Monday, April 20, 2015

List: 10 health foods that aren't so healthy.

A couple of months back, I started my healthy swap challenge to prep for my honeymoon.
I know.  You’re all really sick of hearing about my healthy swaps already.  I totally get it!
I already told you all about my squats and my new found love for tea.
What I didn’t tell you is that I cut back on carbohydrates, unhealthy snacks, and lazy nights in bed.
It’s been two months and I can’t confirm that I lost weight, but I really do feel better.
I don’t weigh myself.  When you have anxiety, you avoid the things that could trigger a meltdown.

Being from a Sicilian family, these healthy swaps are comparable to starving yourself.
That’s when Madre gave me a call to tell me that starvation isn’t the way to lose weight.
Apparently fruits and vegetables aren’t really food unless they’re served over pasta.  Who knew?!
In an attempt to defend my new diet, I started listing all the normal foods I’ve been eating.
That’s when I realized some of the things that I thought were healthy, really aren’t.
How dare food try and trick me?!  No worries, people, I can now see right through their disguise!

Ten health foods that aren't so healthy.

1.  Smoothies
I’m a huge fan of Tropical Smoothie and I have been indulging to my heart’s content.
After checking out their nutrition facts, I learned that I’d be better off with a gallon of ice cream.
Not to mention, their smoothies only come in one size:  gigantic!  I’m cutting these out completely.

2.  Salad
I eat salad with fresh mozzarella 5 days a week for lunch, and I absolutely love it!
I did a healthy swap of fresh avocado instead of salad dressing, and it’s even more delicious.
Dressings are filled with calories and preservatives.  Opt for oil and vinegar or try my avocado swap!

3.  Oatmeal
My daily breakfast is a packet of apple cinnamon flavored Quaker instant oatmeal.
The sugar content is enough to make you eep!  I switched to oat bran with cinnamon and berries.
Please don’t tell, but I also put a little drop of syrup in my organic oat bran for my sweet tooth!

4.  Wraps
One popular healthy food trend is wraps filled with yummy different things.
Compare the nutrition facts of your wrap to your bread.  You’ll see that the wraps are worse!
I’ll be swapping wraps and breads for an open faced sandwich with only healthy fillers.

5.  Peanut Butter
I’ve been buying the reduced fat peanut butter thinking that I made a healthy swap.
A coworker told me that the fat they took out of the peanut butter was replaced with sugar.
I guess that my PB and banana snack will now be a peanut and banana snack.

6.  Diet Drinks
These drinks may have less sugar, but the companies make up for it with chemicals.
Some diet sodas in particular have been linked to Multiple Sclerosis type symptoms.
Water and tea, people.  Just drink water and tea!!  And, maybe just one cup of coffee…

7.  Cold Cut Turkey Meat
It’s not uncommon for me to roll up a few slices and stick them on top of my salad.
Turns out that this deli meat is packed with preservatives, sodium, and fat.
When I was pregnant, the doctored banned me from eating any cold cuts.  Red flag much?

8.  Orange Juice
When I feel a cold coming on or when I need a burst of energy, I’ll drink a glass of OJ.
Little did I know that I was really just overdosing on sugar!  Next time I’ll swap for it a real orange.
How dare those marketers make us believe it’s all natural oranges squeezed into a jug?!

9.  Sugar Substitutes
This is something that I used once, despised the after taste, and never used again.
Sugar substitutes are typically filled with chemicals that are known to cause medical issues.
This might be a myth for some brands, but the hypochondriac inside of me will not risk it!

10.  Yogurt
While yogurt has great things in it for digestive systems and women bits, I hate the taste of it.
Plain yogurt is a very healthy snack, but the flavored ones are full of sugar and preservatives.
Trix yogurt shouldn’t even be legal to serve to children!!  I serve Mushy the organic, plain kind.

What unhealthy health foods tricked you?


  1. I drink orange juice only when I freshly squeeze it and mix it with a mashed banana and some honey. That is my everyday magical potion.

    1. Oh that sound absolutely amazing!!! But, do you get pulp? I don't like pulp.

    2. you have to drink the pulp too, otherwise you get no fibre.

  2. All of that I knew, as everything now a days seems to want to trick us. But pffft to it I say and just eat what I eat with no crap at my bay.

    1. No crap is 100% the best way!!!! Now, I could do that too if I didn't love chocolate so much.

  3. The dressing most certainly makes it tricky to eat salads and consider them healthy!! Diet Drinks are the worst...I never liked them and they are actually terrible for your throat! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

    1. It really does!! The salad dressings are the absolute worst.

  4. I got tricked by a bunch of those myself. I seriously can't believe how many calories are in smoothies from those chain places. Most are not even made with fresh fruit. I make smoothies myself now with fresh blueberries, fresh strawberries, a banana, Greek Yogurt, a splash of honey and some ice in the blender. I only drink half and save the other half for the next day.

  5. I always thought it was funny seeing an obese woman get Diet Soda and 2% milk (I used to work grocery stores), I don't think it's working

  6. Isn't it crazy how deceiving it all can be? For instance, I used to eat at Red Robin a lot in college and I always ordered salad. If you actually go look at their menu, mostly all the salads are more than every burger entree they have- insane!

    These are good ideas in terms of cutting out! I will say that just buying plain (non-flavored) oats you make yourself is so easy and doesn't have all that extra sugar flavor. And I have learned the rule of low fat/reduced fat/non fat etc. = they take out natural things and fill with things to make it taste good.

    I think a lot of this can be reduced by making things yourself, just annoying how much time it takes!

  7. I heard recently that the chemicals in diet soda actually make you crave carbs! I just drink water and tea...and coffee.

    You're doing great on your healthier you plan....seeing any results yet?

  8. Gah, you've condemned everything I hold dear! EVEN PEANUT BUTTER!

  9. These are great tips- but depressing, haha!

    Le Stylo Rouge

  10. I would have a better comment but i've spent the last 10 minutes googling "Multiple Sclerosis symptoms" to see if I have any of them from drinking so much Diet Dr. Pepper.


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