Monday, March 16, 2015

Ideas: How to make the perfect Easter basket.

For all of my readers that celebrate Easter, here is a step by step guide to make the perfect basket.
Some of you may not know this about me, but I am totally NOT crafty.
…and by not crafty I mean, the abbreviation DIY makes me cry and art makes me nauseous…
Luckily, this lack of creativity is genetic which means Madre was able to guide me in simple terms.
She gave me step by step instructions that will make my Mushy think I’m a basket making pro.
What’s that? Thank you?  Oh, yea, you’re VERY welcome my fellow non-crafty people!

Don't believe me?  Just LOOK at this ^^^^.  Fail! (Please ignore the recyclables and the bed head)

Step 1:  Pick a practical theme.
This could be a color, a hobby, a movie, or even a band!
I was torn between my Mushy’s three favorites; Sponge Bob, Rio, and Olaf.  Olaf won.

Step 2:  Buy a basket.
As my amazing man constantly reminded the other day, don’t buy a huge basket.
You will feel obligated to fill the basket, so choose one that’s cute and reasonably sized.
To stick with my Olaf theme, I picked one that was baby blue with silver strips throughout.

Step 3:  Pick and buy the “big” gift.
Madre was very firm when she said that this is NOT Christmas.
Proper Easter basket etiquette is to fill it with one large gift and then a bunch of smaller items.
I picked the Olaf-A-Lot speaking doll toy from target.  It’s theme related and lots of fun!  Score!

Step 4:  Pick and buy (1) chocolate bunny.
The chocolate bunny is an Easter staple and should be displayed appropriately.
The size of the bunny is dependent upon the size of the basket.
I got the Dove dark chocolate bunny since it’s my favorite and obviously Mushy takes after me…

Step 5:  Purchase paper grass.
You will need this to line the bottom of the basket.
Madre suggests paper because a child or pet is less likely to choke if it’s consumed on accident.
I picked silver light gray and baby blue to go with my theme.

Step 6:  Buy Easter themed candy.
There are so many options to choose from that this part was the most fun!
Madre suggested to stick to three candies to keep in budget and still be festive.
I went with traditional Peeps, little chocolate carrots, and bite sized Milkyways so Mushy don’t choke.

Step 7:  Pick your basket fillers.
Madre suggested rocking the dollar section of Target to find cheap fillers.
Surprisingly, I found many fun things to fit in the Easter theme that were only $1 each.
I got Olaf tattoos, Olaf activity books, Olaf silverware, crayons, and a stuffed bunny.

Step 8:  Purchase plastic eggs.
These were surprisingly inexpensive and could totally be reused year after year!
Use the majority of the eggs to hide on Easter morning, but set aside 3 or 4 to put into the basket.
Growing up there was always a dollar inside the eggs in my basket.  I decided to do the same!

Step 9:  Buy plastic cellophane.
This is to wrap around the completed Easter basket so make sure it’s sized accordingly.
I wanted to go with my theme on this, but Madre was right to push the clear plastic to emphasize the basket.

Step 10:  Put the basket together.
Start with lining the basket with the grass and placing the “big” gift as the focal point.
Then place the chocolate bunny to the side, yet in a place where it would be the second thing noticed.
Sprinkle the candy along the bottom of the basket and then randomly place the plastic eggs.
Take the filler gifts and strategically place them around the “big” gift.
Cover with the clear plastic cellophane and staple closed.
Madre’s final suggestion is to hide the basket and then put it out Easter morning next to a gnawed on carrot.

What are your Easter basket suggestions for the crafting challenged?


  1. Awesome ideas. I have been using the same Easter baskets for my kids for the past 15 years and just keep refilling them. Why replace them? They're boys. They don't care. They just want the stuff inside.

    1. Well, that works too!! I can so see myself doing that in a few years. I mean eventually all the Easter baskets will look the same.. haha

  2. haha she looks like "this is it, where's the good stuff?" lol

    I always had the same one over and over, I took the stuff and left the basket. All I needed

    1. LMAO!! My poor Mushy had a very pathetic first Easter basket. I will do better this year, I promise!

    2. haha better do better this year or she may get a complex over the Easter Bunny. Thinking that bunny hates her lol

    3. I just realized that I even left the tag on the basket... it really was a fail in every sense of the word. lol

  3. I love making up the baskets and still do it for all my kids...and the DIL! So fun.

    1. Something tells me that you make the baskets of all baskets!! You must share a picture.

  4. I think my favorite is step the basket lol!! I know my MIL will go crazy when we have babies so the basket will be taken care of by her! xo, Biana - BlovedBoston

    1. You will still want to do it too! No worries...haha

  5. when is Easter arriving this year?

  6. I would have wanted the Spongebob theme. But I guess I'm not a two-year-old girl :P

    1. That may be true, but my Mushy loves her some Sponge Bob!!! Lol

  7. I think my parents always bought the baskets at the store. I was more excited about decorating the eggs and then finding them.

  8. we always got the store bought ones. My brothers and I never minded it. We'd get excited over the candy and fight over who could find the most eggs.

  9. Haha, I'm not crafty, either- but I think I could tackle this! :)

    Le Stylo Rouge

  10. So cute! that must be such a fun part of being a Mom (whether you're good at it or not). I really dislike store made easter baskets so tips for ones you make yourself are great.

    And don't ever apologize for bed head on a baby- It's always beyond adorable!

  11. That's very nice, Miss Jax, but what are the plastic eggs for? You can't eat them unless you want severe digestion. I'd rather sit on an ostrich egg than play with plastic ones.


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