Wednesday, May 6, 2015

List: Ten inexpensive date ideas.

In honor of someone close to me, I decided to do a re-post.
Some of you may remember this from 2012, while other's may find this list new and exciting.
....because all of my lists are exciting.  Right?? RIGHT?!

Somone dear to me has finally gotten the courage to ask out the girl of his dreams.
I'm ecstatic to say that this story has a happy ending!
Mind out of the gutter people.  Ok, thanks...
Things have been going well, but the person dear to me has run out of date ideas!
There is just one problem.  This person cannot afford to constantly dish out hefty sums of dough in order to keep his woman happy.  That's when he came to me for some solid advice!
Guess he got word about my awesome and extremely helpful lists!  ;)

Ten Inexpensive Date Ideas.

1.  Walk
Taking a girl for a walk around a nice, scenic area is not only romantic, but it's great exercise!  She'll love you for pumping the communication juice and be grateful for those calories burned.  
I know, it's totally cliche, but it's a classic for a reason!

2.  Car
Washing the car may not sound like a great date idea, but it's actually loads of fun.  It opens doors for play and flirting!  Clearly, this idea is dependent upon nice weather.  Don't make the poor girl do this in the rain. 
Besides, in the end your cars will be shining!!

3.  Coach Potato
Put on the PJs, pour the wine, and bust out the movie marathon!
Want some extra fun?  Pick out a favorite actor or theme with your dvds.
Hellooo snuggle time!

4.  Monopoly
Being the extremely competitive person I am, I totally enjoy Monopoly dates!
Bust out the wine and dip.  Then lay out the stakes!  Loser has to do something naughty.
Don't like Monopoly?  Try Battle Of the Sexes!

5.  Farmers Market
Fresh fruit and cheese samples in the midst of a great atmosphere sounds like a lovely date!
Be adventurous and dare each other to test new foods.

6.  Adventure
Pick a nearby city that neither of you have ever been.  Get in the car and drive!  You can do a walking tour and really grasp the feel for the city.  You never know, you could stumble upon a new spot!
Some of the best times are the result of a spontaneous adventure!

7.  Cooking
Pick a random recipe and then divvy up the duties.  Cook a fancy meal while blasting the music.
I mean, who doesn't like to bust into song and dance after chopping up veggies?  I do!!

8.  Amateur Comedians
Some schools or comedy clubs have amateur comedians put on shows for practice.  They are free to view and  real fun to attend!  
I mean, if they are bad, you may end up laughing at how horrible their jokes are!
9.  Darts
Go to that little, hole in the wall bar in your town.  Order a cheap drink and play a competitive game of darts!  Have fun with the winner's prize as well.
Once you start hitting the wall instead of the dart board, you may want to put the drink down!

10.  Haunted
Drive around to all the different "real" haunted houses in your area!  See if you can spook each other out.  Some of the best times on a date happen b/c someone got a little spooked!
In high school boys used to take me to "haunted" cemeteries or the Amittyville Horror house.  Freaky!

What are your favorite cheap date ideas?


  1. a walk in the park or woods would do the trick for me

    1. I'm down for the park, but I'm not sure how I feel about the woods. Something scary always happens in the woods... lol

  2. never underestimate the power of a good long walk--you're right excellent conversations!

    1. Right? The three of us went for a walk a few weeks back and pushed my little mushy around with her scooter. It was nice to house watch and day dream of owning a huge one. :)

  3. Oh I am not afraid to admit I suck at dating, after the initial coffee date and then a walk or something, I'm out of ideas lol I just suck. I can write 100's of stories but can't think up dates. Maybe my mind is date blocked or something lol

    1. Maybe you should print out my list then. Want me to make a second list and dedicate it to the cat??? hehehe :) :) :)

    2. Cat wants them scared away anyway lol

  4. I love these! Sometimes car rides are the best (especially when you're jamming out to music!)

  5. great tips!!! Except I'm not a Monopoly fan, ha. I LOVE going on walks and I think they're great dates. I also think that getting your groceries for the week is kind of a date too, maybe because it usually involves cooking after :)

    1. I go food shopping as a family from time to time. Nowadays it's nothing more than a chore. hahaha But your cooking date to follow would make it a lot of fun!

  6. When I'm cooking or cleaning the kitchen I've got my SONOS rockin' out so I can dance and have fun while I work. Great ideas, girl!! :)

  7. What great's been waaay too long since I dated to add even one single thing to your amazing list. :)

  8. I appreciate these ideas since I am poor. Though that is partly why I don't have a gf. It pains me to think of dragging someone else down into the hole I am in. Hopefully, my luck will change soon.

  9. I love a couch potato movie date- wine and popcorn, yessss!

    Le Stylo Rouge


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