Monday, January 12, 2015

Jax Seal of Approval: Rio & Rio 2

My little Mushy is rapidly growing in size and mentality.
It’s becoming very difficult to find activities that she can do alone and still stimulate her brain.
While she enjoys drawing scribbles and reading picture books, she still likes to have an audience.
As much as I love spending time with her, I need to straighten my hair in the AM…

That’s when a saint from my job passed me along the DVD Rio 2.

I popped it in the DVD and it was love at first sight!

I mean, do you see the hearts floating from her big eyes to the TV screen?

Between the Brazilian samba music and the catchy tunes, my Mushy was hooked!
She dances throughout the movie and likes to repeat the word “Bird” and “Bug” at the TV.
I would definitely say these flicks stimulate her brain and entertain her while I do chores.

Rio:  The first movie is about a pet bird and a wild bird.  A Brazilian scientist believed them to be the last two blue macaws in the world.  He wanted them to mate before it meant the end of their species.  Before they could get to know each other, these two birds got abducted by poachers.  They quickly escaped and made plenty of friends along their way back home.  Unfortunately, they had a to fight against an evil cockatoo and some pesky monkeys before they would be able to gain their freedom.

Rio 2:  The second movie begins with introducing the families of those same two blue macaws.  You could see right away they adapted to civilization and were living like humans.  This time their two care takers get captured by poachers.  It’s up to these two birds and their loyal friends to save their care takers and a surprise flock they meet in the amazon.  Our favorite evil cockatoo returns to get revenge against the heroic birds, but he was a small battle to fight compared to the poachers.

These two movies get the JAX SEAL OF APPROVAL!
Or should I say, the MUSHY seal of approval?

Not only does my baby girl really enjoy these two movies, but it’s fun for the adults also.
I’ll admit that I totally shook my tushy several times to the music in the film.
I’ll even admit that I find the cockatoo’s voice sort of sexy.  Is that wrong?

What movies do you find best to help entertain a young child?


  1. Embrace the curls, Missy! :)

    Your little one is adorable! Those cheeks!

    1. Those cheeks make her extra mushy!!! Love them. :) haha

  2. I've seen the first movie but I haven't seen the 2nd one yet. Me and Daisy really liked the first one.

    I always find it funny to see a lot of Anti-TV/movies parents who rather their children be bored than watch something. I remember going to my grandma's house all the time. She had no TV, there was nothing to do there. My mom wasn't even smart enough to bring over some stuff to keep us entertained.

    1. Movies can be educational and entertainment. I am all for it. :) You must see the second one. It was great!

  3. Oh my goodness she was probably bopping along with the cute music!! Wish I could help here! xo, Biana - BlovedBoston

  4. I haven't watched either of those yet. I'll get to them one day. The good ones are what parents and kids can enjoy. Until they start making 3 and 4 and 5 and 6 and ruin it all.

    1. Actually, I think the second was better than the first. If they keep at that rate, the 4th should be unbelievable!!!

    2. Well that was the way with Shrek too and then 3 and 4 sucked.

  5. I was always entertained by Disney movies. I would say stick more to the animal related ones or the newer princess movies, or even Pocahontas or Mulan, but not so much the older princess movies because they can send the wrong messages to little girls. I actually learned a lot from those movies when I was little. I wasn't big on TV shows and my mom was more into teaching me herself for the things they teach.

  6. Have you tried to get her onto The Wiggles yet? I'm not sure if kids love The Wiggles as much these days or if it was more of a nineties and naughties thing.

  7. it is such a lovely and colourful film! You should play her Telletubies since they are meant for babies who still don't talk.

  8. she is sweet, really sweet I love her!
    (Psst! I understand if you dont visit me I have something with strawberries sigh!!!

  9. Hmm.. maybe Guardians of the Galaxy would be good when Mushy is a little older.

  10. Aw, she is so, so, so cute! I just love her big eyes. And nice call on the find! I haven't seen it yet but I always like those animated films. I'm sure it's nice to have a few moments to yourself! I always feel like my dog requires a lot from me in the morning, but that pales in comparison to a baby so I can only imagine.

  11. I love when she yells pa/pop pop at the tv and starts to dance when she hears the start of the movie :]


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