Friday, February 13, 2015

List: Not So Simple Abbreviations

A few years back, I received a text message from The Viking.

Back then it was considered funny for your father to be texting.  Omg, I really am old!
It was 6AM and I was getting ready for work.  The text read “DD”.
I sent back a question mark and he replied with “U DD?”.
Now, I know my father wasn’t referring to that but I didn’t have a clue as to what it really meant.
That’s when I decided to do what I typically do with stuff I just don’t understand.  I ignored it.
Twenty minutes later my father knocked on the door holding Dunkin Donuts.
I had to explain to him that people cannot just text random abbreviations because they won’t be understood!
Flash forward five years:  Jax was proved wrong.
Apparently everybody texts random abbreviations.
My social media sites are FILLED with abbreviations that I can’t even begin to decipher.
It’s not uncommon for me to stop reading an article to have to Google what something stands for.
I mean, really!?  Way to make me feel even more ancient than these things already do.
1.  SMH
Shaking My Head
Asking what that meant made my cousin shake HER head.
2.  FOH
F* Outta Here
Make sure you say it with a little bit of a tude.  I mean, that’s how it was said to me!
3.  TBT
Throw Back Thursday
Whoever created this had too much time on their hands.  So then WHY save time with abbreviations?
4.  WFM
Works For Me
Thank goodness Google WFM or I’d be lost in this conversation.
5.  NSFW
Not Safe For Work
I’m always seeing this one on Cosmo, but they never explained what it meant!
6.  OMW
On My Way
…this is yet another abbreviation my father taught me.  Sigh…
7.  IMO
In My Opinion
My baby cousin’s Instagram is filled with “So perf, IMO.”  I was all like, translation please?!
8.  TYT
Take Your Time
Well, I’m glad you’re not in a rush because I just wasted 2 minutes figuring that text out.
9.  YMMD
You Made My Day
That’s nice to know, but this long confusing abbreviation totally ruined my day.
10.  R&W
Raviolis and Waterworks
This can be found all over the internet.  Has anyone seen it yet?  I kid, I kid!
What abbreviations have left you puzzled?


  1. all of them leave me puzzled except OMG and LOL

  2. I never use abbreviations unless they're a private joke, like DYJF. I'm not learning any new ones until someone tells me what F.A.B. stands for, which is what everyone said on Thunderbirds.

    1. Omg, I am going to have to Google HALF of your comments. I may need to make a new list... haha

  3. I knew them all but 2 and 3. But really? You didn't know what imo meant? The cat will put you on the wall of shame for that.

    1. LOL I thought TBT was wayyyy more popular than IMO. Hmph, cat, just hmph!

  4. NSFW - never heard of that one!! Actually most of them I've never heard of lol! xo, Biana - BlovedBoston

  5. I used not to know what lol meant. I was like 12, but lol never made sense to me. Because nobody really laughs at loud. haha wtf

  6. I will never remember as FOH as that. I worked in a restaurant so long I still think of it as "Front of House" and then BOH as "Back of House" or HOH as "Heart of House". I had to make my own abbreviations because of serving but it would be like "chic" for "chicken" or MW for "medium well". I barely understand most abbreviations on the internet. For the longest time, I thought "bae" was just a ghetto version of "baby". (Turns out it means "before anyone/anything else".)

  7. haha that's sweet of your dad! and yes, he was definitely ahead of the game!

  8. FOH - I'm definitely using that one soon

  9. People use abbreviations online to insult me a lot, but like you said, I don't even know what they stand for, so how can I be insulted?

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