Monday, May 4, 2015

List: Ten men's college graduation gift ideas.

This month Brother will be graduating with his Master's degree.
You have absolutely no idea how proud we are of him!  It's a huge accomplishment.
I know that he already celebrated two other graduations between high school and college.
I also know that he already is employed in a career worthy position.
But, none of that matters, because this accomplishment totally deserves recognition.
By "recognition" I mean a celebration with  food, lots of cake, and gifts.
The problem is, what do you buy someone who already has two graduations worth of gifts?
Luckily, I've been brainstorming and will share all of my ideas with you.

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Ten college graduation gift ideas.

1.  Tie
Every grown man should have a nice tie that they can grab for any last minute events.
Can be bought here.

2.  Fire Proof Box
Every grown man needs a safe place to keep important documents and emergency funds.
Can be bought here.

3.  Analog Watch
Every grown man needs an analog clock to avoid having to check their cellphone just for the time.
Can be bought here.

4.  Luggage Set
Every grown man should have a decent luggage set to avoid traveling with plastic bags.
Can be bought here.

5.  Framed Art
Every grown man should have a piece of culture to remind them of their accomplishments.
Can be bought here.

6.  Gym Bag
Every grown man should have a place to put spare clothes that isn't the backseat of their car.
Can be bought here.

7.  Sound System

Every grown man needs a decent sound system to show off during  football games and parties.
Can be bought here.

8.  Mini Fridge
It's no secret that men love to eat and drink.  A mini fridge for the garage, man cave, or room is a must!
Can be bought here.

9.  Blue Ray Smart Player
Every grown man deserves the upgraded way to watch their favorite movies.
Can be bought here.

10.  Subscription to The U.S. Microbrewed Beer Club
Every grown man deserves to expand their tastes and indulge in something they love.
Can be bought here.

What are your unique graduation gift ideas?


  1. Can't go wrong with cold, hard cash baby at any age!!!!!!

  2. Oooh, a list! How I love lists!

    As a man, I honestly don't really need a tie. Or a vase. Or a luggage set. I really don't go anywhere.

  3. A firepoof box or sound system works well indeed. The cat would eat the tie. And yeah, cash works every time

  4. um, i love the idea of getting them a fireproof box!! We need one ourselves but I also think that's a very practical, usable gift. Great idea.

    Luggage is great too. and cracking up about your Dad's vase reaction.

  5. All good ideas...we haven't a male graduating this year but have a grandgirl graduating from nursing now give us 10 top ideas for females...:)

  6. My husband is actually graduating with his master's next Friday and this a great list of ideas!! I'm getting him the frame for his new masters degree too! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  7. I'd vote for something lasting, so watch will do.
    I didn't get anything for my MA :( My family didn't even congratulate me... twas the emptiest day in my life.

  8. I bought my best friend a charm bracelet with importations words as the charms.

  9. I love that last idea! But tell me - why are analogue watches so much more manly than digital?

  10. These are great grad gifts- and major congrats to your brother! That's amazing!

    Le Stylo Rouge

  11. These are such great gift ideas! Love this!

  12. I like the fire proof box idea. I always asked for one as a gift till I finally got one. Though I am afraid to actually lock it, because I know I will lose the key or forget the combination.


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