Monday, May 18, 2015

List: Ten reasons why it's OK to have an old soul.

Recently, I’ve been told to “grow up” by someone who is a little bitter with me.
Since I care about this person, I held back saying “take a good look at your life and then mine”.
Naturally, I was little hurt by this statement so my anxiety asked around for justification.
The most common answer I received was, “If anything, you’re a little TOO mature for your age”.
My man was one of them.  He used it as an excuse to tell me to loosen up a little sometimes.

To put it into perspective, I’ve always had an old soul.
I’ve held a permanent job since the age of 14 and worked full time since I was 17.
I’ve lived on my own and mostly took care of myself since the age of 19.
I’ve completely supported myself financially since the age of 19 and never asked for help.
I paid (and still am paying) my own way through school without any loans.
I also made a quick transition from being a single, independent girl to a family woman and a mother.
How much more growing up would someone like me to do at the age of 26??  Seriously?!

While I’m proud of all I accomplished by this age, that statement helped open my eyes.
I do need to stop worrying every day, sometimes spend money for no reason, and just have fun!
But, by no means, do I ever want to stop having an old soul.
Ladies and gentlemen, Jax is here to defend us “too mature for our age” people.  Your welcome!

Ten reasons why it's OK to have an old soul.

1.  You rely on yourself.
It's a reassuring feeling to know that, no matter what, you will always be ok alone.

2.  You quickly weed out your true friends.
You don’t have time or energy to try and make a friendship with someone who isn’t genuine.

3.  You make financial stability a priority.
Whether it’s scoring a good job or working 5 at once, you do what you need to do to make ends meet.

4.  You won’t settle in a relationship.
Be proud that your man/woman is there because you want them to, not because you need them to.

5.  You know the value of a good credit score.
It could take years to fix a damaged credit score.  You know this and you manage it.

6.  You know the importance of controlling your temper.
While the crazy person is in your face yelling, you (usually) keep your cool.

7.  You think before acting.
An old soul will take time to ponder a big decision.  We will also take time to consider our words.

8.  You admit your mistakes and try to learn from them.
It’s hard to admit one’s faults.  Be proud that you not only acknowledge them but you try to fix them.

9.  You know when it’s OK to brown nose.
People who call you a suck up are just mad that you that you’re a manager’s new favorite!

10.  You know when and where to use electronics
Us old souls will sit at a table enjoying real conversation while others are browse through Instagram.

Is being named an old soul a compliment or an insult?  Why?


  1. it's a compliment in my realm.... considering me is an Ancient Soul :) I was probably born old.... you gotta be oldsouled to survive everything I do :)

    1. lol I hear that allll the time how I born an old soul. Sigh...You're right! It's definitely a compliment, especially when it comes from a much older person who has none of their sh*t together. :)

  2. i abolsutely see that as a compliment. you've figured out what a lot of people won't in a lifetime. kudos, jax!

  3. Considering you learned all of those important life lessons at the tender age of 26, you are decades ahead of your time and you should be patting yourself on the back. Some people don't even learn half of those lessons in their lifetime and make others miserable around them. Congrats to you!

    1. Thanks, lady. Making others miserable sort of hits the nail on the head. I'll take my old soul to the grave. :)

  4. Just let it roll off your back....I wouldn't give their comment the time of day. You have to be comfortable with who you are. I've never thought of you as immature, if that is what they are getting at. Crazy!

    1. You're right Betsy. I just have to let it roll on off. haha

  5. I know how annoying that is. Someone told me that I should quit blogging and posting photos on Facebook and actually start living. I was like have you actually read the blog and looked at the photos? I live more in a week than some people do in their lives!

    1. Seriously? Like posting pictures of your life means that you don't have one. What a silly concept!

  6. Maybe they were being literal and just wanted you to wear bigger shoes so you`d be a littler taller, lmao

    Yep, just ignore such people and be on your way, all they are is life suckers anyway. I do what needs to be done to make it through. Been called an old soul a time or two. Worked since I was 12, ugg to that. But not worrying so much about things is a good thing to have as well. sometimes what will be will be

    1. Hardy har har har, Pat!!! Besides, if I wear any taller shoes, I won't be able to walk. lol!

      The blogging world seems to be filled with old souls. I'm glad to hear that you're one too. hehe I really do need to work on not worrying so much. I mean, it's not good for my health and it does make life pass me by way too quickly.

    2. Yep, worrying gets you nowhere, just pfffft it away at your lair

  7. Good for you! Man, I'm sure my Dad wishes I had picked up on some of your old soulness much earlier. I think it's definitely a good thing to be called that. It reflects on someone's wisdom and maturity, all good things. I've definitely gotten the impression of you being an old soul from your writing, in a good way!

    1. Thanks, Caitlin! Yes, being an old soul has it's ups and downs...but I totally wouldn't want to lose those ups. :)

  8. I think it's more of a compliment

  9. What... you'completely supported yourself financially since the age of 19? You're a hero for crying out loud! No, I'm not brown nosing.

  10. I'm an old soul as well, but I also have moments where I'm five. I don't go out and party or drink or anything of that nature, but turn on The Lion King and my attention is gone.

  11. Amen, sister! Definite perks to being an old soul. :)

    Le Stylo Rouge

  12. It's a compliment! You've got your stuff together and that's awesome. Wish I could say the same. You're a year older than me and I can say I'm nowhere near as successful. And I only do maybe four of those listed things. :(

  13. Not only are you an old are very, VERY wise.
    and it HAS to be a compliment to me when called an old soul....'cause I AM an old....soul. :)

  14. I find being told I'm an old soul a compliment. All of these characteristics you have mentioned above are definitely me.

    Jessica @ Sunny Days and Starry Nights


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