Monday, February 23, 2015

List: How to be discreetly more active.

Do you all remember this post from last week?
You know, the one that was all about healthy life swaps!
I've been rocking the squats, eating breakfast a little later, and serving myself smaller portions.
It's only been a week, so I'm not saying I see a difference, but I definitely feel better.
There are some areas that I need to focus on more like drinking water and substituting my coffee.
Although I did buy a new tea.  It's black tea with ginger and it's really delicious!

Squats aside, I need to get up and move way more than I already am.
I wore one of those step counter devices the other day and was disgusted at my finding.
On an average day, I only walk around 3,000 steps.
That's honestly disgraceful considering a healthy amount of steps is around 10,000 daily.
Thank goodness I disgraced myself because it inspired me to start brainstorming.
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How to be more active without really knowing it.

1.  Try and multitask.
As the lovely Allison from La Dolce Vita pointed out in the original post, multitask!
One great suggestion she had was to watch TV and work out during the commercial breaks.
I always knew she was amazing, but this pretty much confirmed it!

2.  Schedule it in.
Many people have a daily schedule and don't even know it.
If you make "being active" part of your schedule, you won't even realize the extra activeness.
Every day I take a 15 minute break at 3pm.  Why not walk a few laps around my building?

3.  Movie style it up.
Have you ever watched a movie and saw the character do things that you wished were normal?
I think we should all sing and dance while vacuuming, washing dishes, or even cooking.
This would not only burn some serious calories, but would totally make us smile!

4.  Challenge yourself.
If you're anything like me, you will have a very difficult time turning down a challenge.
Challenge yourself to do a certain number of squats a day or walk a certain number of steps.
I challenge myself to lose 5 pounds.  Oh, if only this was that easy!

5.  Take the scenic route.  
Instead of walking directly to the copy machine, try walking the perimeter of the office first.
Instead of going to right what you need in a store, walk around and browse.
There are so many times when I could walk and enjoy, but instead I rush myself for no reason.

6.  Plan an active date.
Instead of my next friend date being a mani/pedi, maybe we will go tour a museum.
Instead of my next hubby date being dinner and a movie, maybe we will walk along the beach.
Being active while enjoying good company sounds like a GREAT idea to me.

7.  Dream shop.
Go to a store just to look at things and walk around.
Walking is great exercise, and you'll be surprised at the inspiration you may find.
Just, maybe, sort of, leave your credit card in the car.  Yea, definitely do that!

8.  Duplicate actions.
The next time you're taking a can of diced tomatoes off the top shelf, put them up and down 5 times.
The next time you're taking in the mail, walk up and down the stairs a few times.
You may feel silly doing this, but you'll be burning calories without even realizing it.  Score!

9.  Do it standing up.
How many times a day do you sit down to do something you could do standing up?
I'm very capable of peeling potatoes, doing my make up, and changing Mushy while standing up!
Does standing actually count as being active?  Well, it's got to be better than sitting, no?

10.  Walk and talk.
I love to have a great phone conversation or a juicy post meal convo.
That doesn't mean that I have to sit and talk.  I think it's a perfect opportunity to walk around the block!
Maybe I'll do this the next day I wear my step counter.  If I do it often enough, it's totally not cheating...

How do you stay active without really noticing it?


  1. I walk and talk the odd time I am on the phone, not sure I get 10K steps in or not. But since I work out every day, I don't really care lol

  2. You're as healthy as they come, Pat!!! I'm a little jealous. You should totally get the step counter thingy! I'm curious how many steps you take a day. (Look at me being nosy). I was SO disappointed that I average around 3,000. That's awful!

    1. Healthy I can be thanks to my ocd and because my body forces me too. lmao I probably walk less than that, especially days where I don't leave the apartment.

    2. Tisk tisk got to get out and walk!! Don't forget about your daily dose of Vitamin D!

  3. Where did you get the step counter? I walk so much on the daily basis that I'm curious how many steps I actually take, but because most of it is at work, I'm not allowed to have my phone (so no apps for me!)

    1. If you click the link above, it'll take you right to it. I got it from Amazon. I love it. :) It certainly keeps me motivated!

  4. Excellent healthy tips. I've been wanting to get a fit bit but don't want to compete with anybody, just myself. I'm sure I will be disgusted how few steps my lazy butt actually gets in a day.

    1. Thank you :) Hopefully you wouldn't be as disgusted as I was with myself!!!

    2. I pace around the living room so much when I talk on the phone - now I feel like I need to do it more!! I also take the stairs instead of the elevator when I'm at work!! xo, Biana - BlovedBoston

    3. I wish I had stairs at work because that's a great idea!! When it's nicer out, I'll walk around the block and chit chat on the phone. By the time you get back you don't even feel the three laps around the block. haha

  5. ahhh, dear have some super ideas here. I am going to give most of them a try but I doubt very seriously if I will be "singing and dancing" while cleaning the bathroom...hahhaa...but...I'll try. :)

    1. Why not?! I sing and dance while doing everything!!! My poor baby girl is going to think it's normal and burst into the song at random times. haha

  6. I get the chance to walk around a lot, but when I run I realize how out of shape I am

    1. Oh boy. I do NOT run. So you the fact that you actually "run" at some point in the your life means that you're better than me. :P

  7. I totally schedule my gym time- keeps me on track! :)

    Le Stylo Rouge

    1. That's the best thing to do! I need find a gym that does classes again. I enjoy zumba and all those fun classes. :)

  8. The movie style it up one is so cute! I love that.

    And I really try to walk more at work. In fact, though they are so well-intentioned, I get frustrated when coworkers bring me my prints from the copier. I really like the chance to walk across the office! :)

    Great tips, your blog is such a fun read.

  9. I used to be a host on a migraine forum and one of the things we suggested to sneak in exercise was park at the end of the lot. You'll get a bit more exercise that way. Not much, but a little and it all counts to me!

  10. I don't do 'active'.... I wouldn't even walk if I didn't have to :)

  11. Those step counters can be very inaccurate. Try counting out 100 steps in your head out see if the step counter keeps up.

  12. I jog in place sometimes during the commercials. ha.

  13. I would add "climb a tree" to that list. It's the perfect exercise for the butt muscles and will give you buns of steel if you keep doing it. I speak from experience.

  14. I probably do a lot of these things already without realizing it. Like most people go out of their way to find the closest parking spot at the grocery store, I just take the one that is easiest and quickest to find, even if it means walking 10 miles...


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