Friday, January 2, 2015

Discussion: Instagram

Hi, my name is Jax and I had no idea what Instagram was.
Please save the gasps.  It’s not all that shocking.

This past Wednesday, Cousin asked me to join Instagram.
She apparently discovered it herself that day and wanted a follower.
Being the good cousin that I am, I obliged.
After downloading the app, I quickly set up an account by connecting it to my Facebook.
Within seconds, I had (10) followers.
I mean, how did they even know I made an account?? Creepy!!!

Staring at my phone in a state of complete confusion, I knew there was only one solution.
I texted Sis for lessons on how to use this foreign application.
Did you guys know Sis now has a blog of her own?  Check out Mindless Self Indulgence!
She gave me the basic run down.

Instagram is an app where you post personal pictures and memes.
People then look at your pictures to either like them, comment on them, or ignore them.
Imagine if Facebook or Twitter was just filled with pics.  It’s like that.

What does Jax think about Instagram?
Jax thinks that Instagram is interesting.
I mean, how many pictures of your life could you possibly want to share with the world?
Then I thought about it a little harder.
Remember on NYE when I said I regretted not taking enough pictures?
This could be a great start to accomplishing my goal!
Here’s to hoping that I’m little more active on Instagram than I am with Facebook…

What do you think about Instagram?

**My Instagram name is JaclynVernace if you’re looking to get a little more R&W in your life.  Hope to see you there!**


  1. haha you didn't know what it was? Geez, that is just shameful lol

    I have way too many things on the go to ever bother with that. Plus I don't want any pics of me online except the whole 2 or 3 that is already out there. The cats I use for the blog and that is all I have to take pictures of lol so no need

    1. I told you, no gasps!!! hahaha

      Are you afraid that you're going to get some love-crazed female stalker??? I would be too. :)

    2. lol already had one stalker long ago, no need for more

    3. Oh, this sounds like a juicy story!! Do tell... :)

  2. All I know is that people take pictures of food on a sorta-sepia tone a thousand times.

  3. You're so cute. I love Instagram, it's like a fun little photo album. I'm not a huge Facebook-er, and find Instagram an easier way to post silly little things that make me happy or pieces of my day.
    Totally going to follow you though! I could always use more R&W in my life ;) Mine is Littleallygator for when you get the request! xo and Happy New Year, gorgeous!

    1. Aw. thanks Allison! It does seem like a great way to keep my NYE vow of taking more pictures. :)

  4. I will always be here to give you lessons in apps and life lol <3 sis

    1. I can always count on you to make me laugh. hahaha love ya, sis!

  5. I do think it's pretty amazing that you didn't know what it was :P I tend to upload photos of things I find funny. But they're only funny if you read the captions too :P

  6. sister, it's a social network not just an app :) I'm not on it, although many have begged me to join especially since me has so many stunning pics at HOLLYWOOD SPY.... But I'm not sure what to join, Instagram or Pinterest...

  7. haha, I was excited to see you on there!!! Since I love pictures so much, it's one of my favorite apps by far. I would rather look at someone's 'status' than read it. And when I'm bored I like to just search for hashtags that would make me happy to look at, like food and puppies.

  8. I haven't used it and it's hard to imagine starting it up, since I already feel overwhelmed with my blog, Twitter and Facebook! But I know people who love it, so I've often been tempted to check it out. We'll see :)


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