Monday, December 29, 2014

Recipe: Hearty Beef Barley Soup

I hope that everyone had an amazing Christmas filled with food and gifts.
Being the Sicilian that I am, the 7 fish feast on Christmas Eve is my favorite.  Yum!

Since we I have food on the brain, I figured I would share my favorite winter recipe.
There is nothing like a hearty bowl of soup on a cold winter’s day.
…and I’m so over chicken noodle…

Hearty Beef Barley Soup

(1-1/2) Lbs Beef Chuck (Stew Meat)
(1) Package Green Giant baby carrots
(2) Lbs Eastern Potatoes
(1) 16oz Can Diced Tomatoes
(1) Package Fresh Mushrooms
(1) Yellow Onion
(2) 24oz Beef Broth
(2) Cups Water
(3) Bay Leaves
(1) tbsp Lawrys Seasoned Salt
(1/2) tsp Dried Thyme
(1/2) tsp Dried Oregeno
(1) tsp Dried Parsley
(1) tsp Onion Powder
(1) tbsp Garlic Powder
(1) Cup Pearl Barley

With a cooking scissor, cut the beef cubes into bite size pieces.  Brown them in a sauté pan.  Drain the meat.  Dice the mushrooms.  Sauté the mushrooms until the water evaporates and set aside.  In a large pot, dice the onion and cook until the onion is transparent.  Shut off the flame.  Add the beef and mushrooms into the pot.  Dice the carrots and potatoes and add to the pot.  Add all other ingredients and stir until well mixed.

Bring to a boil and then cook on low for 2-1/2 hours.

In a separate pot, boil the barley for 45 minutes. 
For more of a stew, boil the barley in the soup itself.  The barley will soak up most of the juice.

This should make enough for (2) meals.
That means your freezer will get full and you won’t have to cook one night next week.  Score!

Will you try this winter recipe or do you have a different one you want to share?


  1. Having a night without cooking is sure a good thing. Freezers come in handy. You all look as happy as can be at your sea, glad your christmas was grand.

    1. Oh how I love cooking and freezing food. It makes life sooo easy!!! haha

    2. Soo easy indeed, especially with the hours you work.

  2. Soup sounds yummy! But what I really want is that seven fish feast! Ha.

    Adorable photo....LOVE your hair curly.

    1. Oh, the fishes were soooo yummy!!!! It's my favorite food holiday of the year. :)

      Thank you, Besty.

  3. I agree. Nothing better than soup on a cold winter's day, especially Beef Barley. I've said it before, and I'll say it again... soup is good food! Unfortunately, any of my soup recipes just involve adding water and putting the soup in the microwave, soooo....

    1. Soup is great food for the winter. My man even eats soup for mid breakfast-lunch snack EVERY day. Well, the canned kind. He does that no matter what season it is. LOL No soup and he's a cranky man... hahaha

  4. Oh I love that picture of you three - so perfect!!! That soup sounds amazing, I rarely make soup at home, but now I need to!! xo, Biana - BlovedBoston

    1. Thank you. :) Yes, you should!! Let me know how it comes out. :)

  5. Look at you giving recipes lol
    I love soups this sounds yummy!
    I LOVE the picture you, the boy and the little cute look beautiful!:)
    Merry merry Christmas dear and Happy New year!!

    1. LOL I do cook, although what I made last night my hubby did not enjoy. I tried to cook Cuban food. It didn't pass the taste test of a real Cuban. haha

      Thank you :)

      Merry Christmas and happy new year to you too!!!

  6. such a lovely family photo and the tree is lovely too!

    1. Thanks, Dez! I hope you enjoyed your holiday as well. :) :)

  7. great Christmas photo of your family

  8. What a great photo! You all look just darling!
    Make Barley soup quite often....yours looks great!
    Did you get all the prezzies you asked for? Lucky you.....
    Happiest New Year....
    Linda :o)

  9. First off! Such a cute picture! I remember when you signed off blogging for a bit because you were pregnant and look at her- she's totally a little person! So, so darling. Love your hair too.

    And my east coast family all does the Feast of the Seven Fishes! I have always wished we on that coast some year to enjoy it with them.

    That soup sounds really yummy!

    1. Yes, she grew up way too quick. I hate it!!!

      The seven fishes is the best. You should venture out to the east coast for it one day. You will love it.

  10. Hi Jax!! I just posted a comment but not sure if it got thru… so here i go again (on my ooown).
    It´s great to see you back on the blog!!! I know that my weekly dose of laughter is guaranteed now. :)
    Love the picture of your lil family, you guys look adorable!!
    The soup looks yummy but given its Super Hot down here in Buenos Aires imight have to wait a couple of months before trying it!!

    Happy holidays sweetie!

    1. oh, I am so happy to hear from you!!! I hope everything is good. We need to catch up soon. Xo

  11. This soup sounds yummy! Anyhoo, wishing your family a belated Merry Christmas, and an advanced Happy New Year:)

  12. Wow, is that your daughter?? She's gotten so big!!

  13. Oh my goodness I have got to try this recipe, it sounds yummy.

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