Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Wedding: Three Month Marker

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What to do at: THREE MONTHS until the wedding

The invitations have been meticulously put together.  That means the initiations and response cards are sitting in the fancy envelopes separated by tissue paper.  All of the invitations and response cards have been stamped and they’re ready to be mailed out on May 1st!

Bought the Wedding Rings
My wedding ring has been purchased and sized to perfectly fit around my engagement ring.  My man’s wedding ring has been purchased and sized to fit his finger perfectly.  My engagement ring was also cared for with a cleaning and a warranty dipping that made it really sparkle!

Finalized the Centerpieces
I booked the most amazing florist.  He does great work and really loves his job and clients.
  He put together a sample centerpiece for us to see and approve.  It was even prettier than I imagined.  We finalized the centerpieces by picking pale pink garden roses with greens air brushed in gold

Wedding Favors
We made a donation to Make a Wish foundation in lieu of favors.
  In return, they sent us the most beautiful certificate for us to frame and display at the reception.  Now my cousin will make the chocolate lollipops and we will attach cards letting the guests know what we did.  The cards will read “In lieu of a favor, a donation was made in your name to Make a Wish foundation”.  I also bought this FABULOUS 8x10 frame to house the certificate.

We picked out the tuxedos for the groom, groomsmen, and our fathers and grandfathers.  My man was sized and his tuxedo was paid for and ordered.  Everyone else’s tux was picked out.  They just need to go, get sized, and place the order.  
Relying on a bunch of men to get something done by a certain date really, really scares me..

Groomsmen Gifts

Since the tuxedos come with everything down to the cuff links and shoes, we decided on a different type of gift.
  We paid for each groomsmen’s deposit on their tuxedo in lieu of their gift.  This not only strategically allowed us to check off something else from our list, but it was more helpful for the men.  

Scheduled Pre Cana
After my man was baptized, received communion, and was confirmed, we started to research pre cana.  I panicked when I learned that my parish was booked until the fall!  Luckily, a neighboring parish has an opening for next month.  We immediately started the sign up process.  Not to mention, the neighboring parish charges $175.00 less for their pre cana classes.  Blessing in disguise?

What's on your list for the 3 month marker?


  1. One of our blogging friends, Adam, is getting married Friday :) I don't know if he follows you...

    1. I do follow him...but I didn't realize that the wedding date was so soon!! Eep!! How exciting!

    2. we must fancy ourselves up and drop announced at his wedding so that you might steal some ideas from him :)

    3. Yes, please!!! Can we wear matching colors?

  2. You sure are getting things all wrapped up at your sea. Nice idea with the groomsmen gifts too. I didn't even know what they heck Precaina was lol had to google it. Have fun with that.

    1. You didn't know what Precaina was?? LOL At least you cared enough to Google it. :)

  3. This is when all the fun starts happening - all the details coming together! I can't wait to see your flowers! xo, Biana-BlovedBoston

  4. Eeeeee, so exciting!!!!!!!!!! Nice idea on paying for the tuxedo deposits. I'm sure the men loved that.

    1. lol! Of course they did. Somehow they just don't get excited over jewelry or new shoes..

  5. It's Pre-cana. I had to look it up, too! We just call it pre-marital counselling. ha.
    You got a lot done this last month...all big stuff,'ve got to be getting excited!

  6. Wow - you've been a just a tad busy lately, huh, Jax? ;p

    I'm excited for you and your man. You better share pictures with us, you hear me?? I want pictures!!

  7. I love the idea of making a donation to a charity like Make a Wish in lieu of favors- too cool!

    Le Stylo Rouge


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