Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Ideas: Toddlers Growing Strawberries

I'm constantly trying to think of ideas to occupy MushyFace and stimulate her mind.
Do you remember when I gave the Jax seal of approval to Rio & Rio 2 just for that reason?

I can only read her so many books and let her paint so many times.
I love to teach her to sip tea and carry her purse like a lady, but even that gets old.
Baking is always fun, but Mushy can only do so much during that activity.
The best part of having an almost two year old is that everything is new and exciting for them!

That's when I started to think about my childhood.
This time of year was known for cleaning out the garden and planting seeds.
We would watch the plants sprout and grow until they were ready to be put in the garden.
All summer long we would care for the garden until we could pick the fruits of our labor.
Then The Viking would teach us to dry out the seeds from our pickings for next year's crop.
While our garden wasn't huge, it was big enough to feed us, teach us, and enjoy.

We may not own a house yet and we may not have a back yard for a garden yet.
But, that doesn't mean that I can't introduce Mushy to the magic of seeds and plants.
I bought a strawberry growing kit that came with seeds, a bucket, miracle dirt, and instructions.
Mushy picked the strawberry kit.  Trust me.  Both the hubby and I HATE strawberries.

Together we planted the seeds and covered the bucket with plastic wrap.
The plastic wrap helped create our own little greenhouse for our plant babies.
Sure enough, in a very short time, little sprouts poked out of the dirt to say hello.
Although you may not be able to spy the tiny sprouts above, they are in the picture.  I swear!

 I am not sure what will happen to our strawberry plants.
It's been a little cooler than I expected and some are starting to wither.
Perhaps some will grow strong enough that I could plant in a larger pot and actually get a fruit.
I would love to see Mushy eat a fruit that she grew from a teeny tiny seed.
And, trust me, they were teeny tiny.  I wasn't even sure they made it into the dirt!

What activities do you think about a toddler garden?


  1. It's too bad we as adults can not combine our childhood optimism and enthusiasm with our life experience. You could have Mushy learn a musical instrument. How about the drums? It would be noisy but at least not as dirty as a garden.

    1. Drums?? Oh nooo. That's an awful idea. Between the drum sticks and the awful noise, I don't see this ending well..haha

  2. lmao Mushy is growing things that scare you, way to go to her! hahahaha Well you teach her she teaches you not to be scared of strawberries, win win

    1. Realllllyyy nice, Pat. Go on and encourage Mushy to do things that scare mommy. Hmph

    2. She has to break mommy of her silly fears

  3. I grew up on a farm (you never would have guesses, yes, with me oh so glamorous LOL) and I loved digging carrots and potatoes out of the fresh rich soil! But I hated weeding, harvesting corn and such things....

    1. Seriously?! I would have never guess that about you!! I can't imagine I would enjoy harvesting corn either, but that is so awesome that you know how to!

  4. Aww I love this idea! I think it's a great way to engage your little ones. I've never been into gardening but I wish I could! Hope you both have fun.

    1. Aw, thank you! Neither am I but I think it's a fun way to trick your toddler into learning something. Haha

  5. Perfect idea, you absolutely nailed it. I don't know much about gardening sadly but I do remember (fondly) how wonderful it was to learn about seeds and making things grow. And I can proudly say that I ended up planting a tree seed in 2nd grade that is a full blown tree to this day. Makes me so proud :) I love the expanse of ideas you have for her, she is lucky indeed to have you as her mama.

    1. Your comment just completely made me smile!! There is no compliment comparable to be called a good mommy.

      Gardening isn't my specialty, but it could be fun. I think you should at least trying adopting a plant. Lol

  6. I don't hate strawberries but I don't think they taste as good as they look. Or not as good as the artificial flavor.

  7. Th sunflower is a favourite for many children because it grows so quickly. Strawberries are much tastier, but I think you need to prepare the soil first. Organic fertilizer is recommended.

  8. You can send those strawberries my way- I love 'em! :)

    Le Stylo Rouge

  9. At least if you get strawberries to grow, she won't have to share them with anyone! ha.


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