Friday, April 10, 2015

Review: Tazo Tea

**Updated August 2020**

If you all remember my post regarding healthy life swaps, I vowed to make healthier changes.
And, they’ve been going ok.  I’ve mastered the squats and eating breakfast later!
One vow in particular involved drinking less coffee.
While I know that the coffee itself isn’t awful for you, the creamer really is.
I figured that at least half of my daily calorie consumption was thanks to International Delight!
I started out the goal hoping to drink more water, but I really just don’t like it.
That’s when I kept hearing the word “tea” and the light bulb lit.

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Madre gave me a container of Downtown Abbey tea, but it was just alright.
Then I bought green tea, but learned all that caffeine isn’t really a healthy swap.
That’s when a girlfriend of mine suggested Tazo tea bags.
During the first sip I swear that I heard the angels sing to me!

Why we  LOVE  Tazo tea products.

What are some of the perks to Tazo tea?

They come in many different flavors that so far have all been great.
None of them had that perfume taste nor were they overpowering with flavor.
Each box has a rating of 1-5 to demonstrate the caffeine level.
This is totally amazing, especially for someone making a conscious effort to be healthier.
Besides, when I need that extra kick of caffeine at 3pm, I’ll know which box to choose!

What are your favorite Tazo tea products?

For the early morning, I like a cup of Awake English Breakfast Black Tea.
For a late night cup to warm my bones, I like Calm Chamomile or Wild Sweet Orange.
My all time FAVORITE for taste alone is the Organic Peachy Green Tea.

What would make the ultimate gift for a tea lover?

The Tazo Tea Bags Sampler Gift Box is literally the ultimate gift for tea lovers.
It comes with 40 tea bags of 10 different varieties with By the Cup Honey Sticks.  & its <$25!
This package comes with 5 boxes, 100 tea bags, and 5 unique green tea flavors for a good price.

Now that you discovered Tazo tea, will you stop drinking coffee?

Let's not get crazy now.  I still enjoy a good cup of coffee, but have limited my intake.
Tazo tea helps with my coffee cravings, my calorie counts, and my high intake of caffeine.

I’d like to extend the Jax Seal of Approval to Tazo tea bags!
I mean, obviously I’m sort of obsessed at the moment.

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Have you or will you try any flavor of Tazo tea?


  1. I love tea so I will need to try Tazo. Thanks for the tip!

  2. What do angels singing sound like? lol

    Goes to go, just keep trying and you'll find your cup of tea

    1. Really? They sound just like Cas from Supernatural. Pshhh lol

  3. I love Tazo tea! They were actually started in Portland by a really great guy who just recently passed away and it was a big hit on Portland. They are so good, right??

    I have coffee and almond milk every morning then I stick to tea all day. I love it!!

    1. That's such an awesome story. Who knew they had such a neat background?! Almond milk sounds real interesting and a hell of a lot healthier than creamer. :)

  4. why does Earl Grey have a warm on the tin? :)
    I've just opened Russian Earl Grey from Lipton this morning, courtesy of our dear Blue :)

    1. Lol way to point that out...I would have never noticed. Hahaha

      Blue is way too good to you!! I'll have to ship you some Tazo for a tea off. ;)

  5. ahhh, I love tea...not Chi tea, tho. I've tried and tried to like it as all the ladies in our family love it.
    I've not had your Tazo but will look for it in the groc store.

  6. I found it helpful to get more fluids in my system by having ramen noodles soup for lunch every day. The broth is kinda like tea, I guess. Welp, anyway, I feel a lot better since I've been doing it.

  7. I've become a big fan of tea lately, but I still don't have a preference for (or even a knowledge of) any particular brands or types. For me it's just good tea and bad tea :P


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