Friday, May 22, 2015

Recipe: Summer Skewer Kebabs

Summertime is all about enjoying life, taking it easy, and relishing in the gorgeous weather.
…said the NYer that would rather run around in circles than do nothing all day… hehe
In other words, we didn’t gain three hours of daylight to cook gourmet meals!
Ladies, take the apron off and put the whisk down!  That’s an order!

In honor of casual summer dinners, here’s one of the easiest recipes you’ll ever see!
For a double win, if you have kids, it’s fun to make as a family also.  Put the kids to work.  Hah!

Summer Skewer-Kebabs

(1) Bottle Teriyaki Sauce
(2lbs) Meat Of Choice
Be creative!  I’ve used pork cubes, chicken cubes, and even Shrimp!
(1) Large Red Pepper-Cubed
(1) Large Yellow Pepper-Cubed
(2) Sweet Red Onions-Cubed
(1) Package Baby Bella Mushrooms-Sliced
(1) Package Wooden Skewers

The night before, clean all of your meat/veggies and chop into similar sized cubes.  Once this is done, fill (2) large Ziploc bags with half a bottle of teriyaki sauce each.  Put all the vegetables into one bag and the meat into another.  Make sure all the veggies/meat are fully covered in sauce, and let marinate until dinner time the next day.
It’s so nice to have dinner almost ready to go when you get home.  I totally love that feeling!

An hour before dinner, heat up your light the grill and get it ready for cooking!  Meanwhile, fill your wooden skewers with your preferred pattern of meat and vegetables.  After all of the skewers are filled, place them on the barbeque until they are perfectly cooked.  Make sure to periodically turn the skewers so everything is cooked evenly on all sides.
Unfortunately, my apartment doesn’t have a grill.  I rock this recipe on my broiler instead.  Yum! 

Will you or have you tried this quick summer recipe?


  1. I love a kebab, but I admit sometimes I'm so lazy I just buy them already on the skewer at my local grocery store.

  2. I get my kebabs at a hamburger joint called Young Prince. They seem pretty healthy, relatively speaking, with the vegetables and all that business.

  3. Looks superb! We have not been grilling out much over the past few years. I may have to correct that. Enjoy your weekend Jax.

  4. Blah to shrimp, but chicken sure works at my sea. Summer is for taking it easy? How come we still have to work as many hours then? lol

  5. I'm sure Daisy would like one of those

  6. I LOVE kebabs, seriously. My favorite. A friend of mine made some last weekend and I only got one because everyone ate them up so fast. He had a grill, we do not so I'd probably have to use your broiler method until I finally have a backyard and grill. *wistful*

  7. Oh I know that feeling! And then you enter the house and you can smell the food that's waiting for you. And if you're lucky like me, the table looks great, the drinks are waiting too and all you need to do is wash your hands and sit down. Oh.... that feeling.

  8. ha, you're funny. While do I like my continued efforts to learn how to cook with ease, I am very happy to have meals like this!!! So easy and so good.

  9. My mom makes amazing kebabs. I don't like mushrooms, but I can substitute it out for something. Pineapple can be a good choice, depending on the meat you use!

  10. Wow that sounds and looks delicious!!

  11. I'd try it with tofu and shrooms instead of the animals carcass :)

  12. We love shish-k-bobs, which is what we call them out here in Texas. Veggies and meat...delish...and a fruit-k-bob is such a great dessert and great for little parties. :)


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