Friday, December 5, 2014

List: Family Christmas Gift Ideas

Christmas is swiftly approaching.
Oh, how I don't want the season to end.
I'm excited to see the Rockefeller Christmas Tree and window shop at Macy's on 34th st.
I live for the cheesy Life Time movies, the yummy fig cookies, and the mugs of hot chocolate.
I get happy when I wake up to a decorated tree and a house filled with red and gold.
Not to mention all those extra days off from work...
This is just overall the best time of year.

The hardest part of the holiday is picking out all the clever and tasteful, yet inexpensive gifts.
Luckily for me, I started early.  Like 6 weeks ago early.  Go me!
Mushy will wake up to an obnoxious amount of toys, clothes, and a potty with big girl panties.
My God son will get a few toys, a portable DVD player with a car holder, and clothes.
My baby cousin will get the game Battleship, a Hello Kitty Karaoke Player, and clothes.
Well, the kids are easy...They don't have everything yet, like us adults.

Christmas Gift Ideas for the Family

1.  Madre
ILoveGradma Picture Frame, Chrystal-Design Vase, and Sonoma Vase Filler

Bought from

2.  Future Mother-In-Law
Ralph Lauren Flats

Bought from

3.  Daddy AKA The Viking
ILoveGrandpa Picture Frame, and a Media Stand
I usually don't splurge this much, but he does a lot for us and he recently moved.

Bought from Target.

4.  Future Father-In-Law
Nautica Shirt and Pants

Bought from

5.  Grandpa AKA Papa
Croft & Barrow Polo and a Heated Ice Scraper

Bought from

6.  Nanny
The I Love Lucy: Colorized Christmas Special

Bought at Target.

7.  Cousin
Slippers and Sterling Silver Family Tree Pendant

Bought at Target.

8.  Brother
Old Navy Outfit and Joe Name It Party Game

Bought from

9.  Mushy's School Teachers
Ghiardelli Latte Mug Gift Sets

Bought at Target.

10.  The Future Hubby
A smart phone, Puma sneakers, and a Shutterfly Photo Album from displaying this year's family highlights.

Purchased from


Have you been inspired by these ideas?  If so, which one?  If not, share some new ideas!


  1. The heated ice scrapper is sure a neat idea, never knew there was one of those. Ummm what if they look at your blog? Won't that spoil the surprise? lol

    If I showed some of what I got people on my blog blogger would rate my blog R lmao the cat is rather dirty.

    1. I figured that after your neighing zebra thong that you received a couple years back!! lmao

      No one I know really reads my blog. My fiance would rather watch paint dry than read anything more than (2) sentences long. My family doesn't look at it either. I'm not even sure if they know I'm writing in it again.

    2. Thankfully that is the way with mine too, more freedom when they don't read it

    3. Exactly!! It's better off that way.

  2. I have so much Christmas shopping to do, it really stresses me out! Good for you getting a head start!

    1. Girl, I used to be stressed every year. This year I decided not to. LOL

  3. Your future hubby is lucking out this year!! I am almost done just my nieces and nephew are left!! The teachers are going to love that gift!

  4. The "I Love Lucy" one I think I will use. But now don't all these people know what they are getting for Christmas??

    1. I think that's the best one on the list too! My husband is Cuban, so I giggle whenever he says "esplaining". haahahaha

  5. Puma is one of my fave brands because they're so refined and stylish in design :) But not very comfy, I must confess...

    1. Oh, how I love Pumas. I used to have a pair in every color, and then my brother got a job at Adidas. My wardrobe suddenly changed after that. Free Adidas shoes will beat the Pumas anytime. LOL

  6. My boyfriend is getting video game related things. We may do Secret Santa at work but I'm not sure. That's about it this year. Last year, I went crazy with presents, but this year everyone just wants to keep it chilled out and simple. Probably because nobody has a bunch of money and nobody likes getting a whole bunch of super cool things unless they can give a whole bunch of super cool things too.

    1. My dad's side of the family does Secret Santa...and that goodness for that because that side of my family is HUGE.

  7. Battleship was always one of my favorites. We never had the fancier version of the game though with the lights and sound.

    1. I was surprised that's what my baby cousin wanted. I thought she would pick barbies.

  8. Love the heated ice scraper...can't go wrong with that one! And good for you starting early. I'm almost done...just a few odds and ends to go. Did all of it online, too...easy peasy.

  9. Ugh my pops is SO hard to shop for, I'm taking any suggestions I can get

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