Monday, March 30, 2015

List: How to be more successful at work.

The past couple of months have been so hectic that my work ethic started to hinder.
Shh..  Don’t tell anybody but I’ve been doing homework on the clock!
I may not excel at everything in my life, but I am real good at my chosen career.
That truth is reflected in how much I am valued by management and coworkers.
I’m totally not being cocky here, I’m just trying to let you all know why I am so ashamed.

A few days ago, I had to stop and think of the real reason why my work was backing up.
The truth is, I am not focused and I’m putting future opportunities on the line.
While I was sitting at my desk 2 hours past go home time, I decided to take my own advice.
There’s nothing like using yourself as an example of both the good and bad sides of something!

10 Easy Tips To Be More Successful At Work

1.  Limit your internet activity for personal use.
Everybody deserves a lunch break and 2 smaller breaks throughout the day.
Not only does it help you focus, but it helps create a good work and life balance.
Limit your internet activity for personal use to these designated time slots.
Sadly, I let the internet distract me all day long.  Wedding wire and blogger need to wait for a break!!

2.  Be a person who keeps their word.
A work day doesn’t go by without someone asking me to do something for them.
It could be a customer making a request, a manager, or even a coworker in need of help.
Make you sure do what you said you would do when you promised you would.
I never let a request go unhandled, but lately I’ve been bad at doing it within a promised time frame.

3.  Never push your work onto someone else.
Some people are afraid to learn how to handle a new task and others are just plain lazy.
This is real annoying to coworkers and managers will notice the poor job performance.
Never dump your work onto someone else’s lap.  Instead ask for help and really learn.
I would prefer to work hours of overtime than bog someone else down with my work.

4.  Dress for your dream position.
Fill your wardrobe with versatile and stylish work appropriate pieces.
Management notices when you look hung over, untidy, or just completely inappropriate.
Always give off the impression that you care and that you’re serious about your career.
As I previously promised to change, I am totally guilty of rocking leggings and boots all winter.

5.  Stay out of the gossip.
I would think every job is full of certain people buzzing around gossip.
Don’t give yourself a bad rep among coworkers or management.  It won’t go unnoticed.
It’s important to steer clear of being the gossip topic and to not spread other rumors.
While I love to hear juice, I’ll never share it at work!  I’ll keep it inside until I burst when I get home.

6.  Don’t complain about your work load.
My manager recently told me that I’m favored because I get stuff done without complaining.
You’re hired to do a task, and as long as you’re not being taken advantage of, just do it.
Don’t waste company time complaining and just do what needs to be done.
As stated by Madre several times, “no one really gives a rat’s behind about your problems”!

7.  Keep your personal life personal.
If you are having a bad day or just got into a fight with the hubby, don’t let it affect your job.
On the same note, you don’t want your life turned into the office novella.  Keep details to yourself!
Always work like you’re having a perfect day and keep your business to yourself.
We all have work friends that we love to chat with, but we need to be smart about what we share.

8.  Always take opportunities to learn or grow.
If a company offers a webinar or offsite training, take advantage of it.
The more you learn and grow, the more valuable you become to the company.
When it comes to growth and knowledge, always volunteer for the opportunity.
My most recent goal is to approach management about becoming a notary on the company’s dime!

9.  Be approachable and nice.
This may sound like a simple tip, but there are way too many people that walk by with their head down.
Don’t let the pressure of life or work make you rude or unapproachable.
Always be pleasant and courteous to coworkers.  People that are liked are more likely to succeed.
I’m approachable to a fault.  I’ve recently had to take a stand against constantly distracting coworkers.

10.  Communicate your work goals with management.
If management doesn’t know where you want to be, how can they help you get there?
It’s been pointed out to me that managers could be blind to our goals.  We need to open their eyes.
Think about your work goal and communicate it to management in a formal atmosphere.
In my next evaluation, I plan on telling management that I’m eager to grow and my plan to get there.

What are your tips on helping someone succeed in their career?


  1. As a manager, I'm big on tip #10. If the girls didn't talk to me, I wouldn't know how to help them so they can enjoy their job.

    I would add the tip that, even if management is leniant, don't push the boundaries. If they trust you and are willing to work with your mistakes while you learn, don't try to take advantage by sneaking behind them to do things the half-assed way or not at all. That'll only make them come down hard on you and lose all trust that you're willing to work hard, without them breathing down your neck.

    1. Great tip!!!! I am guilty of this one. I take advantage of the fact my manager looks away when I am late every single day. I need to learn to leave my house on time!!

  2. My husband has 40 female employees. You can not even imagine the hotbed of gossip that goes on there. I used to be the only female attorney in my firm and I would take that hands down over what he deals with any day!

    1. I totally agree!! Men are so much easier to deal with than women, usually. .. haha

  3. Yep, women spread the gossip like wildfire, I was told once by a female coworker to always work with males if I had the chance. They'll usually tell you to your face and not sneak around spreading things. Be nice? What's that? I can't just mumble and go my way lol

    1. No, Pat, no mumbling as you walk!!! You need to be friendly and flash genuine smiles. Pshh come on now!!

    2. Pffft that is tooo much work

  4. Here's one more: Don't backstab. (My back still hurts...)

    1. Oh no, Blue!!!!!! That's terrible. :(

    2. Yeah, well... I survived. I guess the joke's on them now.

  5. Many businesses keep track of your internet activity and it is brought up during reviews, etc, so be careful!

    1. Sadly enough, I know this. I need to get it under control. uggg!!

  6. great, great tips! They are all excellent. ESPECIALLY not being one of the people at work who gossips. That is such a prevalent issue! I really am glad I have always stayed out of it. And brag away about your career, that's awesome. Not only for your personal accomplishment but just for the general fact that being happy in your profession helps in countless other ways.

    I also agree with #9. Even if you have to be firm about something or say 'no', you can still always do it in a courteous manner!

    1. Yes!! You might not be able to help hearing the gossip, but you can help stop the spreading of it. It's too funny how when you don't spread the gossip, people ended up trusting you with more of it. Lol

  7. you didn't tell us what do you do?

    1. I am do staff accounting...billing, accounts receivables, and accounts payables. All fun stuff. Haha

    2. So basically she's very smart Dezzmeister.

  8. These tips are great for being good at your job. I especially agree with the keeping out of gossip tip. Some people where I work get so caught up in gossiping that they start bad-mouthing each other and only make themselves look bad.

    Jessica @ Sunny Days and Starry Nights

  9. These are great tips and I think finding a mentor, not necessarily in your field but someone you look up to is really important! xo, Biana - BlovedBoston

  10. Oh don't we all love the person who brings their drama at home to work?

  11. Ha, I hear you girl- I'm easily distracted by the internet, too! :)

    Le Stylo Rouge

  12. One of the best pieces of advice I've gotten is from a successful radio announcer who said "Create an environment where people want you to succeed." In most cases people just get jealous and/or selfish, but if you can put others' interests first, they'll often pay you back in kind.

  13. You sound like a wonderful co-worker actually. I don't have trouble staying focused at work because I am too scared not to be. It is when I get home I slack off after staying so focused for all those hours, by then I am burnt out a bit.


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