Wednesday, March 25, 2015

List: Things you can't be cheap with.

Have you ever spilled something in college and asked for a paper towel?
Well, if they want me to sit semi-still they should expect me to bring a cup of coffee!!!
The paper towel they supply you with is comparable to a thin sheet of cardboard.
Wiping up your mess with a sheet of loose leaf paper would have the same useless effect.
Paper towels are just one of those things that you can't be cheap with.
Give me the quicker picker upper or bust!!!

This got me thinking.
You all know what's coming here...
What are the things that you should never, ever buy the cheap way out of unless completely necessary.

1.  Shampoo
You all know how I love my shampoo.  There are 28 bottles in my shower as we speak...
The wrong shampoo could mean dry, limp, lifeless hair!  Don't skimp out when it comes to shampoo.  If you can spare the dough, put down the bottle of Suave and splurge on Coconut Milk!

2.  Band-Aids
Ever buy a cheap band-aid?  Those damn things don't stick for crap!!!  If they do stick, then they don't come off.  Talk about a fickle pharmacy good.  Spare the extra buck for these!
Took me 2 years to fall in love with the perfect bandage brand and style!!

3.  Olive Oil
Cheap olive oil is the worst!  This is your kitchen's best friend.  It could make anything taste delicious.  Olive oil should be poured on everything from salads to fresh bread.  Yum!
I even bought my Papa imported Olive Oil as a Christmas gift last year.  It's gold, I swear!!

4.  Babysitter
You paid the random girl at the end of your block 3 bucks to watch your son for an hour while you ran to the store.  No wonder you came home to him drinking soda from a bottle!
For the love of God, don't be cheap when it comes to decent child care!!

5.  Mozzarella
Cheese is one of those foods that you either need to go all out or completely skip.
Cheap mozzarella shouldn't even exist.  In fact, it should only be sold fresh!  Yum!
Alright, so that's the Italian in me again..  Excuse me while I pour Olive Oil on my mozzarella ;)

6.  Mechanics
Typically you want to pay up for decent service jobs!  There is nothing worse than an unqualified mechanic working on your car.  It will cost you more in the long run.
The last time I opted for the cheaper body shop, TheLoveBug was rocking a different color back bumper!

7.  Foundation
Ladies, have you ever changed up your foundation?  Keep buying the good stuff you always do!
Well, unless you like to have a face full of pimples...

8.  Brother's Birthday Gift
Don't skimp out when it comes to your Brother's birthday.  You'll never hear the end of it.  Ever.
What?  I thought that batteries was a great birthday gift...

9.  Garbage Bags
You don't want to be known as the person with a stinky home.  You also don't want to pick up the trash to have it all fall out of the bottom.  You want a reliable, strong bag that holds in odors!
Hefty Force Flex with Febreeze is perfecto!

10.  Toilet Paper
If you give an extra buck for anything, make it be your toilet paper.  No one wants leftover pieces of paper in places it don't belong!  No one wants to bleed from wiping with cardboard either.  Find a happy medium.
Sorry to be a little graphic there, but we don't mess around when it comes to toilet paper...

What are the things you could never be cheap about?


  1. I'm never cheap with the tea... I just can't drink the cheapest one....

    1. Dez, I always drank my green tea which was inspired by the Japanese company I used to work for. I've recently been experimenting with different teas and I'm loving it!!! I guess you're my inspiration for that with all the healthy swap talk. :)

    2. I drink green tea with cranberry, or lemon, or wild cherry in the afternoons :)

  2. I agree with all of the above and I will add aluminum foil. Ever try the off brand? I did once and it was a huge mistake. It would not rip in the package but ripped while cooking. SMH

    1. No, but I have bought the off brand saran wrap. It was almost as horrible as the aluminum foil sounds!! On a side note, I do buy the Target brand (Up & Up) aluminum foil and I love it! You should try that one. :)

  3. Amen with the toilet paper! And paper towels for me too

  4. lmao yes, rough TP can hurt indeed. Never ever skimp on that. You really got him batteries? I hope they were big car batteries or something lol

    Never ever skimp on that cheap pet food garbage either, the vet will love you for it, but your bank account won't.

    1. LOL! Yes, I really did buy him batteries. I mean, he used to sit on that game boy ALL day long so it seemed like a good idea... hahahahaha

  5. doing one of these posts is always an idea I have! I love hearing where people splurge vs save. I totally agree about cheese!!! In no way should anyway buy cheap cheese, makes me want to throw up thinking about it.

    And yes about toilet paper, esp bc 'splurging' is basically only going to put you back 1 or 2 dollars!

    And band-aids: YES. nothing is worse.

    1. Oh you deff should!!! It's soo fun to compare notes. Hahaha

  6. I'm gonna need to show my boyfriend this.

  7. 28 bottles? I have one bottle but it costs $7. My favorite and that's all I need.

    Some of my others...kleenex, laundry soap, and ice cream. Cheap knock offs are not accepted.

    1. hahaha I read an article once that when you use the same shampoo residue starts to build up on your scalp. According to the article, you should have a shampoo to wash off the build up of the other shampoo. It may or may not be true, but it's stuck with me ever since!

  8. Moisturizer is a biggie for me. I will totally pay more for glowy skin without looking like a greaseball. Coffee is another one that I'll spend more on, as it still makes sense to buy a more expensive bag of beans versus going to Starbucks every day. I don't eat meat, but I only buy organic, grass fed when I cook it for Anthony and am totally okay with shelling out the extra $ if it's safer. I'm also with you on shampoo! I asked my parents for Bumble & Bumble products for the holidays, and told my mom not to have a heart attack. It's just the best :)
    Great post, lady!

    1. I used to be with you on this one. I have REALLY sensitive skin so I would only use Neutrogena Sensitive Skin Facial Moisturizer. Then I was recommended to try the Up & Up brand and it really was just as good. It does leave me too oily and it doesn't give me a reaction. But I'm still not brave enough to buy off brand soaps... lol Bumble and Bumble?? I must try that!

  9. Generic head and shoulders works well for me

  10. I agree with all yours...
    cheese...only the best and not the processed's coated with God knows what.
    canned chicken, for chicken salad...only the BEST and must be 100% white, lean breast
    coffee...only the best will taste right...
    bacon..never, EVER buy the's NOT GOOD..
    oh.. I have more but this will do.

    1. Omg, the cheese one KILLS me. There is nothing like REAL fresh mozarella cheese. Yum...I eat it almost every day in my salad. Nom nom nom

  11. foundation is just better high end. it really is.

    1. I only use Clinque foundation otherwise I get a reaction. Besides, it helps control my oily skin!

  12. I can attest that buying cheap olive oil is NOT a good idea, ha!

    Le Stylo Rouge

  13. I totally agree with the babysitter - don't skimp on the most important person to you!! xo, Biana

  14. These are all completely 100% true!


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