Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Jax Seal of Approval: Lechat Nobility Gel Nail Polish

First off, my apologies for not posting on Monday.
My final was due yesterday and I wanted to make sure my focus was on that.
I know how much all of you were looking forward to one of my wisdom filled posts.


I am a creature of habit.
I find a brand that I love and I stick to it.
 I will forever love Dove and I will never stray from Clinique face make up.
My manicures are no exception.

I always go for a short nail with a square shape.
I never, ever put on tips or anything else that’s fake.
The one time I did put on tips, I dropped a quarter at the bakery and I could not pick it up.  Embarrassing!
Since a regular manicures chip within a day, I always splurge for a gel manicure.
The gel manicure might cost an extra $15, but it’s almost guaranteed to last me 2-3 weeks.
See how I saved money there?  That’s called thinking ahead!

It’s not just the type of mani that I’m particular with.  I’m just as particular with the brand I use.
I will only use CND-Shellac gel nail polish.
It lasts the longest and has the nicest finish of all the different brands that I have tried.
My only negative critique for them is their small selection of colors.  Other than that, perfection!

In an attempt for some alone time last week, I went for an early Christmas manicure.
I knew that I wanted red, but I wanted a very deep berry-red to compliment my skin tone.
That’s when my favorite nail technician recommended a new brand of gel polish.
My eyes automatically narrowed in skepticism, but I had to let her speak her mind out of respect.

She painted a sample nail so I could see the color, and let me tell you it was exactly what I wanted.
Since I was swooning over the color, I gave her the green light.
Ladies and gentlemen, Jax stepped out of her box and tried a new brand of gel polish.
It’s now a week later, and the polish is just as vibrant and as chip free as CND-Shellac.
I may just have a new favorite.  Well, a new second favorite.

The new nail polish is Lechat Nobility.
It has sexy new colors and just opens a whole new door for my nails!
Roll out the red carpet, because Jax just gave her seal of approval.
No worries, Shellac, I still love you too!

Will you try Lechat Nobility gel nail polish, or stick with your favorite brand?


  1. Well I guess that is one way to get you to open a germ free door lol as the real doors need a sleeve to cover those nails haha

    1. LMAO Really? That's what you think of??? hahahaha

  2. don't think that colour would go well with moi tan :)

  3. haha about the quarter. That is so funny. Truthfully, I hate long, fake nails. I just hate how fake they look. Honestly, short & square are perfect! I know I need to try a gel manicure because I hear they are amazing. I can't stand how fast nails chip so I usually have bald, ugly nails!

    1. I really hate fake nails too. I like my short, little pops of color on my finger tips. hahaha You should totally try the gel. I love it!

  4. Nice! Very pretty color. I just can't handle nail polish on my fingernails. Toenails, no problem, but for some reason, it bothers me on my fingers, even the gel. So those stay natural. But I do love the look on other women!

    1. Thank you :) Really? I'm sorry to hear that. I find that I'm more productive at work/school when my finger nails are pretty colors. hahaha

  5. Have a happy Thursday tommorow

  6. I don't go get manicures but I'll paint my own nails. My store sells Nyx Girls nail polish. It doesn't feel like paint when it dries but more like a gel. I like it way more than most brands I have tried. It seems to last longer on my toes but I haven't painted my fingernails for a while.

  7. I'm a fan of gel manicures as well!! I've never heard of that brand but I'll check them out the next time a get one which will be next week! I usually opt for OPI! xo, Biana

  8. i don't think i've had that one before! i need to check my stash :)

  9. I love gel manicures - they really do last forever and it ends up saving a ton of money, so I'm totally with you ;) I usually do OPI for the gel, but I'll see if my salon carries Lechat - it's a gorgeous color!!! (PS. The only time I got tips was for prom and I could not unzip my jeans - I thought I was going to pee myself.. never again!).


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