Friday, March 27, 2015

Wedding: Fourth Month Marker

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What to do at: 4 MONTHS until the wedding

The invitations have been picked up and paid for.  The envelopes have been professionally addressed to each finalized guest.  Now I just need to mail these gorgeous pieces of stationary out in the beginning of May.

Booked the MC
Remember when I said that we made the final decision not to use the MC?  Yea, well, I lied.  
We made the final FINAL decision to book the MC and we did just that.  Now we just need to head on over to the DJ rental place and decide if we will rent additional lighting.

Booked the Florist
I met the most amazing florist.  He does great work and really loves his job and clients.  
I booked him for the day of the wedding and made some picks for the big day.  Next week I get the see the actual samples and make some final decisions for the centerpieces and bouquets.  I’ve decided to do pale pink garden roses with greens air brushed in gold.  Hello gorgeousness!

Ordered the Wedding Cake
While my beautiful dream cake is way out of my budget by a whopping two thousand dollars, I compromised with the baker.  
I settled for a simple butter cream cake with gold ribbon and decorative flowers air brushed in gold.  I ordered cannoli filling with chocolate chips and vanilla cake.

Cake Topper
I've been researching cake toppers for the big day and think I finally settled on one.  It came down to this gorgeous one from Lenox or this even more gorgeous one from Lenox.  I want to choose carefully because whichever one I pick is going to be displayed on my nightstand for eternity.  No pressure.

Ceremony Decorations
Since we are at the max end of our budget, I opted to not decorate the church.  Our parish is beautiful as is and does not need alter flowers to help it sparkle.  I tasked Sis with helping me make crafty pew bows for the ceremony, but it is not a budget priority.

Bought the Perfect Bikini
After trying on all different styles and brands of bathing suits, I finally found one that I’m comfortable in.  
This is hanging on my bedroom door as a constant reminder of my “healthy swaps” goal.  I also found my man two new bathing suits that look real sexy on him!  Honeymoon prep totally counts as a wedding task!

Booked Make Up Artist
I booked a makeup artist for a trial in and for the day of my wedding.  This is another one that had me practically hit the floor!  The trial is $75 and the event day is $125.  This is an expense that I would cut, but I want to have contouring done so that it looks like I got a nose job! 

How is your wedding planning going?


  1. Yikes. Almost sounds like it is an easier job to be president of the United States than plan a wedding.

    1. I'm starting to think that may be true. haha

  2. Getting closer everyday. Ugg to how much everything costs though. But always something, that we know. Have to compromise when you can to save a buck or two. And yep, the honeymoon sure counts too.

    1. Yes, we are!!! Time needs to SLOW DOWN!!! Yes, it's funny the little bits of money I'm finding to save on. Like, who would've thought $60 for pew bows is something I would need to cut? But, every little bit counts!

  3. Eeeeee! Coming up so soon! Nice job on the cake and decor. We didn't do a cake (did tartletts instead) because I just hate cake and didn't want to spend any money on it. Always the most important to remember what YOU want.

  4. ah, are sure on top of it all, girlfriend.Weddings are so so expensive and one must find areas to slash the expensives. Sounds like you have got it all covered.

  5. Great job with all your tasks girl!! This is when time really starts to fly! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  6. Spent last week making invitations for mine. Took two whole days

  7. One of my bosses and a couple coworkers are all trying to marry me off. Then, yesterday, somebody who works at David's Bridal came in and left a card with me. Like hang on a second dude, I don't even know you, I don't need the paperwork yet! haha

  8. Sounds like you've made some great choices! Being a list person myself, I just know you're feeling great about marking things off that list!

    Do you read Maskcara blog? (on my sidebar)...she does super great nose contouring with video tutorials...created her own make up line and has been backstage at the Victoria's Secret big annual tv show. She's awesome. I ordered her makeup last month and love it.

  9. Hey when I planned my wedding in 2012 I forgot to put 'perfect bikini' on my list! I may need to reboot my own wedding.


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