Monday, November 3, 2014

List: Wedding Planning at Month Nine

On July 26, 2013 MyMan and I got engaged.
Did I tell you how he proposed at Central Park AT NIGHT in front of 6 hobos?  Yea, about that...  lol

I love my ring!  He totally got my taste with the radiant cut diamond and the diamond halo.
Our wedding date is July 26, 2015.
Yes, it's only a whopping nine months away.

What has Jax done for the wedding short of booking the church and the catering hall?
Booking the catering hall and the church does count as something, right?  RIGHT?
Other than those 2 things, the only other thing she has done is LOOK at invitations.
That means she still needs to pick out a wedding dress, the bridal party clothes, flowers, a baker, a photographer, a limo company, a DJ, wedding rings, favors...
...and all the other obnoxious million things that come with planning an event.
For the love of God, I do not have the time, energy, or money for all of this.

Since I officially hit the 9 month marker, I figured it's time to get organized.

How to have a wedding on a budget:  Month Nine

1.  Pick your colors.
I've decided to go with a ballerina pink and light gold theme.
Now I have a basis on what to look for when shopping around.
Something pretty, yet unique.

2.  Pick your bridal party and let them know.
As your bridal party, they should help you and be there to guide you.
I know mine have been behind me to get started in this process, but I'm a procrastinator!

3.  Book the place you will be having the wedding.
I've booked the church and MyMan is currently in RCIA to become a Catholic. Love him for that!
I've also booked the catering hall and put down the deposit to make sure they keep the date.
After this step, you're about to lose me.  This is my last check mark on my own list.  Sigh!

4.  Make a Budget
Now that you know where you are having the wedding, you can make a budget.  
Set up an amount you are willing to spend and then divide it between sub categories.
For example, I'm willing to spend $15,000 on the big day, but only can put $1000 for the flowers.
Make sure you leave extra room, because everything will cost more than you think.  I promise!

5.  Guest List
Get an idea in mind of how many people your budget can afford.
Then make a guest list that fits in your budget.
After you have a final list, start getting all of your addresses together and keep it in a safe place.
I'm totally dreading this process.  "Hi cousin I haven't spoke to in 5 years, where do you live?"

6.  Dress Shopping
Set a date aside where your bridal party and yourself can get together and try on dresses.
I would assume this is a lengthy process and may take more than one day.
Make sure your dress is in your budget and their dresses are in theirs!
Ordering a dress and tailoring can take lots of!

7.  Shop Around
Start shopping around for all of the things you need to lay out cash for.
Interview DJs and look around for a photographer.
This is a time consuming process, especially when money is a factor.
How about one of my blogging buddies doing this for me?  I totally dread dealing with sales people...

8.  Invitations
Start looking around for invitations.
Believe it or not, these are very expensive and very detailed!
They also take time to get ordered, be printed, and then have addresses marked on.
Not to mention, they need to be ready to go 2 months BEFORE the wedding.
It surprised me that I need to design them myself.  You want a dot?  You need to pick the TYPE of dot.  Sigh...

9.  Honeymoon
For those of you planning to take a honeymoon, now would be a good time to start looking.
This is something that would need to be included in your budget.
Lucky for me, we are planning a romantic get away to somewhere low key.  No planning, thank God!

This should get you in a good place for getting everything done in time for your wedding.
At least, I'm hoping it will.
Last thing I want is a low budget wedding that everyone talks bad about later...

What else needs to be done at the 9 month marker?
Please share as you may save me embarrassment on my big day!

**Please note it just killed my OCD to make a list with (9) things, but, I was able to justify it since we are at the 9-month marker.  My apologies if it made you cringe too. **


  1. See, my way is much much easier, elope, all done, no muss no fuss haha what? That would only be a list on 1? That may bug your ocd haha

    My sister is going through all this too, I just sit back and laugh. Good luck getting everything done!

    Your blog opens again but never showed up in the blogroll. hmmm

    1. lol!! A list with one thing on it isn't a list, it's more like a simple reminder!!! haha

      Your sister is engaged? That's so exciting!! Hopefully she's a lot better at planning a wedding than I am. lol

    2. lol well a reminder works too

      Nope, probably just as bad haha

    3. This is like when people told me to enjoy being pregnant because I will miss it. Being pregnant sucked and everyone totally lied!!! haha

  2. Oooo exciting! Keep us posted on how everything is progressing. I know wedding planning kind of sucks, particularly toward the end, but I'd love to hear how yours is coming together

    1. Thanks, Rooth! I'll keep you all updated. It's just a serious pain in the butt. haha Hopefully it becomes as fun as everyone is always saying it should be.

  3. hope you didn't use those six hobos as bridesmaids :PPP

    1. LOL!! I tried but they didn't want to wear a dress. :(

    2. pink probably isn't their colour

    3. Sigh...if they only knew. A pink wearing hobo would be though of so differently... lol

  4. Congrats on the upcoming wedding:) And your list sounds pretty good.:D

  5. I think is lovely you will married:)
    And dont worry all.will be ok dear!

    1. Thank you! Don't worry? My anxiety doesn't know how to do that... haha

    2. Im sure all will be ok:)
      You have to enjoy this!
      Oh many years I married but in the past all was more simple really!!

    3. The funny thing is today this is considered simple.

  6. So much to do, so little time. Congrats on your engagement.

    1. Yes, you're right about that! Thank you :)

  7. Seems like planning a wedding is an overwhelming task.. but I supposed the being in love part of it gives people extra energy.

    1. It is reverse. Love makes you tired..very very sleepy...zzz lol

  8. Shoes, accessories, hair, mani/pedi, dress for the rehearsal (and more shoes, accessories, and hair), something to wear at the reception if you don't want to wear your dress and shoes... You also need to decide if the shoes for your bridesmaids need to be identical or not. I highly suggest no and to look for small name stores, because we get A LOT of wedding parties who can't all find matching shoes with their different sizes but refuse to go to another store because we're $100+ cheaper than big name stores.

    I'm not even engaged but I'm suddenly dreading when I have to plan a wedding. Good luck.

    1. Eep!!! You just added like 5 things to my checklist. Talk about not fun :( Every girl dreams about their wedding, and then reality sets in. Maybe I should delay it and keep on dreaming. Procrastinator much? haha

  9. Yet another list? Gees! You and your damn lists! lol

    Are you sure you don't just want to get married in a courthouse with no reception or anything? Or maybe you could just fly off to Vegas and get hitched there. No planning involved, no overwhelming task of planning an entire wedding, no ridiculous amount of spending all for one single day.

    If there is one piece of advice I could give, being a married person myself....I would suggest taking that honeymoon. I never got a honeymoon and my wife and I both regret very much. Get away from it all and take the time to enjoy each other!

    1. But, lists are so neat!!

      I hear you on the honey moon. We keep pushing it off too, but I am thinking about a nice romantic long weekend. I've always wanted to go to Cape Cod and just relax! We'll see. It's all about financials at this point. It's sad how money runs people's lives!

  10. I'm actually doing most of the planning for Daisy's and my wedding, simply because I'm the one paying for it. Luckily the Unitarian Universalist Church we go to will not only let us have it there but besides a small locking-unlocking fee, we don't have to pay to have it there.

    1. You are engaged!!! Congratulations!!!! I want to hear all about it. :)

  11. Well here I am... conpletely unaware of your wedding! Belated congrats!


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