Monday, March 30, 2015

List: How to be more successful in your professional life.

The past couple of months have been so hectic that my work ethic started to hinder.  I may not excel at everything in my life, but I am real good at my chosen career.  That truth is reflected in how much I am valued by management and coworkers.  In less than seven years, I have went from an administrative assistant role to a regional management position that's only 3 steps from the top of one of the world's largest corporations.  Totally not bragging, just stating my credentials..

A few days ago, I had to stop and think of the real reason why my work was backing up.  The truth is, I am not focused and I’m putting future opportunities at risk.    While I was sitting at in my office (2) hours past go home time, I decided to take my own advice for working towards success.

how to be successful in your personal life; how to grow in your career; effective strategies for success

10 effective strategies to be successful At work.

1.  Limit your internet activity for personal use.
Everybody deserves a lunch break and 2 smaller breaks throughout the day.  Not only does it help you focus, but it helps create a good work and life balance.  Limit your internet activity for personal use to these designated time slots.

2.  Be a person who keeps their word.
A work day doesn’t go by without someone asking me to do something for them.  It could be a customer making a request, a manager, or even a coworker in need of help.  Make you sure do what you said you would do when you promised you would.  ..aka, being reliable.

3.  Never push your work onto someone else.
Some people are afraid to learn how to handle a new task and others are just plain lazy.  This is real annoying to coworkers and managers will notice the poor job performance.  Never dump your work onto someone else’s lap.  Instead ask for help and really learn.  This goes for tasks outside of your scope of work.  Know your limits, but don't roadblock new learning opportunities.  It's all about balance.

4.  Dress for your dream position.
Fill your wardrobe with versatile and stylish work appropriate pieces.  Management notices when you look disheveled, untidy, or just completely inappropriate.  Always give off the impression that you care and that you’re serious about your career.

5.  Stay out of the gossip.
I would think every job is full of certain people buzzing around gossip.  Don’t give yourself a bad rep among coworkers or management.  It won’t go unnoticed.  It’s important to steer clear of being the gossip topic and to not spread other rumors.  While I love some good juice, the workplace isn't the place to squeeze the fruit.

6.  Don’t complain about your work load.
Managers have always told me that I’m favored because I get stuff done without complaining.  You’re hired to do a task, and as long as you’re not being taken advantage of, just do it.  Don’t waste company time complaining and just do what needs to be done.  Be that path of lease resistance, within reason, of course.

7.  Keep your personal life personal.
If you are having a bad day or just got into a fight with the hubby, don’t let it affect your job.  On the same note, you don’t want your life turned into the office novella.  Keep details to yourself!  Always work like you’re having a perfect day and keep your business to yourself.

8.  Always take opportunities to learn or grow.
If a company offers a webinar or offsite training, take advantage of it.  The more you learn and grow, the more valuable you become to the company.  When it comes to growth and knowledge, always volunteer for the opportunity.  Become a notary.  Get licensed for something within your field.  Go back to school for a degree.  Take an excel training course.  Whatever it is, just do it on the company’s dime.

9.  Be approachable and nice.
This may sound like a simple tip, but there are way too many people that walk by with their head down.  Don’t let the pressure of life or work make you rude or unapproachable.  Always be pleasant and courteous to coworkers.  People that are liked are more likely to succeed.

10.  Communicate your work goals with management.
If management doesn’t know where you want to be, how can they help you get there?  It’s been pointed out to me that managers could be blind to our goals.  We need to open their eyes.  Think about your work goal and communicate it to management in a formal atmosphere.

What are your career goals?

Friday, March 27, 2015

Wedding: Fourth Month Marker

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four month countdown to wedding; wedding to do this; wedding planning guide

Disclosure: This site contains affiliate links to products.  We may receive a commission for purchases made through these links. Please note that I would only recommend products that I would use myself and all opinions are my own.

What to do at: 4 MONTHS until the wedding

The invitations have been picked up and paid for.  The envelopes have been professionally addressed to each finalized guest.  Now I just need to mail these gorgeous pieces of stationary out in the beginning of May.

Booked the MC
Remember when I said that we made the final decision not to use the MC?  Yea, well, I lied.  
We made the final FINAL decision to book the MC and we did just that.  Now we just need to head on over to the DJ rental place and decide if we will rent additional lighting.

Booked the Florist
I met the most amazing florist.  He does great work and really loves his job and clients.  
I booked him for the day of the wedding and made some picks for the big day.  Next week I get the see the actual samples and make some final decisions for the centerpieces and bouquets.  I’ve decided to do pale pink garden roses with greens air brushed in gold.  Hello gorgeousness!

Ordered the Wedding Cake
While my beautiful dream cake is way out of my budget by a whopping two thousand dollars, I compromised with the baker.  
I settled for a simple butter cream cake with gold ribbon and decorative flowers air brushed in gold.  I ordered cannoli filling with chocolate chips and vanilla cake.

Cake Topper
I've been researching cake toppers for the big day and think I finally settled on one.  It came down to this gorgeous one from Lenox or this even more gorgeous one from Lenox.  I want to choose carefully because whichever one I pick is going to be displayed on my nightstand for eternity.  No pressure.

Ceremony Decorations
Since we are at the max end of our budget, I opted to not decorate the church.  Our parish is beautiful as is and does not need alter flowers to help it sparkle.  I tasked Sis with helping me make crafty pew bows for the ceremony, but it is not a budget priority.

Bought the Perfect Bikini
After trying on all different styles and brands of bathing suits, I finally found one that I’m comfortable in.  
This is hanging on my bedroom door as a constant reminder of my “healthy swaps” goal.  I also found my man two new bathing suits that look real sexy on him!  Honeymoon prep totally counts as a wedding task!

Booked Make Up Artist
I booked a makeup artist for a trial in and for the day of my wedding.  This is another one that had me practically hit the floor!  The trial is $75 and the event day is $125.  This is an expense that I would cut, but I want to have contouring done so that it looks like I got a nose job! 

How is your wedding planning going?
Wednesday, March 25, 2015

List: Things you can't be cheap with.

Have you ever spilled something in college and asked for a paper towel?
Well, if they want me to sit semi-still they should expect me to bring a cup of coffee!!!
The paper towel they supply you with is comparable to a thin sheet of cardboard.
Wiping up your mess with a sheet of loose leaf paper would have the same useless effect.
Paper towels are just one of those things that you can't be cheap with.
Give me the quicker picker upper or bust!!!

This got me thinking.
You all know what's coming here...
What are the things that you should never, ever buy the cheap way out of unless completely necessary.

1.  Shampoo
You all know how I love my shampoo.  There are 28 bottles in my shower as we speak...
The wrong shampoo could mean dry, limp, lifeless hair!  Don't skimp out when it comes to shampoo.  If you can spare the dough, put down the bottle of Suave and splurge on Coconut Milk!

2.  Band-Aids
Ever buy a cheap band-aid?  Those damn things don't stick for crap!!!  If they do stick, then they don't come off.  Talk about a fickle pharmacy good.  Spare the extra buck for these!
Took me 2 years to fall in love with the perfect bandage brand and style!!

3.  Olive Oil
Cheap olive oil is the worst!  This is your kitchen's best friend.  It could make anything taste delicious.  Olive oil should be poured on everything from salads to fresh bread.  Yum!
I even bought my Papa imported Olive Oil as a Christmas gift last year.  It's gold, I swear!!

4.  Babysitter
You paid the random girl at the end of your block 3 bucks to watch your son for an hour while you ran to the store.  No wonder you came home to him drinking soda from a bottle!
For the love of God, don't be cheap when it comes to decent child care!!

5.  Mozzarella
Cheese is one of those foods that you either need to go all out or completely skip.
Cheap mozzarella shouldn't even exist.  In fact, it should only be sold fresh!  Yum!
Alright, so that's the Italian in me again..  Excuse me while I pour Olive Oil on my mozzarella ;)

6.  Mechanics
Typically you want to pay up for decent service jobs!  There is nothing worse than an unqualified mechanic working on your car.  It will cost you more in the long run.
The last time I opted for the cheaper body shop, TheLoveBug was rocking a different color back bumper!

7.  Foundation
Ladies, have you ever changed up your foundation?  Keep buying the good stuff you always do!
Well, unless you like to have a face full of pimples...

8.  Brother's Birthday Gift
Don't skimp out when it comes to your Brother's birthday.  You'll never hear the end of it.  Ever.
What?  I thought that batteries was a great birthday gift...

9.  Garbage Bags
You don't want to be known as the person with a stinky home.  You also don't want to pick up the trash to have it all fall out of the bottom.  You want a reliable, strong bag that holds in odors!
Hefty Force Flex with Febreeze is perfecto!

10.  Toilet Paper
If you give an extra buck for anything, make it be your toilet paper.  No one wants leftover pieces of paper in places it don't belong!  No one wants to bleed from wiping with cardboard either.  Find a happy medium.
Sorry to be a little graphic there, but we don't mess around when it comes to toilet paper...

What are the things you could never be cheap about?
Monday, March 23, 2015

List: Ten birthday ideas for a two year old.

Ladies and gentleman, I am going to try to say this without crying.
In almost a month, on April 25 to be exact, my little Mushy will be TWO years old.
I knew I couldn’t say it without at least sniffling.  **Wipes tear from face.**

Typically, a first birthday party is an over the top bash surrounded with everyone you know.
A third birthday party could be something fun surrounded with cousins and friends the same age.
That's all true but, it doesn’t matter because she will be turning the birthday-party-awkward age of two.
…and by birthday-party-awkward I mean that most ideas are either for people too old or too young…

After thinking long and hard, I finally decided on an event that is age appropriate and super cute.
This is the part where you all can guess what I booked!  The answer is number 10 on the list!

Birthday Party Ideas for a Two Year Old

1.  Birthday Cake and Party Games
This simple and relatively inexpensive event is fun for all.  Unfortunately, my apartment is too tiny.

2.  Ice Cream Sundae Party
Both adults and kids love ice cream.  Unfortunately, the parlor I wanted to book went out of business.

3.  Pizza Party
Pizza is perfect for any age.  Unfortunately, renting a space in a pizzeria is surprisingly expensive.

4.  Petting Zoo Party
Everybody can have fun at a petting zoo.  Unfortunately, April is too early for them to open.

5.  Chuck’ee Cheese
This one is easy and surprisingly fun for adults too!  Unfortunately, she doesn’t know many young kids.

6.  Children’s Museum
This would’ve been great to educate the kids and their parents!  Unfortunately, it’s way out of budget.

7.  Adventure Land
Theme parks are fun for all especially when they have kiddy rides.  Unfortunately, April is still chilly.

8.  Pony Party
This could have been cute to ride horses and eat on a ranch.  Unfortunately, Mushy’s petrified of horses.

9.  Plaster Fun Craft
Painting plaster objects is great.  Unfortunately, only adults with children are permitted to join in the fun.

10.  IHop Pancake Party
IHop has a private room for everyone to enjoy brunch and birthday cake.  Mushy loves her some pancakes!

How would you celebrate a second birthday party?
Friday, March 20, 2015

Style: Belts are a girl's best friend!

As I’ve mentioned previously, I am in a style slump.
For practically the entire winter, I rocked a pair of black leggings, a blouse, and black boots.
…and, yes, I even have been wearing that to work on the daily…
Don’t judge me too hard for that because I am making an effort to change.
I’ve spent the past few months making individual purchases to update my wardrobe.
My updates included dress trousers, velvet pumps, chunky sweaters, and even a vest!
I could style a manikin to perfection, but I’d probably hate how it looked on me.  Horrible much?

In an attempt to get my sexy style back, I called my cousin for help.
She’s reliable in the sense that she is completely honest with how something looks on you.
Her advice doesn’t end there.  She almost always has tips to modify different looks for your body type.
My body type is petite which means I drown in clothes.  Luckily my cousin has a clever solution!

To develop a shape or help sharpen an outfit, just belt it!
Jax wear a belt?  Aren’t those for men to keep their pants around their waist?
This has been the best fashion advice I’ve gotten in a while.
I’ve managed to take a few stylish garments out of retirement using this belt trend.

Loose sweaters that make you lose your shape?  A belt will give you your shape back.
Slight muffin top on a bloated day?  A chunky belt will help hide this.
Baggy shirts that over power you?  A belt will find you.
Dress trousers and a blouse still look too casual?  A slim belt will make you look sharp.
Who knew such a small thing could make such a huge different in the fashion department?

What are your belt tricks for the fashion challenged?
Wednesday, March 18, 2015

List: Ten important discussions to have before moving in together.

A couple of weeks back, my best friend and her man decided to move in together.  EEP!  I’m so happy for them!  They are a great couple that seem to have each other’s best interests at heart.  I know that this is just one more step in their lengthy, happy relationship together.

My man and I have been living together for eight long years now.  While there are certainly some perks to making this step, some things just stink about it.  Sometimes I wish I listened to my mother's warnings and was proactive in avoiding arguments.

what to talk about before living together; moving in together topic starters; living together topic starters

Ten topic starters before moving in together.

1.  What does "personal space" mean to you?
Make sure that you have a clear definition of each other’s personal space.  Personal space can be anything from your designated area of the closet to needing time alone to think.  Talk about it in detail so that you start off on the same page.

2.  What is your current morning routine?
Start with a full description no matter how boring of your current routines.  Then discuss what's negotiable and what's not negotiable.  This includes what time you both start work and how long it takes you to get read in the AM.  If you have similar schedules, try your hardest to be considerate and compromise.  Do NOT wait until you live together to talk about it at 5AM as you both race to the shower..

3.  What is your financial situation and what do you expect for after?
There are a lot of finances necessary for funding a living space.  Make sure it’s clear who is paying for what and how much they should contribute.  Don’t forget to take into account things like food, cable, or even household necessities.  Sometimes it's easier to combine finances and label all funds as "our money".  This depends on how serious and comfortable you are with you partner.

4.  What are your eating habits?
People have different expectations when it comes to eating.  When you live with someone, they may expect to eat dinner with you regularly.  Others may have different diets that conflict.  Whatever the situation, discuss an eating plan and budget that make both of you happy.  

5.  How attached are to your things?
When two people are moving into one space, there is bound to be lots and lots of doubles.  Decide which pieces of furniture you plan to keep and whose set of towels will make the cut.  Some people find it easier just to start out fresh and slowly make new purchases that fit both tastes.  If that's the case, great, but don't forget to donate!

6.  If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be?
Before even considering living together, make sure you’re both on the same page for a location.  Perhaps one person needs to stay in their living space because it’s closer to work or family.  Discuss the best options.  Maybe you both need to pack and move to a whole new space!

7.  Please be blunt and tell me your 3 most obnoxious habits.
We all have habits that we can't help but others find absolutely obnoxious.  Maybe you like to utilize the bedroom floor as your laundry hamper or sleep with the light on.  Instead of dealing with it months after moving in together when you explode, talk it out with your partner until it’s resolved.

8.  What chores do you hate the most?
As you continue to reside in the same home, you will develop a routine.  I promise!  Despite that, you must make a chore plan prior to moving in together in order to avoid a fight.  Decide who will do the dishes, take out the garbage, clean the bathroom, or make the bed.

9.  How do you feel about an open door policy to select guests?
Do not invite guests over before checking with your partner.  Perhaps they already made plans or maybe they just aren’t in the mood to entertain.  Either way, it’s important to be considerate when making plans or inviting guests.  Some may be OK with an open door policy.  Others may prefer to host periodically.  While some may not like other people in their home at all.

10.  What can we do to ensure that we communicate regularly?
Please do NOT forget to communicate.  Things that you think don’t matter, do.  If you’re staying late at work, shoot a text.  If you’re sick and don’t want to be bothered, say so.  If you plan on making a huge purchase that will affect the budget, give your partner a heads up.  I know this one is tough especially for us independent women but communication is key.

What topics would you talk about?

Monday, March 16, 2015

Ideas: How to make the perfect Easter basket.

For all of my readers that celebrate Easter, here is a step by step guide to make the perfect basket.
Some of you may not know this about me, but I am totally NOT crafty.
…and by not crafty I mean, the abbreviation DIY makes me cry and art makes me nauseous…
Luckily, this lack of creativity is genetic which means Madre was able to guide me in simple terms.
She gave me step by step instructions that will make my Mushy think I’m a basket making pro.
What’s that? Thank you?  Oh, yea, you’re VERY welcome my fellow non-crafty people!

Don't believe me?  Just LOOK at this ^^^^.  Fail! (Please ignore the recyclables and the bed head)

Step 1:  Pick a practical theme.
This could be a color, a hobby, a movie, or even a band!
I was torn between my Mushy’s three favorites; Sponge Bob, Rio, and Olaf.  Olaf won.

Step 2:  Buy a basket.
As my amazing man constantly reminded the other day, don’t buy a huge basket.
You will feel obligated to fill the basket, so choose one that’s cute and reasonably sized.
To stick with my Olaf theme, I picked one that was baby blue with silver strips throughout.

Step 3:  Pick and buy the “big” gift.
Madre was very firm when she said that this is NOT Christmas.
Proper Easter basket etiquette is to fill it with one large gift and then a bunch of smaller items.
I picked the Olaf-A-Lot speaking doll toy from target.  It’s theme related and lots of fun!  Score!

Step 4:  Pick and buy (1) chocolate bunny.
The chocolate bunny is an Easter staple and should be displayed appropriately.
The size of the bunny is dependent upon the size of the basket.
I got the Dove dark chocolate bunny since it’s my favorite and obviously Mushy takes after me…

Step 5:  Purchase paper grass.
You will need this to line the bottom of the basket.
Madre suggests paper because a child or pet is less likely to choke if it’s consumed on accident.
I picked silver light gray and baby blue to go with my theme.

Step 6:  Buy Easter themed candy.
There are so many options to choose from that this part was the most fun!
Madre suggested to stick to three candies to keep in budget and still be festive.
I went with traditional Peeps, little chocolate carrots, and bite sized Milkyways so Mushy don’t choke.

Step 7:  Pick your basket fillers.
Madre suggested rocking the dollar section of Target to find cheap fillers.
Surprisingly, I found many fun things to fit in the Easter theme that were only $1 each.
I got Olaf tattoos, Olaf activity books, Olaf silverware, crayons, and a stuffed bunny.

Step 8:  Purchase plastic eggs.
These were surprisingly inexpensive and could totally be reused year after year!
Use the majority of the eggs to hide on Easter morning, but set aside 3 or 4 to put into the basket.
Growing up there was always a dollar inside the eggs in my basket.  I decided to do the same!

Step 9:  Buy plastic cellophane.
This is to wrap around the completed Easter basket so make sure it’s sized accordingly.
I wanted to go with my theme on this, but Madre was right to push the clear plastic to emphasize the basket.

Step 10:  Put the basket together.
Start with lining the basket with the grass and placing the “big” gift as the focal point.
Then place the chocolate bunny to the side, yet in a place where it would be the second thing noticed.
Sprinkle the candy along the bottom of the basket and then randomly place the plastic eggs.
Take the filler gifts and strategically place them around the “big” gift.
Cover with the clear plastic cellophane and staple closed.
Madre’s final suggestion is to hide the basket and then put it out Easter morning next to a gnawed on carrot.

What are your Easter basket suggestions for the crafting challenged?
Friday, March 13, 2015

List: Ten red flags to watch out for while dating.

Today we are going to discuss popular red flags people dating need to be on the look out for.  After dating way more men then I'll ever admit and interviewing another 30 people, I was able to compile enough information to gather ten key red flags to look out for when dating.  I interviewed a good mix of men and women, so this list is for everyone!

reg flags in a relationship; red flags on a date; sign that a person isn't right for you

Common red flags to be aware of while dating.

1.  They only talk about themselves.
A date is supposed to be time spent to get know each other, not just one of you.  Sure you could say he/she’s just nervous, but chances are they’re just selfish.  Heed my warning and see if date #2 is more about you.

2.  They never initiate conversation.
A person who is interested in you wants to talk to you.  They will call you to see how you are or send you a simple text to let you know you’re on their mind.  Someone who likes you will make time for you.

3.  They constantly mention their ex.
Someone who is looking for a future should not be stuck in the past.  They may be looking for a distraction or even a rebound.  Either way, stay away!

4.  They constantly bash their ex.
As if mentioning their ex isn’t bad enough, you don’t want someone who is so burned that they’re trash talking.  It’s an obvious red flag that they are not over the situation and that they have no respect for others.  Before you get happy that they're trashing their ex, remember he/she could be publicly trashing you next!

5.  They don’t respect their family.
How a person treats the people closest to them is a direct reflection on how they will treat you.  I understand that unknown circumstances may or may not exist, but there should always be respect.

6.  They are always talking about money.
While financial stability is very important, you don’t want a man that hides behind his cash.  People typically talk excessively about something they’re overly proud of or insecure about.  Both stink.

7.  They are always referencing sex.
Everybody likes to feel attractive, but there is a fine line between wanting you and using you.  You’re so much more than a sex object.  You have ideas, hobbies, and a BRAIN!

8.  They are always on their phone.
While on a date,  you deserve that person’s full attention.  Either they have someone else they’d rather talk to, or they’re just inconsiderate.  You know it's a problem when an inanimate object gets their full attention.

9.  They are really private.
Everyone deserves a certain amount of privacy, but if their life is a giant black hole, run!  People who have secrets usually have something to hide, and that secret may be a spouse.  You want an open book, within reason, of course.

10.  They ditch you on the regular.
This one KILLS me.  If someone sets up a date and time to meet you, then they should show up.  If they got sick or got called into work, they will let you know, apologize, and reschedule!  No shows are called ghosting, and no one wants to be ghosted!
Want to join our discussion on ghosting?  Then click here.

What red flags do you look for?

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Recipe: Modified Chicken Bruschetta

Madre recently made a mass purchase of chicken breasts and passed them along to me.
She must have gotten a REAL good sale because she does not even like chicken breasts!
Eager to clear some room out of my freezer, I decided to experiment.
I remembered Brother made us a chicken bruschetta recipe that we all really enjoyed.
I decided to make a hot version of his summer recipe and was pleasantly surprised with the results!
Next time I will make sure company is over so I can show off the yummy masterpiece!

(3) Lbs Chicken Breast (Cleaned)
(1/2) Cup Flour
(1) Egg
(1) Large Onion (Diced)
(1/2) Cup Olive Oil
(1) 16oz Can Chicken Broth
(1/3) Cup White Wine
(1) 24oz Can of Diced Tomatoes
(5) Fresh Basil Leaves
(1) Tbsp Garlic Powder
(1) Tsp Onion Powder
(1) Tbsp Oregano
Salt & Pepper
(4) Tbsp Butter

Dip each breast into the scramble egg and fully coat each one with flour.  Heat up half the olive oil in a non-stick pan.  Brown the chicken.  Let drain on paper towels and sit on the side.
Be careful not to put the flame too high because you don't want the flour to burn!

In a large pan, heat up the remaining olive oil.  Add the onions and cook until they are translucent.  Add the fresh basil and all the other seasonings.  Stir and let cook for an additional minute.  Add the broth and the wine.  Drain the tomatoes and add to the pan.  Bring to a boil and cook for an additional 15 minutes.
Right now blow out all your candles because the aroma that comes off this sauce is unreal!

Line a large baking dish with tin foil.  Melt the butter.  Coat the bottom of the lined pan with the melted butter.  Line the chicken across the bottom of the pan.  With a slotted spoon, scoop out the tomatoes and onions.  Place directly on top of the chicken.  Pour the liquid sauce over the chicken so that it pools around the meat.  Cover with tin foil.  Bake for 30-40 mins at 375*.
I make a border around the pan with cooked broccoli.  That makes for a healthy and yummy side!

Have you or will you make Bruschetta Chicken?
Friday, March 6, 2015

List: Why it's really OK to be single.

A few of my closest co-workers are single girls.
I spend the majority of my lunch breaks listening to their stories about their dating life.
Sometimes I find myself offering them words of encouragement.  Other times we’re left laughing.
I prefer to hear the fun stories that usually end in an unexpected dating twist!

While I love my man, I’m constantly finding myself trying to prove to them that being single is a good thing!
There are definitely certain benefits to being in a relationship, but there are benefits to being single also.
Besides, I’m a firm believer that we are all attracted to the things we don’t have!

The benefits of being single.

1.  You need that extra time for yourself.
That’s correct!!  You don’t want that time, you need it to do anything other than cater to them.

2.  You aren’t obligated to share your pint of Ben & Jerry’s ice cream.
This is a huge plus, especially why it’s a pint of double fudge brownie!  Yum!

3.  You only have to clean up after your own mess.
I don’t care how much you love somebody, cleaning up after anybody is frustrating.

4.  You can do anything you want without being questioned.
Nobody wants to come home from a long night out only to answer a BA-JILLION questions!

5.  You won’t have to worry about questioning somebody else.
Being single means more free brain space!

6.  You will have less distractions.
It’s easier to show up to class or to rock the gym when there's nothing else tempting you otherwise.

7.  You watch what you want to watch.
Hello New Girl marathon without any complaints from nobody for hogging the remote!

8.  You have the bed to yourself.
That means you could sleep horizontal with your legs and arms spread out if you really wanted to!

9.  You can have fun while exploring your true self.
Enjoy fun adventures and take leaps of faith!  They’ll help you figure out what you want in life.

10.  The opportunities you have are endless.
Your life is almost a complete blank canvas for you to paint and create however you like.

What do you like or miss about being single?