Wednesday, December 31, 2014

List: Realistic Vows for the New Year.

Happy New Year’s Eve, everyone!
Here’s to a great night and an even more wonderfully memorable year.
*Cling*  Now excuse me while I sip some champagne…

Every year we all sit down and make a list of goals to complete during the next year of our life.
It’s very rare that we actually do any of the things on our list, no matter how good our intentions.
Instead of listing tedious goals that I know I won’t do, I decided to make realistic vows.
…and, no, I don’t vow to go to the gym every day for the whole year…

My 10 Realistic Vows for the Year 2016

1.  Wear My Clothes/Shoes/Pocket Books
I have so many expensive articles of clothing and accessories that I never wear.
I vow to change up my wardrobe and let my treasured beauties see some light!
I’m that obnoxious girl that doesn’t wear her shoes so the bottoms stay clean.  Sigh…

2.  Potty Train the Mushy
Mushy Face is creeping the two year marker (EEP!) in April.
I vow to try my hardest to get my Mushy to pee pee and poo poo in the potty!
Besides, diapers are so expensive and real yucky to clean up.  Bleh gag barf…

3.  Keep My Phone Charged
People can never, ever reach me because my phone is constantly dead.
I vow to keep my phone charged and be as reachable as possible.
You have an emergency??  Don’t hesitate to call me because my phone will ring in 2016!

4.  Be More Independent
I have gotten way too spoiled and rely on my future hubby to do all the things I used to do myself.
I vow to be less needy and to handle more things on my own.
Does that mean I have to pump my own gas now or actually drive myself somewhere?  Ug!!

5.  Be More Health Conscious
There was a time when I was all about eating smart, staying active, and just being healthy.
I vow to be more aware of my health, diet, and to be as active as possible.
Maybe I’ll even exchange my Cold Stone for green tea one night a week.  I kid, I kid!

6.  Slow Down
Due to my very hectic schedule, time has passed me faster than the speed of light.
I vow to slow down and actually enjoy all the little things 2016 has to offer me.
…and to take pictures!  I realized that I never do and now I regret missing those moments.

7.  Moisturize
My daily routine consists of me moisturizing my face, but I never moisturize my body.
I vow to make moisturizing my body a daily habit, even if it’s the spray and go by Vaseline.
Age is definitely creeping up on me and I definitely notice my skin is losing its vibrancy!

8.  Education
I finally got back on track to get my Bachelors degree in college this past semester.
I vow to continue to stay in school until I accomplish my goal and graduate!
That means added expenses and less time to enjoy 2016.  This definitely isn’t a luxurious vow.

9.  Stop Worrying
Worry is my middle name, and I have the gray hairs to prove it!
I vow to take a deep breath and distract my mind when I find myself obsessing over little things.
What do you mean that the creak last the night didn’t equal to a murderer hiding under my bed?!

10.  Make Some “Me” Time
Just because I’m a mommy and all wifed up, doesn’t mean that I can’t enjoy some time for myself.
I vow to set apart some time for me, myself, and I…and maybe a girl friend…every week.
Hello my nook in Starbucks, a good book, and a peppermint mocha with no whip!

What are your vows for the year 2016?


  1. OMG I have items of clothing that I treasure instead of wearing too :) I have shoes that have been sitting in their box for three years waiting for the right moment which never comes LOL

    1. Finally, someone who understands me!!! Can you contact Carlos for me and let him know it's normal? Or at least let him know that it's not a valid excuse to stop buying me shoes... hahahaha

  2. Oh, pat will scold you for even making a list! Lol.

    Make hooking your phone to the charger part of your go to bed routine! Works for me!

    And it's 2015, right? Don't jump ahead a whole other year on us, now!

    1. Omg, I honestly thought it was 2016. I was caught saying it twice already today. Sigh... Where am I?! hahaha

  3. lmao wow 2016? You are sure preparing reaaaaallly early. 2015 going to suck that bad that you have to skip it? hahaha

    And as Betsy said, pffffft to any new years list at my sea, want to do something, do it, don't need a magic day or a new year to start it. Of course potty training is always a good goal lol

    1. LOL Did potty training suddenly change your view on my NYE vows? hahahaha And, like I said, these are realistic vows. AKA ones that won't take too much effort to do... LMAO

      yes, apparently I just want to skip over the whole wedding... shhh don't tell him.

    2. lol no potty training changed any view, but my ocd likes when no stinky diapers come due haha

      less fuss to skip over it I suppose haha

  4. Ha! I noticed that 2016 faux pas too. Very funny.

    You need this for your phone, small enough for a keychain:

    Mophie Power Reserve

    Search for it on Google (I can't post link here for some reason).


    1. Nice to hear from you, Sal! Hope you had a great Christmas and happy new year!! I'm definitely going to look up that keychain. It sounds like it's just what I need. :)

  5. great ideas, as always!!! Exciting about your Bachelor's degree! That will feel so good to complete. good luck on the potty training, always a feat (granted, I'm not a mom but speaking from my babysitting/daycare years). Though I never have minded changing diapers too much oddly, the kids are always so cute it kinda bypasses the nastiness.

    My resolution is definitely to get our married budget in order. We each have independent ones but we haven't sat down to discuss our joint financial goals and savings plan, so that will be a big one!

  6. Aww, Poor Jax... vows to "slow down" then skips over the entire year of 2015 heading straight on into 2016! I can barely believe it is 2015 already as it is.

  7. Stop Worrying... Well, I'd like to know how you pull that one off :))

    Just stopping by to wish you a Happy New Year, Jax! :))

  8. I luckily have never run too much into the problem of a phone battery with no energy. But I don't use mine very much

  9. Some of those sound much easier to do than others. Not worrying and making more you time will be tough.

  10. i'm the same with the phone always dead!

  11. Happy new year dear Jax!
    Dont worry so much:)
    I try to not!

  12. One of my resolutions is to take better care of myself - so here's to 2015 and a better you AND me


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