Wednesday, April 22, 2015

List: Ten small ways to help the world.

In honor of Earth day, I decided to post an environmentally friendly post!
It’s also administration day, people!  Don’t forget to take care of those that take care of you.

MushyFace appropriate networks have been filling our brains with ideas.
Some stations are asking us to change little things in our homes.
Other stations are playing clips of children that decided to make a difference.
I challenge all of you to make this a better world for our children with our children.

Ten small ways to help the world.

1.  Support local farmers.
Buy local goods instead of buying produce that came from halfway around the world.
These typically have less chemicals, more nutrients, and don’t waste gallons of gas to ship!

2.  Use fluorescent light bulbs.
These light bulbs use less energy which means that they save the environment and your money!
I have invested in these, but during the day I’m all about natural light.  Nothing’s better than that.

3.  Recycle ALL recyclables.
This is such an easy thing to do.  Separate your recyclables and dispose of them properly.
We have a separate garbage can designated just for cans and bottles.  You should too!

4.  Car pool whenever possible.
A car pool buddy means less emissions spilled into the air we breathe and less money spent.
I mean, if more people car pooled there would be less NY traffic.  Do it, people!

5.  Invest in to-go mugs and water bottles.
There is no need to drown landfills in disposable coffee cups and water bottles.
Besides, when you buy ones to reuse every day, you can make sure they’re real cute!

6.  Grocery shop with reusable bags. 
Most stores sell relatively inexpensive grocery bags that can be reused for every shopping trip.
For a double win, many stores give a discount for saving the Earth from harmful plastic bags.

7.  Stop buying and using disposable dinnerware.
Invest in stylish dinner dishes, silverware, and glasses to save our landfills from overfill.
These investments pay for themselves after a while.  I mean, disposable goods do cost money!

8.  Don’t use the world as a garbage can.
There really is no excuse for polluting the Earth when public trash cans are everywhere.
Do you drive and throw trash out the window?  Just wait until you’re home to dispose of it!

9.  Sign up for electronic billing and filing.
Many things that are done on paper can also be done electronically.  Take advantage of it!
We pay all bills online, get electronic statements, and file using secure flash drives.

10.  Donate time, goods, or money to Earth friendly causes.
There are so many different organizations dedicated to preserving our Earth that need our help.
A day doing good for the Earth sounds like a fun and memorable experience for Mushy and I.

What small things do you do for the Earth?


  1. I read an article that you should never ask for a receipt at ATM machines or gas stations because the amount of paper is astounding. So, I have not done so in many years.

    1. That really is a great idea!!! I'll do the same. Thanks for sharing. :)

  2. and above all don't waste water! I cringe when I see people running water while they shave or wash the dishes!

    1. I wonder if the dish washer is considered eco friendly? I mean, it's a perfect excuse to ask my land lord for one. Haha

  3. I always take care of my bills online. It's so easy. There's some places that charge people a few bucks to pay a bill for them. Then you have people who are like my mom who get that stamp and envelope ready.

    1. It's a waste of money and time to mail them in. Eco friendly is the way to go!!

  4. all bills pd by phone or we are always in a water shortage out here in West Texas, we are very careful about the amount we use...i seldom buy bottles of water..too many bottles on our earth now....
    Thanks, Jax, for this amazing's so important to save our beautiful earth for our children, grands and etc.

    1. Thanks BJ...the water bottle one is HUGE. Did you ever see the commercial where they show the world covered in water bottles? It really is moving.

  5. Great tips! I'm HUGE on recycling and shop local often!!! I love this day, I just wish I could get outside to enjoy it!!

  6. 4 is a pain in the butt, so no way. 6, I do some, but not all the time. The rest I do besides #2, not gonna happen. They can take their curly poisonous light bulbs and stuff them.

    1. Why not?? You car pool with ms. Meow oui oui. Hahahaha

      I never asked. What happened with the job interview last month?

    2. lol car pooling is a pain because you can't come and go when you want you have to wai around on someone else's time table, screw that.

      Meh, it went, it came, it left

  7. Jax, I don't think I do anything good for the earth. This is so sad. I am just an oxygen thief taking up space on our dear planet. OH GOD WHY?

  8. We only shop with reusable bags and love it!! I haven't used a plastic water bottle in so long I feel good about that one! :) xo, Biana - BlovedBoston

  9. Reusable bags for the winnnnnn! I keep a whole stack in my car and grab 'em for every shopping trip!

    Le Stylo Rouge

  10. I have the hardest time remembering to take my reusable bags into the grocery! I only do it about half the time!

    Another good one...use a dish rag or towel instead of paper towels. I still have a roll of paper towels and use them when nothing else will do, but if we can use something washable I reach for that, first.

  11. In South Australia, we get 10c for every plastic bottle we hand in, You can often find homeless people fishing bottles and cans out of bins to cash in on them.


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