Friday, February 27, 2015

Wedding: 5 Month Marker

My sincerest apologies, folks, for skipping right over the sixth month marker.  For the love of God, put the tissue down!!  It isn't that serious!!  Truth be told, I really didn't do anything during that sixth month.  I was going through some career havoc and was way too preoccupied to plan a wedding.  I turned down the new job to accept a better offer from my current job and got disowned by a relative.  ...and, now, back to the wedding...

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What to do at: 5 Months to the wedding

Finalized Guest List
The catering hall holds a maximum of 132 people.  I'm inviting 141.  It was really difficult to pick and choose who I wanted to spend my big day with.  The stress aside, I cut down the guest list and finalized my invite list.

Gathered Addresses
I annoyed everyone and their mother until I got the last address that I needed.  Next I organized the addresses in an excel sheet in the proper format and passed it along to the calligrapher to address the envelopes.

Invitations Have Arrived
After all that tedious work, the invitations have finally arrived.  They are absolutely gorgeous and totally worth all that eye twitching.

Booked the DJ
We made the final decision and booked a DJ for the big day.  He may not M.C. to the extent of dancing with my relatives, but he does make announcements.  We did decide to rent lighting in addition to what he already has just for a little extra pizzazz!

Booked the Photographer
Let me start by saying I had no idea how ridiculously expensive photography was!  Minimum wedding packages range from $2,500-$3,000.  Those numbers made me sick, so I contacted the catering hall and they got me a great deal!  I hired the perfect photographer for a full 8HRs of coverage and unlimited pictures.  I will not be getting any prints or albums, but I do get a flash drive full of all the high quality pics.

Booked the Videographer
This is the same situation as the photographer.  The catering hall referred me to their preferred vendor and we met at my nook in Starbucks.  He was the sweetest guy ever and was completely compassionate about my budget issues!  He is going to make me (2) DVD copies of my big day including the church and the reception.  The videographer was hired!

Made Appointments with Flower Vendors
I made appointments with several flower vendors to get a feel for prices, products, and craftsmanship.  I'm hoping for a florist that can find me the cabbage roses that I love so much.

Contacted Cake Vendors
The catering hall also recommended a cake vendor that I hope to meet with soon.  I already sent them a picture of my dream cake and am waiting for them to get back to me!

Purchased a Guestbook
I found two different guestbooks that I love.  I'm torn between the two.  Give me your advice in the comments sections, please!

Option 1 - All gold and really fabulousClick here to see it.
Option 2 - Partially gold and a little more formal.  Click here to see it.

Picked The Readers
I may not know what the readings are as of yet, but I do know who'll be reading them!  I asked two of my younger cousins to do the readings and they graciously accepted.

What's on your list for the 5 month marker?


  1. give us the photo of your dream cake :)

  2. Sounds like a plan! Yes, I want to see the dream cake, too!

  3. Damn look at you go, got some things well and sewn up. 141 people? Damn, I don't even know 141 people lmao if you count pets I may reach 20.

    1. I've tried really hard to make some progress. I still got a long way to go, though. It's almost depressing the amount of time and money it takes to plan this one day. haha

  4. Congratulations. I have been gone so long I missed the BIG news. Weddings can be so overwhelming and overwhelmingly expensive. Sounds like you have a great plan in place.

    1. Thank you!! Yes, but we're glad you're back. :)

  5. that's a lot for a photographer

  6. I'm assuming that you'll have a list of your top ten favorite wedding moments after the big day? Complete with pictures or you're in trouble!

    1. Oh, that sounds like a post RIGHT up my ally. Great idea. ;) haha


  7. Dearest are so wise and funny and cute as a button. Hopefully, this wedding won't break the bank because you are working hard to bring down the costs.
    Good for you!
    xo bj

  8. I feel your pain with the guest list, it's so hard! Hopefully people understand the logistics of it. I know that after I've now had a wedding, I certainly will have a better idea moving forward!

    Yay about the videographer! And yes, photographers are so effing expensive, it's insane. I think that's a great deal with the photos! Just make sure you back them up the second you get them on the drive. :)

    Soooo excitttinggggg.

  9. Ooooo cake! Let me know what kind you end up going with


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