Monday, March 23, 2015

List: Ten birthday ideas for a two year old.

Ladies and gentleman, I am going to try to say this without crying.
In almost a month, on April 25 to be exact, my little Mushy will be TWO years old.
I knew I couldn’t say it without at least sniffling.  **Wipes tear from face.**

Typically, a first birthday party is an over the top bash surrounded with everyone you know.
A third birthday party could be something fun surrounded with cousins and friends the same age.
That's all true but, it doesn’t matter because she will be turning the birthday-party-awkward age of two.
…and by birthday-party-awkward I mean that most ideas are either for people too old or too young…

After thinking long and hard, I finally decided on an event that is age appropriate and super cute.
This is the part where you all can guess what I booked!  The answer is number 10 on the list!

Birthday Party Ideas for a Two Year Old

1.  Birthday Cake and Party Games
This simple and relatively inexpensive event is fun for all.  Unfortunately, my apartment is too tiny.

2.  Ice Cream Sundae Party
Both adults and kids love ice cream.  Unfortunately, the parlor I wanted to book went out of business.

3.  Pizza Party
Pizza is perfect for any age.  Unfortunately, renting a space in a pizzeria is surprisingly expensive.

4.  Petting Zoo Party
Everybody can have fun at a petting zoo.  Unfortunately, April is too early for them to open.

5.  Chuck’ee Cheese
This one is easy and surprisingly fun for adults too!  Unfortunately, she doesn’t know many young kids.

6.  Children’s Museum
This would’ve been great to educate the kids and their parents!  Unfortunately, it’s way out of budget.

7.  Adventure Land
Theme parks are fun for all especially when they have kiddy rides.  Unfortunately, April is still chilly.

8.  Pony Party
This could have been cute to ride horses and eat on a ranch.  Unfortunately, Mushy’s petrified of horses.

9.  Plaster Fun Craft
Painting plaster objects is great.  Unfortunately, only adults with children are permitted to join in the fun.

10.  IHop Pancake Party
IHop has a private room for everyone to enjoy brunch and birthday cake.  Mushy loves her some pancakes!

How would you celebrate a second birthday party?


  1. are the two year olds even aware that it is a party?

    1. At 2 I think they do. My mushy can sing happy birthday AND blow out the candles. Lol

    2. I remember my 2nd birthday party. I knew what was going on.

  2. One year old's a party is for the parents if anything, easy way to get stuff for the baby haha two something simple is all you need and pancakes work indeed. You have a shrimpy apartment? Thought you were in a house? You move?

    1. Lol oh no!!! The one year old birthday is so not for us. She got so much stuff that its taken over every room in the apartment!! Hahahaha if i could do it again, when people asked what she wanted for her birthday, I would say diapers. Lmao

      Yes, we had to move. We couldn't afford the oil bill anymore. It hit $800 one month!!! Now we are in a 2 bedroom apt with heat included. :)

    2. I'll keep the diaper thing in mind should it happen one day. Blah $800 a month is nuts

    3. I think it's a great idea!!! I mean, how many toys can one child use?! Lol

  3. aw!!! Little lady! That's so cute. In my experience with children, 2-3 are incredibly fun years- they're so interactive! So that's exciting. I think all your ideas are great!!! Seriously, they all sound so fun.

    1. Yes!!! I mean, I miss my little baby to smoosh and kiss...but she's so fun now. Everything she says is adorable. ..but now she also tells me no. That's not so fun. Haha

  4. These are all such great ideas! I honestly think that my sister for all three kids didn't have a birthday party at an establishment until they were like 4 or 5...

    1. I wish I had a house that was big enough to just have a cake. I wouldn't then either. Lol

  5. cannot believe she;s almost 2!!! in my experience, i say keep it casual since the 1st was such a big deal and enjoy the low-key before she really gets into them

  6. They grow up so fast, right?
    And pizza parties are my jam- both as a kid and now as an adult. :)

    Le Stylo Rouge


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