Wednesday, May 13, 2015

List: Ten women's college graduation gift ideas.

Last week, I posted this article listing ten unique graduation gift idea's for men.
My blogging buddy, BJ from BJ's Sweet Nothings, then asked for a list of gift ideas for women.
...and, of course, I was more than happy to oblige this rocking woman's request...

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Ten college graduation gift ideas for her.

When you're graduating college and looking for a job, chances are that you'll be going on lots of interviews.  For this reason alone, a business portfolio is a fabulous idea.  After you land you dream gig, you'll be able to use the portfolio to carry into meetings on the job or in your personal life.  I absolutely LOVE this business portfolio.  It would make the perfect gift!

Every grown woman needs a bountiful amount of quick, easy, and healthy recipes for those weeknight meals.  When you land your dream job, you may not have time to cook four course meals or the funds to order out every night.

3.  Picture Frame for Diploma
The amount of time and work to graduate college is nothing to frown upon.  That's why I see nothing wrong with framing your diploma for all to see.  If it doesn't match your decor as you age, at least it will be protected at the top of your closet.  I also really like this frame to display all of your graduation keepsakes.

4.  Blazer
Every grown woman needs a blazer they can throw on in a moment's notice for necessary occasions.  A blazer is an essential in every woman's closet.  Make sure your college graduate is prepared with the addition of this fabulous blazer to her wardrobe.

5.  Analog Alarm Clock
A woman that's ready to make her mark on the world shouldn't be late.  Help your college graduate be on time by decorating their nightstand with this gorgeous clock.  Sometimes phones die and sometimes your digital assistant fails.  An analog clock is reliable and will remind her of the time she graduated.  See what I did there?

6.  Echo Spot
College graduation is the perfect time to start preparing for your future.  Prepare with an assistant.  Well, a virtual assistant.  Put a world of knowledge and power within distance of her voice!

This fabulous read follows the lives of several teenagers as they grow into adults.  It outlines the joys and disappointments of growing up.  Don't forget the inscribe the back cover so that the book will forever have a special meaning.

A ceramic travel mug just like this one will remind your graduate how amazing she truly is.  She'll see "boss lady" every morning as she travels to work and will be motivated to fulfill the title.

9.  All In One Printer
At this point in her life she'll have to print, scan, and copy countless times.  Set her up for success with a wireless all in one printer just like this one.  She'll be whispering thanks to you for years to come!

10.  Amazon Audibles Subscription
One of the best gifts I've ever gotten was a year's subscription to Amazon Audibles.  I got to listen to books on every commute, short drive, or while laying in bed.  For those who love a good story, this is the ultimate gift.

What are your graduation gift ideas?


  1. i love the idea of a coupon clutch!! and shoot, i'd love any of those and i'm not graduating! ;)

    1. hahahaha Can we pretend we graduated, or is that unethical?

  2. This is a great round-up! When I graduated my sister gave me this small little coach key thingy that held my metro card and business cards when I was first starting out in the "real world" LOL! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

    1. I love that idea! #11 on the list a la your sister :)

  3. ahhh...what a great list. We have a grandgirl graduating from nursing school on Friday...
    haven't got her gift yet and your list will help us decide....THANKS, JAX

    1. It was in your honor, BJ! Let us know what you end up getting the grandgirl. :)

  4. a nice blazer is a great idea! I wear my blazers constantly at the office. Definitely a 'grown-up' choice. And yes for a nice cocktail set!!!

    and as long as you know their style, wall art is a great idea. I love the one you have there!

    1. Right? I love the blazer idea too. In fact, that I think I need a knew one. hahaha

      I kind of sort of want to buy that piece of art also! It really is a nice piece. The problem is, I hate buying "decorations" before I have a house to decorate. I know, that's a silly complex. haha

  5. All of those will sure be helpful as any woman starts on her new career, well maybe no the bookends, but they look nice lol

    1. Aren't those bookends adorable??? I think we should all invest in a pair. I mean, now that I realized they are a necessity. :)

  6. Loving these gifts- especially a blazer! Every grad needs one! :)

    Le Stylo Rouge

    1. The blazer really seems to be the winner of the list. haha

  7. I love your gift ideas. My favorite is the blazer and the bookends.

  8. I have 2 back up alarms. I'm a tough person to wake up


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