Friday, December 12, 2014

TV: The Walking Dead

I finally gave in and started watching The Walking Dead.
...and by starting to watch, I mean that I'm in season 4 after 2 weeks of binge watching...
This show is completely and 100% addicting-ly good.
When I first heard people talking about, I was all like "Nahh, it's a zombie show. Ew."
Then another year passed and everyone was watching it.
I put it in the cheesy, fan-overly-obsessive category along with Twilight and High School Musical.
I take pride in the fact that my eyes never laid on ANY of the above.
Boy, was I wrong.

First off, this show is not a zombie show.
It's a show about an almost-apocalypse and survival.
It leaves you curious about the main character's past lives.
It is filled to the brim with juice about the characters relationships amongst each other.
It makes you jump when you least expect it and it has just the right amount of action.
It can make you cry, laugh, and hang on the edge of your seat all in one episode.
Can you tell that I'm hooked?

My favorite part about this show, is how you grow to really love these characters.
Psh, I totally call Maggie on the daily.  Duh, girl talk!!
Each character has their own place, and they fit in it really well.

So, let's play a Jax game.

The future hubby and I were arguing about who our favorite characters were.
I took a guess and went with Maggie since she's smoking hot and kicks ass.
Yea, well, I was wrong.
His favorite character is Glenn Rhee.
He said because he's smart, funny, and quickly advanced to a key player.
...and, yes, he gives him serious credit for getting the hottest girl on the show...

Then, he tried to guess my favorite character.
He took a swing at it and picked Rick.
Yea, well, he was just as wrong.
Then he picked Michonne.
She does run a close second.  She's one kick-butt lady that I totally admire.
My favorite is Daryl Dixon.
I picked him because he has one of the biggest set of huevos on the show!
He hooked me the first time he gutted a zombie to see if Sophia was inside.  Swoon...

So, those are our two favorite picks.
Mushy picks the walkers.  She loves to imitate them and then giggle after her performance.
I think you guys should play right along with us.
And, if you agree with Mushy, you must send a video of your zombie imitation!

Which character is your favorite on The Walking Dead?
If you have never seen it before, will you watch, or is it just another Twilight?


  1. Daryl and Michonne win for me, but most of the originals are great. I was sooooo glad when whiny Andrea met her fate though. But that was the stupidest thing ever, she sat there and just looked. Any normal person would be trying to get the hell out of there fast. Carol is also a bad arse now. Merle was great when he came back. Morgan is my favorite non group character, will be great when/if he finally comes back.

    1. We think alike, Pat!!!!! Daryl all the way. :) you have to see my mushy imitate the zombies. It is so funny... hahahaha

  2. I've actually never seen the show!! We're trying to find a new one to binge watch so I'll make this suggestion!!! Happy Friday!! xo, Biana BlovedBoston

    1. Oh you have to!!! Its the best one we watched yet.

  3. I'm one of the few people who haven't seen it yet

  4. I love this show! I don't know how I would narrow it down, though. My favorites are Glenn, Carol, Daryl and Michonne. And Rick, too. None of them must ever die. And I really, really want Carol and Daryl to get together, just sayin.

    1. No WAY! That relationship is purely a maternal one. Seeing them get together would be creepy!

    2. I agree!!!! They are deff not a good couple since their relationship is maternal. Butttt michonne and daryl??? Yes!! They would be one ass kicking couple.

  5. My absolute favourite part of the show is where Rick takes those voices that he heard on the phone in the prison and uses them to create a sort of trial for potential new group members. A close second is when Sofia stumbles out of the barn as a walker.

    Glad to see you're enjoying it! What's been your favourite moment?

    1. Those are good ones...but my favorite moment was when rick and daryl were looking for sofia and they had to gut the zombie. Daryl volunteered and had to saw through the thing 3 times. Im not sure exactly why, but that was hot!!!!!! I swooned over daryl ever since. My next favorite scene is when him and beth got drunk in the woods. We get to see daryls sensitive side when he finally broke down and beth became a stronger character.

    2. Yeah he has so many sensitive moments. He's such a cutie ;)

  6. Wait a minute... It can make me cry, laugh, and hang on the edge of my couch all in one episode? I'm already impressed. Yes, you're hooked, alright. But at least you're not dangerous. I think ;) I feel like I'm walking among the dead... But they're zombies, so that doesn't count.

  7. Sister, due to the fact that your site draws layout data directly from the design site that you took it from it is sometimes almost impossible to open your site, and quite often it takes almost five minutes.
    When it comes to TWD, loved the first two seasons, but when they shifted the focus onto violence and torture porn in season three thus losing the essential point of the show (which was to discus and tackle ethical and moral dilemmas and survival) they kinda lost me too, especially with the last season which had no focus nor depth and was often even boring :(
    Rick is my fave character because he is the shiny sun and a moral giant and I think our world can be saved only by such people. Glenn I love too! And I loved Hershel after they left the farm.

    1. If she's your sister, we must be brothers.

    2. Really?? Munchkin land designs did it for me...and I paid her too!!! I shld ask her why it takes so long to load. :(

      I agree with u about the second half of season 4 being boring, but the ending picked it up again. People spoke real high about the first half of season 5, so I hope it picked back up again.

    3. I am with Dez....Rick is my favorite....hated his wife! So glad when she died!
      I have no problem with your blog loading.....
      Linda :o)

    4. Linda... I thought you were with me? I mean...

    5. It's not always the problem, but very often it is. The loading... I mean...

      Yep, we do despise Rick's wife, the worst mother ever. I also hate everything Carol stands for and I hate that we live in a society which actually deems her cool.... somebody who would kill kids.... disgusting....

  8. I'm totally a Norman Reedus aka Daryl fan who I met briefly and was super duper nice to all his fans....swoooooooon! :D


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