Friday, May 8, 2015

Jax Seal of Approval: Smallville

Ladies and gentlemen, I’ve finished watching Smallville from the first episode to the last.
Bittersweet feelings here, people.  I mean, the characters were like my friends!!

This show was light hearted, juicy, clever, and filled with good looking people.
I’m sure you remember this post where I was debating between the good or bad Clark Kent.
There were sad moments that left me teary eyed and fun moments where I laughed out loud.
The characters became people that I  grew to love and consider a part of my life.
This TV show left me with new impressions of Superman, Lois Lane, and Lex Luthor.
There was a time in the show where I was actually rooting for my Lex-y baby!

Over the course of ten seasons, so many characters came and went that it’s impossible to list them all.
With the exception of the Kents and Lionel Luther, below are the main regulars.
Could Clark Kent be any more delicious?? I mean, yum!

My favorite character other than the obvious Clark, was Chloe Sullivan.
She was such an unexpected important part of the Superman dynasty!
Not to mention, she’s freaking gorgeous and a powerless superhero with serious ambition.

My man’s favorite character was Green Arrow.
He loved the Justice League dynamic that he brought to the show.
…and, my man would even argue with me that Green Arrow was better looking than Clark.  Psh…

Both, my man and I, agree that Lex Luther is a close runner up to our second favorite character.
The actor really brought this character to life in a way that will never get out of our heads.
I mean, now we know why Lex became bad and we saw the good that’s hidden inside him.

That being said, it’s my honor to extend the Jax Seal of Approval to Smallville!
Congratulations!  I’m sure this is the highest honor the show has received to date.

Have you or will you watch Smallville?  If so, thoughts?


  1. You should watch the show Green Arrow and The Flash. Both are very funny, have action for the boys, romance for the girls, and good plot lines to combine it all. They also intersect so it's dumb to watch one without the other.

    1. My fiance suggested those shows to me. Maybe I should watch them next. :)

  2. You just usedClark Kent and yum in the same sentence. :p

  3. You just usedClark Kent and yum in the same sentence. :p

  4. Nope, I only watch REIGN and THE 100 at CW, and both are getting ridiculous, especially REIGN. Sometimes I have a feeling the writers ate too much shrooms for lunch..... I tried THE FLASH too, and although the cast is gorgeous, it was just dated and deadly boring.

    1. Doesn't it bother you when things become so ridiculous? It makes the show a little difficult to watch...unless you expected that to happen.

  5. Watched it from beginning to end years ago. You got through it pretty fast. Binge watching away there at your bay? There were lots of great characters on there. Even a super dog lol

    1. I should have known that you loved that super powered pooch. He was a cutie. :)

      I know :( It's finals week and things have been crazy. What a huge fail!! Everyime I blog ahead of time, it catches up to me quicker than I can replenish it. Sigh...

    2. Geez, need to be done until October like me lol

  6. I've seen the title everywhere but I have never even taken the time to figure out what it is about! I love how you say it's your honor to extend your approval :)

    1. Eep!!! You must take the time to what a little bit of this. At least one episode when Clark Kent takes his shirt off. :)

  7. I've not even heard of this one, Jax...but, you must remember, I am very olden and so out of things...:)
    Happiest Mother's Day

    1. I hope you had a happy Mother's day as well. :)

  8. i have never seen this show! i've heard of it though!

  9. I've never seen Smallville- but I kinda want to get into it now after reading this! :)

    Le Stylo Rouge

  10. I've never seen Smallville, but if you like it I'd recommend Arrow next!

  11. I agree, Tom Welling is a very attractive man. I got the first three seasons of Smallville from various relatives for my birthday, so I'll definitely be watching it ;)


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