Friday, June 19, 2015

Jax Seal of Approval: Renpure Hair Products

For a fun Friday post, I figured that I'd talk about one of my favorite subjects:  Hair
...and you thought I was going to bring up the Hemsworth brothers again.  Wait, I just did...

Being the Sicilian that I am, my hair gets disgustingly greasy VERY quickly.
That means that I wash my hair every single morning.
Sometimes even again at night if I'm going out.
Washing your hair daily is a terrible habit.
Your hair loses a lot of its natural shine and volume.

To make matters worse, after I wash my hair I blow dry right away and then use a heated styler.
Depending on my mood, it could be my straightening iron or one of my curling wands.
Using heated styling tools is an even more terrible habit.
It damages, thins, and breaks your hair.

I try to make up for all of my terrible habits by consistently using OGX coconut oil prior to styling.
If you remember from this post it was listed as my #1 favorite beauty product!
I'm getting to a point where this isn't enough.
I need to make a concious effort to give my hair a break at least once a week.
I need to force myself to get a trim consistently every 6-8 weeks.
I also need to invest in a shampoo that can help reverse some of the damage.
...and you all know how much I love my coconut shampoo...

Jax Seal of Approval:  Renpure Biotin & Collagen Thickening Shampoo & Conditioner


I headed over to my favorite store to ask their specialist a few questions.
The sales lady pointed me in the direction of Renpure and guaranteed that I'd love the results.
You can now add this to the list of reasons why Target is my favorite store!

While I wouldn't say that the shampoo/conditioner reversed the damaged, it did help.
My hair definately has more shine and volume than prior to using these products.
I've also noticed a significant increase in regrowth sticking out of my head.
Does anyone else welcome regrowth but get annoyed at their presence at the same time?!
Both the shampoo and conditioner are pleasantly light preventing your hair from being weighed down.
The smell is fantastic and the price is pretty reasonable.

Without further adieu, it's my honor to extend the Jax Seal of Approval to Renpure!

Have you or will you try any Renpure products?
**Please note that this was not a paid review.  In fact, I’m pretty sure that  Renpure does not even know I exist!**


  1. I do love the aubergine bottle!

  2. I just use head and shoulders

  3. WOW I am so impressed you wash and style your hair every single day. Dang, I'm lucky to get to that 3x per week. I just grab a clip or pull my mess back in a pony tail most days. When I actually fix my hair, my kids ask, "Whoa, where are you going"? hahaha

  4. lol hair ocd at its best, you sure put all others to shame lol

    Never even heard of renpure before. Not even sure they have it up here, not that I'd know anyway lol

  5. I was just at Target yesterday! :)

    Have you tried dry shampoo? I wonder if it could get you by every other day. People that use it swear by it. I like wearing it up a day or two in between washings...and those messy buns are so in right now...easy peasy.

  6. My hair gets greasey and despite this my scalp gets dry and itchy, or at least that is how a novice like me would describe it. I suppose it is an advantage to have short hair because then I don't have to wash it as much. If my hair was longer I probably couldn't stand it and wash it every day. I use to do that before making sure to keep my hair really short, and I think it has benefited from not washing it as much. Anyway, fancy hair care is not in my budget.. I even cut my own hair but I do a good job.

  7. This sounds great, Jax...since my hair is silver, I do use a Silver Enhancing shampoo but could probably just use it every other time I wash my hair...thanks for the tip....


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