Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Link Up: How to keep germs away.

My favorite rhyming cat and I are doing a link up today.
…and by favorite I mean the only rhyming cat that I know…
Believe it or not, him and I actually have something in common.
We absolutely hate germs, if not actually have a fear of them.
A while ago, a lady cut me at the nail salon.  I lost many nights sleep with nightmares of hepatitis.

How to keep the germs away.

1.  Car Keys
Make it a weekly routine to spray these germy things down.
My keys are no stranger to Lysol!

2.  Cell Phone
Every morning when I get to work, I spray my cellie down with Windex.
Good bye diseases and GOOD BYE finger prints!  Double win!

3.  Light Switches & Door Knobs
Wipe those suckers every single week with the Windex vinegar spray.
Don’t forget about the fridge handle and the cabinet knobs.  Those are bacteria collectors!

4.  Vitamins
It’s impossible to stay 100% germ free, so take daily vitamins to help fight sickness.
I swear by Emergen-C.  Every time I start to feel run down or Mushy is sick, I drink one.  

5.  Keep the Temperature Down
A colder house, is a healthier house.  Keep the thermostat low and open some windows.
There’s a reason why surgical rooms are always ice cold.  It kills the germs!

6.  Squat, Don’t Sit!
Never, ever, EVER sit down on a public toilet.  Squat and hover like a space ship to avoid germs.
Not to mention it will totally give you killer buns and thighs!

7.  Hand Sanitizer
Don’t ever leave your house without hand sanitizer!  I always have a bottle handy in my car and bag.
Besides, they even have ones that smell yummy now.

8.  Public Doors
Try your hardest not to touch those handles!  Have someone else open it, or use a paper towel.
Those things skeeve me to no end.  How many people with snot touched it before you did?  Bleh gag barf!

9.  Wash Your Hands
Everyone should wash their hands several times a day no matter where they are or what they’re doing.
Don’t forget to sing the alphabet to make sure they’re squeaky clean!

10.  Nail Salon
Make sure you bring your own tools to the nail salon.
That way if you get cut, you have no risk of getting hepatitis.  Hello good night’s sleep!

What are your tips for keeping the germs away?


  1. I came from way of the cat. Great idea. Spread the germ word. "Wash hands several times a day." I wash my hands so many times a day, don't count, but I always use my own home made soap so my hands don't chap.

    1. Oh, that's a great idea!! Homemade soap? That would be interesting to learn how to do. :)

  2. Public toilets aren't so bad if you're a guy. Easy to never touch the toilet. I often use my foot to the lift the lid instead my hands. I don't think they'd be so bad if every stall had cleaner, latex gloves, and paper towels ready. Only takes one person to ruin a toilet.

    1. Your comment just made me gag on my Golden Crisp!!! hahaha

  3. haha I wouldn't say I fear them persee, but I hate them with a passion. Between germs and parasites, they can all go pound sand. Never thought about the cold one, but yeah that is true. I use a piece of tp if I have to lift the seat up, use another to flush and use my sleeve or shirt to turn the tap off. As if you touch the tap to turn it on and touch it to turn it off, you are just getting the germs back lol I'm not crazy on the hand sanitizer, I just wash as soon as I get home, as it seems a never ending battle that way, germs are everything you touch well out and about, so i scrub them all off when I get home.

    1. LOL It's a fear, Pat. Just embrace it!!! hahaha I mean, at least mine is. When something gives me nightmares and makes me so nervous that I shake, I'd consider it a fear.

      You're right about the whole washing your hands as soon as you get home. That's a great way to keep the germs away. Do you use vitamins?

    2. haha I'm not up all night about anything, so no fear for me. Yeah take multi mineral a day and vitimin d to keep the germs away.

  4. Ekkkk I dont do a lot of these things and I'm pretty much a germaphobe...need to step my game up! xo, Biana - BlovedBoston

  5. Oh man... now you have given me a phobia about public toilets... I am never sitting on one again

  6. Squatting sounds awfully uncomfortable. Makes me thankful for urinals.

    1. Uncomfortable? Yes. Great for your butt? Absolutely!! haha

  7. Lol, this is a great list though you have scared me into all these things! I never think to wipe down my keys at all. Definitely gonna get on that. I also never really think about light switches! So many germs. Blech. Depending on my mood, I'm either really into sanitizing anything or have the thought of "are bodies are tough for a reason!" mentality.

    And yes, the only rhyming cat I know too. :)

    1. People give me strange looks when I tell them about our friend, the rhyming cat. hahaha

  8. also, I hate when I'm up blogging late in the dark of my bedroom. I definitely know the difference between *are & OUR. ugh!

  9. Using gloves when cleaning, especially if you have cuts on your hands. Also, never going barefoot outside- that's how you get parasites!

    1. had to mention parasites!!!!! Haha blehhh

  10. i've got germ horror stories that i won't share here, but omg you have a right to b paranoid about germs!!


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