Friday, December 19, 2014

List: How to deal with anxiety.

Recently I have been extremely anxious over silly things.
Most of my anxieties have to do with health or death.
That's when I decided to take my own advice and take control of the situation like I used to.
Just because I have mommy anxieties now, doesn't mean that I have to be pathetic!
Since reading my old post seemed to help me, I figured I'd post it to help you too!

This morning I woke up and stretched. I heard a crack and immediately thought that I broke a bone.
I walked into the kitchen to pour myself some OJ and noticed the expiration date was in a few days. I immediately thought I would spend the day hurling up sour juice. Classy, huh?
After freaking out that I would be late to work and worrying about whether or not my eyes would bother me around 3pm, I put my glasses into my bag and got ready to run.
That's when I wrapped my scarf around my neck and started to get nervous that a spider had crawled into my scarf during the night. I shook that bad boy out like a pro and went on my way.

I guess it's safe to say that I am a very anxious person.
What I should be anxious about is having a heart attack from stressing over nothing all the time!
The good news is, I'm not always this way.
Most of the time I can take the pressure of anything and then some.
I actually prefer to be under pressure because then it lights a fire under my ass.
The bad news is, when I get anxious, I get really anxious!
When I start stressing, I realize it right away and try to relax.

I know that we all stress out, get anxious, or freak out over different things.
Here's some tips on how to r e l a x...

1. Breathe.
There's supposed to be a special technique for this, but I just try to breathe deep.
Don't do that labor breathing exercise. It doesn't work for stress. Just saying...

2. Clean.
For the love of God, put the bleach down!!!
I find that if I clean or organize something around me, the anxiety starts to subside.
It could be the change in my focus or it could be the order around me making me feel less cluttered.

3. Bye Bye Google.
I'm famous for googling meaningless nonsense and then diagnosing myself with some rare, fatal disease.
Stay off of Google!
Unless you're looking up Aaron Hernandez pictures. Then go right ahead. That should be #4...

4. Chit Chat
If I feel myself getting anxious over something silly, I'll call a friend or family member and yap about nothing until I calm down. 
Poor Peaches and Madre...hahaha

5. Read
Pick up a Glamour and glow while looking at all the pretty clothes, shoes, and make up.
Pick up a book and focus on a fictional life.
Reading is a great way to get your mind off the silly things running through it.

6. Robert Downey Jr. Movies
This one's my favorite...

7. Shopping
Shopping is great therapy for stress! New things can make anyone smile.
Just set a limit for yourself. Don't spend $3,000 on a pair of shoes and say Jax told you to so you can relax. When that bill comes in the mail you'll stress harder than ever!

8. Wine
The alcohol stops the shaking after hearing about a tornado that killed 12 people in 7 different states.
Yes, I even worry about the weather.

9. Green Tea
It may not have the same effect as booze, but it's great for relaxation.
The Japanese I work for swear by it. I call it the miracle tea.

10. Vacation
If time and money allow, go on a vacation.
Leave your worries home and dive into something you really enjoy. Go see a place that you've always wanted to. Make memories that you can laugh about when you're stressing all over again.

11.  Project
Dive into a project that you have been putting off.
Maybe you can organize those pictures that are all thrown around or go through your old clothes for donations.
Hello effective and productive way of distracting your mind!

12.  Music
Being stressed is a green light to take off your clothes and sing as loud as you can into a piece of fruit.
Yes, it’s even a green light for men to blast Britney Spears and get their groove on!!! 

What are your relaxation techniques?


  1. I get stressed so easily. It gets bad. I have started trying to practice meditation and although I am not perfect at it it definitely relaxes me.

    1. I don't have the capabilities to meditate. That requires clearing your brains of all thoughts. Impossible for me!! hahaha

  2. Well, Jax, I think you are being a little hard on yourself. If I took on all the things that you do on your average day, the stress would have killed me long ago. You are doing a remarkably good job actually. That is some good advice you give too. For example, if you keep things cleaned and organized, things do seem a lot less chaotic. Seems like I often put that off to do "more important things".. though what am I ever doing that's really important anyway?... not much! Haha.

  3. No stress for me, I have nothing to stress about. What will be will be. But if any creeps up, I just pull out my bed of nails mat and lie on it for an hour in front of the tv, stretching everything out nicely. Plus stay ahead of the 8 ball and fine and dandy

  4. You do NOT want to know how Robert Downey Jr used to relax.

  5. I'm working on that one. Lately, I've been drinking less caffeine and more smoothies or water. I've been walking more and enjoying the fresh air. I've been trying to find all the positive things in the negative (ie: I hate opening but I'm beyond thankful to have a wonderful job). I avoid things that could be addicting and remember that even though I may be anxious, I'm very lucky I don't need medication for it.

  6. Going on a trip usually causes me more stress with driving and spending all the time

  7. If I can, I go for a walk. Moving helps work the adrenaline from my system and if I'm able to just let my mind focus on what I'm seeing on the walk, I am able to calm down. Reading is also a great one for me. Petting my animals works wonders, too :)

  8. I'm not even anxious but these techniques made me instantly feel calmer. It really is good to remember. And yes, I agree that cleaning not only shifts your focus but calms your space. nice call on that one.

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