Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Wedding: Two Month Marker

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What to do at: TWO MONTHS until the wedding

Unity Candles
We had our unity candle hand made in ballerina pink with a gold candle holder for display.  They really did an excellent job making a gorgeous candle that’s pretty enough to display for life.  They also helped to make a custom display that is worthy of a few professional pictures of its own!

Day Of Beauty Plan

This was, by FAR, the most complicated “wedding task” to date!  The bridal party and I have spent weeks trying to put this together.  Luckily, my girls didn’t give up.  Hair appointments have been bookedBeauty styles have been decided.  All times have been scheduled.

Wedding Paper Divas

I spent two full years browsing through the beautiful products on this site hoping to utilize it at least once.
  Everything is really expensive on the site, so I didn’t think I would be able to.  But, I was wrong!  I purchased light pink ribbon, gold customized gift tags for the favors, and matching place cards.  The chocolate lollipops will now read “A favor was made in your name to Make A Wish Foundation”.

Hair Trial

After suffering through months of internal debate, I finally settled on a hair style.
  My mom recommended her hair dresser who did a fabulous job of recreating my “to the side” up do.  She diagnosed me with a serious need for a dye.  I'll also use extensions for extra length.

Wedding Shoes

I found the perfect wedding shoes.  They are gold to go with the pink and gold theme.  These sparkly gold shoes are so perfect that I think I may be in love all over again!

Reception Decorations

All twelve tables will be adorned with a gorgeous floral centerpiece.
  As beautiful as our centerpieces are, we did feel a need to decorate the reception a tiny bit more.  We purchased inexpensive tea lightcandle holders to sit on each end of the tables.

Completed Pre-cana

We were sad to finish the RCIA classes since we looked forward to seeing our classmates turned friends.  Pre-cana classes quickly took a place in our lives and ended up being even more enjoyable.  One month later, and pre-cana also ended.  We officially earned our pre-cana certificate.

Cake Topper

Madre ended up giving us a really nice surprise with this one!  She wanted us to have something from the wedding that we can keep and treasure for life.  She got us a gorgeous Lenox cake topper (Click the link to see how gorgeous it is.  I love!outlined in real gold to adorn our cake and future curio cabinet.

What's on your list for the 2 month marker?


  1. OMG two months? But I haven't bought the suit yet... nor the matching golden shoes :)

    1. Right?? It's creeping right on into my life and I'm not ready yet!! haha Please, for the love of God, show up with golden shoes!!!!!! :) :) :)

  2. Replies
    1. LOL I should call my dr and get on that!

  3. You sure have everything down, so many things to a wedding makes me want to never do that haha

    1. Don't, Pat!! Just elope and then go on a great honeymoon. lol

    2. lmao that is my plan. But you said no woman would ever do that lol

    3. They won't want to until they start seeing the money they need and the amount of time they need to plan it.

  4. I used WPD for everything stationary related for our wedding and would scour to find promo codes lol!!! But it was worth it!! Everything is coming together so well for you! xo, biana -BlovedBoston

    1. The stuff there is SO cute!!! I just couldn't not use it for something. I found coupon codes, but the stuff still was crazy expensive. Why does all nice stuff have to cost money? lol

  5. Soooo fun!!! Glad you got the day of beauty booked because I think that's one of the most fun parts that people look back on. It's a great day with all your girls. So exciting!

    1. Eep!!! Yesss...I can't wait for that part! lol

  6. Looks like you have everything very well organized, time goes by so fast when you are planning.

    Mimi & Chichi

  7. For the unity candle (which I never heard of until shorty before my wedding) I saw an expensive set, but I got the plain regular candles instead.

  8. I definitely respect your organizational skills, Jax. Lots of accomplishments.

    I say go for it with the classes. If you all liked the others ones, then I can't see why these won't be interesting as well.

    Two months for us? Hmmm. The Mrs. was the first of the 4 kids in her family to get married so she has always said that her wedding turned out to be what her mom always wanted (when the other sisters and brother were ready to get married, they locked mom out of any planning meetings).

    As such, I was probably responsible for as little as possible at the 60 day mark. Maybe drive this person here or pickup this item or something. Haha--she was wise to not trust me with the important things.

  9. I do not give out "tips" on any matters anymore. I have realized that I suck at life, and so my advice would suck as well. If I gave out any wedding tips, they would probably lead straight to divorce. : (

  10. Checkin' stuff off the list! The big day will be here before you know it!

    Le Stylo Rouge

  11. You seem to be taking this so calmly, kudos!

  12. i have zero help in this dept but love how you shared your planning with us!


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