Friday, May 15, 2015

Life: Kyle the Fish

Those of you who have been following R&W for a while will remember this story.
It's basically a tale of how baby Jax's OCD indirectly became the cause of my first pet fish's death.
That being said, you can now imagine the horror I felt when Mushy's birthday wish was a pet fish.

Not being one to disappoint my baby girl, I promised her that pet fish.
The Viking went out and bought her a 1.5 gallon fish bowl, lime green gravel, and a decoration.
Of course the decoration was a Spongebob and Patrick figurine.  Two of her favorites!

The next weekend, we all took a trip to Petco as a family.
There my Mushy pointed to every single fish while yelling "THAT ONE".
A lady asked us if we needed help.  I quickly accepted and told her my history.
After a giggle, she pointed me in the direction of the $3 Fighting Beta fish
...and of course she give me a verbal, bullet pointed list of fish care tips...

"**The water must be kept out over night to ensure it's room temperature.
**You must purchase water conditioner to make sure it's suitable living conditions.
**Do not overfeed your pet.  They get 3 pellets a day and no more.
**Change the water and rinse the gravel/decorations weekly.
**These fish like heat, so keep it away from an AC or an open window."
Sounds simple enough, right?  Wrong!

After we picked out a gorgeous fish with red and green streaks, we purchased the necessary supplies.
Of course Mushy fell in love with the $20 Dragon Beta...which means we won't stray from those fish tips!
We were careful not to shake the container all the way home.
We were extremely careful and meticulous when setting up the fish's new home.
Then, while transporting the fish to the bowl, my man dropped the poor baby right onto the table.
Yes, Kyle lived, but he wouldn't eat for 3 days!  He still won't eat if my man's in the room.  True story!
That's when I realized the lady in Petco forgot one major tip...

**Buy a small net so you don't drop your pet fish.
Look at me giving fish advice.  I call that graduating!

What are your pet fish tips?


  1. well, who isn't scared from Vikings?

    1. Lol Dez!! The Viking can be a little scary sometimes.

  2. I have a true fish phobia after seeing a fish jump out of a lake and bite my brother in law on his nipple. True story!!!! LAWD, I could never have one as a pet.

    1. Eep!!!! That's a story that only might happen to you. Haha

  3. lol no fish would last long here, be kitty chow. So my only tip is keep it away from my sea and cats lol

    a fish that holds a grudge, who knew haha

    1. Lol!!!! Yessss.. he hates him. Poor fish is scarred for life. Hahahaha

  4. lol, oh no! Well you learned something in the process. I'm glad the little guy survived! I had a betta fish in college for a long time and his pretty colors on my dresser always brightened my day!

  5. The fish won't eat if your man's in the room? Sounds like he is suffering from some kind of fish version of post traumatic stress disorder. I wonder if there is a such thing as a fish psychologist to help Kyle through this.

    1. I'll look into getting kyle the best Dr around!

  6. I had a betta fish, I never dropped here. I actually used a cup to transport her around. I'd wait for her to swim to the top and the cup creates a natural vaccum to trap it in so I could clean her tank. She lived for about two years. My mother had the bright idea to pet her on the head, and she FREAKED OUT. She kept at the bottom of the tank for as long as I could see her.

    The next morning I looked in the tank and she was dead inside her log.

    1. Omg!!!! That's a terrible ending the the story. Maybe you should get your new wife one as a wedding gift. :)

  7. I'm actually more surprised that the fish recognised The Viking next time he walked in :P

  8. WB Jax! I mean it looks like you have been back awhile and I have been the one delinquent. Your daughter is growing so fast... I looked through your old posts and saw you have a recipe for pizza rustica. Now you are talking!

    I hope things are well for you and the family. And I have to confess to losing all 3 of my fantasy football leagues this past season. You need to bring yours back...

  9. but...but....those little fish are SLICK...and I dropped one once...and it lived, too. :)

  10. (I can't seem to get finished here)
    meant to tell you I had to add your comment to my post on the dogs.....:)


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