting cash on expensive breakfasts and lunches, invest in an insulated lunch bag.
My bag is always filled with hard boiled eggs, oatmeal packets, fruit, and a large salad.  Yum!

9.  Transfer Debt
Consolidate your debt by transferring balances to low or zero-interest lines of credit.
Interest rates make paying off debt near impossible.  Stop making the banks richer!

10.  Utilize Saving Sites
For a cheaper night out, search for good deals through sites like Living Social and Groupon.
These sites help you save money AND give you hot new ideas for a day/night out.

How do you help grow your savings account?


  1. I save only buy not eating at all :) There is no other way in my country...
    And when I saw that piggy on the toilet photo I first thought the title is TEN EASY WAYS TO CLEANSE YOUR....... :))) and I was like - no, she didn't! :)

    1. Not eating at all? Eep!! That's awful.

      hahahaha I LOVED that cartoon. It makes me giggle. :)

  2. Great helpful hints! Every time I buy things on sale I tell my cheapo husband, "look how much money I saved you". He responds the same ever single time, "you would save me more money if you wouldn't shop at all"!

    1. Thanks, girl! LOL My man would probably say something similar.

  3. What? Saving? What is that? Such a foreign word to my broke self lol

    1. Awww, Pat. Print out my list and stick it on the fridge. It will help. I swear!! hehehe

  4. Like tips for losing weight, I could read tips for saving money over and over again and still enjoy them! These are great ones. I've really utilized the value of cooking for yourself the last couple of years but I cannot wait until we get a standalone freezer. I want to take one day and just fill it with homemade goodies.

    1. A girls two favorite things to do-Lose weight and save money. I with ya! lol

      Stand alone freezer? Yes, please!

  5. I've found that eating out for lunch break can be very bad for the wallet even if it's just twice a week though there a few exceptions

    1. Friday is my "off" day. I'm strict with bring lunch and breakfast Monday through Thursday.

  6. I 100% see the biggest difference when I don't buy lunch out during the week!! Need to get better at that!! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

    1. It really does make a HUGE different in money AND calorie counts.

  7. The better your credit, the lower your payments will be. Sometimes, they'll even knock off a good portion because your credit is high.

    When at all possible, pay in full. My dad saved $250 by paying for my braces up front, in full.

    1. Excellent point!! Saving on interest is a HUGE savings. :)

  8. All excellent ideas...and we all need to be reminded now and then. Love the little piggy...haha...

  9. Budgets are soooo important in keeping me on track! Plus if I budget for saving, it happens- if I don't plan for it, I just end up spending the money. (Bad, Ashley!)

    Le Stylo Rouge

  10. These are all excellent ideas...we do all of the above and have done it for years and years.
    We play-like that our savings account is another "bill" and we budget it in to add a certain amt. each month, just like paying bills.
    Another thing that has REALLY made a difference is to pay off our credit card every single month. If we know we can't pay for something in that month, we just don't buy it.
    Love that cute

  11. It takes a lot of discipline to follow all these good ideas. For example, I try to bring my cup of ramen noodles to work for lunch every day... I still end up going to the vending machine and getting some chips or something in a moment of weakness.


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