Friday, May 29, 2015

Jax Seal of Approval: Mercari

I’ve been in the process of cleaning out my apartment for the past few months.
I currently have stuff shoved everywhere and anywhere.
There is even an overflow of stuff slowly taking over TheViking’s dry cleaners.

Part of this process has included me trying to sell the things that I will never use again.
As much as I would love to squeeze into my Frock dress, I’m never going to be THAT skinny again.
Poshmark has been a help with this.  I’ve gotten rid of several things while making some extra cash.
Remember when I made this post?  I’m sure Poshmark was thrilled with my review!

Somewhere along the line I stumbled across a new app called Mercari.
Like Poshmark, Mercari is a great aid to my clean out, but it does have its own pros and cons.
You know Jax is going to neatly spell it all out for you, don’t you?  I mean, come on now!

**Mercari is currently not charging the buyer/seller any fees during its beta launch.
**Mercari doesn’t limit you to only selling/buying woman’s clothes.
**Mercari doesn’t limit you to only selling/buying clothes.  You can buy/sell a wide variety of things.
**Mercari gives you a few different shipping options so you can pick what’s best for you!
**Mercari has a customer service option that you can chat with directly through the app.
**Mercari allows you to track a shipment directly through the app.
**Mercari utilizes a rating system that rates the seller AND the buyer.
**Mercari pays out through direct deposit or a check in the snail mail.

**Mercari does not have a option to re-post your items.  The initial post goes to the top of the list and then gets lost as time goes on.
**Mercari does not protect buyers/sellers with bundle shipments.
**Everything is based on the buyer/sellers actions.  A long period of time has to pass before Mercari steps in.  This could mean delay in payment if your buyer is inconsiderate.
**Mercari notifies the user that there is no fee for the beta launch, but doesn’t give much information.  It would be nice to know when this will end and how much of a fee will be implemented.

I made sure that I really made myself familiar with this application before posting my review.
After a month of selling several items, I have been pretty pleased.
All transactions have gone through smoothly for me so far.
Direct deposits have been made to my account without any hassle.
I even tested their customer service.  They did respond to my inquiry, but it took a couple of days.
But, you all already knew that I wouldn't give such an honor without doing my homework.

Without further adieu, it’s my honor to extend the Jax Seal of Approval to Mercari!
I can only imagine the amount of happiness the creators are feeling after getting this high honor!

Have you or will you try the Mercari application?

**Please note that this was not a paid review.  In fact, I’m sure Mercari does not even know I exist!**


  1. sounds practical! Get rid of the trash to buy some new trash :)

  2. I'm much too lazy to use any of those apps. I still do it the old fashioned way. Bag it up and take it to GoodWill and deduct on my taxes.

    1. Oh, but you should try them! Trust me when I say that they are addicting. My man calls it my new obsession...and he's sort of right. lol

  3. Wow, these apps are cropping up. Good for sellers and buyers indeed. So my chucking everything in the trash or giving it to goodwill isn't practical anymore? lol

    1. Right? But they are the perfect solution to so many problems. :)

  4. Very interesting! I've never heard of them!

  5. Well Mecari should be paying you!

    I have not ventured into those types of apps before so you are informing me the idiot with your posts.

    Have a good weekend.

    1. I agree!! I'm totally for anyone or anything that wants to pay me. :) You should try it, Slam! Or at least ask the Mrs. to check it out.

  6. actually I might try that

  7. I will try this, for sure...and my daughter, with her two teen girls , might really like this one, too.
    Love love love your Jax Seal of Approvals....:)

    1. Thanks, BJ! Let me know how it goes. :)

  8. How many users would you say the site has - with ebay the reach is just so much it's hard for me to want to sell anywhere else! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  9. I've never heard of any of those! I need to sell some things, though. Too much crap in this apt.

  10. Skinny is overrated. Did I mention that skinny is overrated? :)


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