Friday, March 6, 2015

List: Why it's really OK to be single.

A few of my closest co-workers are single girls.
I spend the majority of my lunch breaks listening to their stories about their dating life.
Sometimes I find myself offering them words of encouragement.  Other times we’re left laughing.
I prefer to hear the fun stories that usually end in an unexpected dating twist!

While I love my man, I’m constantly finding myself trying to prove to them that being single is a good thing!
There are definitely certain benefits to being in a relationship, but there are benefits to being single also.
Besides, I’m a firm believer that we are all attracted to the things we don’t have!

The benefits of being single.

1.  You need that extra time for yourself.
That’s correct!!  You don’t want that time, you need it to do anything other than cater to them.

2.  You aren’t obligated to share your pint of Ben & Jerry’s ice cream.
This is a huge plus, especially why it’s a pint of double fudge brownie!  Yum!

3.  You only have to clean up after your own mess.
I don’t care how much you love somebody, cleaning up after anybody is frustrating.

4.  You can do anything you want without being questioned.
Nobody wants to come home from a long night out only to answer a BA-JILLION questions!

5.  You won’t have to worry about questioning somebody else.
Being single means more free brain space!

6.  You will have less distractions.
It’s easier to show up to class or to rock the gym when there's nothing else tempting you otherwise.

7.  You watch what you want to watch.
Hello New Girl marathon without any complaints from nobody for hogging the remote!

8.  You have the bed to yourself.
That means you could sleep horizontal with your legs and arms spread out if you really wanted to!

9.  You can have fun while exploring your true self.
Enjoy fun adventures and take leaps of faith!  They’ll help you figure out what you want in life.

10.  The opportunities you have are endless.
Your life is almost a complete blank canvas for you to paint and create however you like.

What do you like or miss about being single?


  1. I've been married almost 30 years and I would think the best part of being single would be not having to see skid marks in anyone else's dirty laundry!

    1. Girl, LUCKILY, I don't wash the laundry. I only fold. Glad I picked doing the folding. ;)

  2. Having no one to answer to and only making cleaning up after myself is sooo nice. Plus not having someone who likes to watch that reality tv crap is a BIG perk lmao the cats hog the bed though, so I still have to share

    1. LOL @ reality TV. You must compromise, Pat. That's the most important thing of a relationship.

      When you put it this way, it makes being single sound soooo niceeeee. hahahaha

    2. No monday post? Geez, screwing with the ocd at my coast.

    3. Sorry, Pat. I had to write a research paper for school!!!! I did make sure I wrote a few entries ahead again though. Be proud!

  3. Yes, you can certainly have fun exploring your true self if you've got the bed to yourself! Don't your single girlfriends ever share their beds?

    1. Not really!! They can't seem to find someone that they like enough to take to the next level. One day, they will. Meanwhile, enjoy sleeping alone. Men snore, fart, and hog the covers.

  4. I miss only having girl stuff in the bathroom but I'm glad I have somebody who always knows what to say to make me melt inside.

  5. the only thing I like about being forever single :( is that I can eat whatever I want and nobody is using my bathroom except me

  6. Now, let's see...
    1970-1984 single
    1990-1993 single
    That's it.
    Did I miss it? You bet I do. It doesn't feel like you're watching the same movie again and again... Please don't tell my Bollywood Princess ;)

  7. Cons: feeling lonely

    Pros: No nagging

  8. I adore your cute and so true...
    Being of the olden age that I am...and since I will celebrate our 55th yr of marriage next month,
    it seems I've been married all my life and I have no clue whatsoever about a SINGLE LIFE...
    at this point, it scares me to death to even think about it.
    Have fun, Jax...

  9. I know deep down that being single is better for me right now, but that's dwarfed by my desire to feel wanted. I get told I'm handsome and great bf material a fair bit, but when it actually comes down to it, no one's interested.

  10. Yes and YES. This is so my life. People think I have it so made now that I'm married and I'm like- what? we still have issues and just like there's benefits to being married, there's benefits to being single as well.

  11. This is a great list- there are truly perks to being both single and being attached. :)

    Le Stylo Rouge

  12. agree with all of these, i don't need another person to worry about at the moment haha :)

    xx danielle // shades of danielle

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