Wednesday, January 28, 2015

List: How to deal with change.

I am one of those people that does not deal with change well.
You all should remember my anxiety issues from this post.
I get excited for the idea of change, but when it comes to acting on it, I panic!

Currently my life is all about change.
I recently resigned from my place of employment and will begin a new career venture next week.
I also started a new class last week that will be taking up massive amounts of time.
Not to mention, I’m on my way to becoming a married woman in less than half a year!!  Gasp!
These may all be positive adventures, but change is still overwhelming.

How To Deal With Change Well Better

1.  Take a deep breathe.
This sounds simple enough, but a lot of anxiety stems from simply forgetting to breathe.
I mean, think about it!  You get so excited over something that breathing is no longer priority.

2.  Change with the change.
Everything is a little less scary when you're in control.  Gain control by changing what you can.
New job? I dyed my hair and got a more professional wardrobe.  I changed for the change!

3.  Prepare for an easy transition.
Being proactive is such a vital trait to adopt.  It helps prevent mistakes and makes change easy.
The longer commute is sure to stress me out.  I'm preparing by having dinner pre-made and frozen.

4.  Talk it out.
Sometimes all you need to relax is to be able to hear the situation out loud.
Say it to yourself in the mirror, to a friend, or even to a counselor if it helps.  Talk, talk, talk!

5.  Distract yourself from unnecessary worry.
Your brain can develop crazy theories and scenarios that will freak you out if you let it.
Read a book or put on a TV show to help distract your thoughts before you sky rocket your anxiety.

6.  Make a list of all potential positive outcomes.
Most people initiate change for a reason.  Make a list reminding you why the change is good!
Changing my career may be scary, but it means more money and more room to grow.

7.  Remember the constants in your life.
Just because one thing is changing doesn't have to mean that everything will change.
I take comfort knowing that at the end of the day I'll still be coming home to my amazing family.

8.  Celebrate the change.
Setting a positive mental outlook on something will help eliminate anxiety and welcome the change.
I think a new job should mean a congratulatory dinner with a nice bottle of wine.  Yum! 

9.  Make a schedule.
Change is scarier when it's a surprise.  Work a schedule or appointment that's comforting to you.
Having an actual "start" date is way easier for me than not knowing when or if i'll start.

10.  Focus on what actually matters.
Anxiety means worrying about every little thing that doesn't even directly effect you.  Don't do that!
I need to focus on what effects me directly:  My paycheck, my family, and my life!

How do you deal with change?


  1. I always just try to do my best handling change. Luckily nothing more than one big change at a time has happened to me in many years

    1. That's great! Unfortunately for me, there is always change. Well, I shouldn't say unfortunately since it's typically been good change. Still, it gives me anxiety! ug

  2. You're so good at laying all these ideas out. I read each one like "totally.. great idea" but I know if I had to actually make a list I'd come up with about two. I loved how you said 'change with change' great way of putting it! The only thing I would also add is to get some exercise. Nothing helps with anxiety and mental wellness like moving your body in my opinion. I hope you've got a few days off between gigs!

    1. I actually really stink at it when I think about it. It's not until I actually go to write it down that I remember how I should think. If that even makes any sense...

      Actually, now my job offered me a promotion and a huge salary increase that exceeds what the new company offered. I'm more confused than ever!!!! haha

  3. Change will always come due, just have to roll with it. Unless it is bad change, then have to get rid of that quick. I have little issue with it, as long as it is good change.

    1. Way to make it sound so easy, Pat. Sigh!! Change stinks!!!

  4. So many exciting changes heading your way!! I make lists - that's how I deal LOL! xo, Biana - BlovedBoston

  5. I often wondered why change stressed me out so much. Then I read this thing on social anxiety disorders and it turns out, according to them I have a social anxiety disorder. Apparently, I don't win anything for this.

    It's good advice on the worrying business. Most of the time I am worrying about things that are stupid and will never even happen. Even worrying about things that you should be worried about doesn't really help any, I have found. Just burns up more energy.

    1. Worrying about anything we can't control is a waste of energy. I've heard it a million times. Good luck getting our anxieties to listen to that logic no matter how true it is!! haha

  6. My whole life tends to change so often and so fast that it doesn't bother me :)

    1. Well look at you, mister changing pro!

    2. Hahaha! I seek it out. It drives me crazy being in the same circumstances for too long.

  7. I used to be terrible with change - wouldn't eat, would just completely shut down. Now I know that I need to try to keep as normal as possible despite the change (i.e. go to yoga class, continue scheduling girls' nights, etc.) so that the change doesn't seem SO bad. Hang in there, girlfriend! Even all the good changes are still adjustments - take it one day at a time. xo

    1. That's great advice!! Keeping a sense of normality would make certain change seem less intimidating. I'm glad you got over your change anxiety because it gives me hope yet! :)

  8. I think I handle change pretty well. Then again, this is coming from the girl who dyes her hair every time there is a hint of boredom.

    1. LOL! I'm always dying my hair too. No worries.

  9. Oooo best of luck with your new job and don't forget to fill us in on the details

  10. These are great tips- I'm not too fond of change, either (unless I'm the one who decides to initiate the change, this is). :)

    Le Stylo Rouge

    1. LOL Yes, being in control always helps with change. :)

  11. Hi, Jax...and I thank you kindly for coming by and leaving such a cute comment.
    Change...??? Most...I say, MOST of the time, change is good...and being of the olden age that I am, SOME change throws me into a hissy fit. A word I chose for 2015 is ACCEPTANCE...and, it's a funny thing, but every time I start to feel even a tiny stressed or upset, I say that word, to myself, until, finally, I am able to accept whatever is in front of me. I know God is in that word...and HE is the one that allows me to change without too much trouble.:) I am your new follower..:)
    xo Come back to see me soon, Jax.


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