Friday, November 14, 2014

List: How to know you are getting old.

I know what you are all thinking.
“You are only 26 years old.  How can you call that old?”
Well, let me tell you about my epiphany.

I find the song “Jealous” by Nick Jonas extremely s e x y.
He is also pretty yummy himself…
After admitting this to myself, I felt a little bit like a cougar.
There is something about being attracted to a Jonas Brother that feels very wrong.

Source - For the love of god, he's beautiful.

Other epiphanies that make you feel o l d.

1.  The songs you listened to as a child are now “oldies”.
Since when have the Spice Girls been classified as an oldie?  Ug!

2.  You can no longer lose 5 pounds in one week.
I know the not eating diet is very unhealthy, but at least it used to worked in emergency situations!

3.  You develop a sudden appreciation for real lipstick.
Goodbye clear lip gloss!  I’m not sure when you became tacky, but you did!

4.  You host dinner parties.
...and you actually cooked…and bought a bottle of wine…and put out real dishes…

5.  Brand name china actually impresses  you.
I mean, I love my Dooney & Burke bag, but is that tea cup Royal Albert?

6.  You actually care about politics a little bit.
Who do I need to vote for for the taxes coming out of my pay check to decrease?

7.  You have a favorite brand of everything.
Dove sensitive skin bar soap and Clinique foundation make for a zit free Jax!

8.  …and you get really pissed when they discontinue or change your favorite product.
Why did Neutrogena add sunscreen to my favorite facial moisturizer?  Ug!

9.  You are suddenly really aware of your breath.
I’ll save the Cheetos for when I’m walking distance from mouthwash.

10.  Being tired now always wins.
One more episode of Prison Break?  Um, no, unless you want to be to be real cranky tomorrow.

What made you realize that you’re slowly aging?


  1. Nick Jonas really is abnormally hot and I like that he loves to pose nude lately. JUST JARED has his new scantily clad photos almost every day :) His album isn't bad, but nothing overly amazing. He is trying to find himself in music

    1. PS long live Dove! I'm a faithful user for ten years - using all of their products faithfully!

    2. Oh, he is yummy!!! But it still feels wrong to say so. haha

      and yesss...I love Dove! I switched to Secret Outlast deodorent because it was on sale. I got really itchy and had to switch right back. I'll never stray again!

  2. I had a terrible time a year or so ago with feeling old when I realized that I need reading glasses! Okay, I'm still not over it, at all. Thank God for Kindles and adjustable letter size is all I can say :)

    1. hahahaha See, there is answer for everything. It's like after 24, you feel old!

  3. When your body starts to creek and crack is one I'm all too familiar with here. I also feel like a dirty old man looking at younger women now.Thankfully I can still lose weight easy as can be, of course with my diet and p90x it isn't hard lol

    Another that makes one feel old is I got id-ed at the casino the other week and then the security guard looks at you with the wtf face, you can't be that old lol nice and not I suppose. Not that I care about age, stay fit and can bet it, a bit.

    1. LOL My body didn't start to creek until I had to share a bed. Maybe I should invest in a King size. Are you still typing with one hand?? That's crazy!!!

      haha @ you getting IDed at the casino. I would take that as a compliment. ;)

    2. Hmmm that is weird that it would crack as you share. Yep, everything with one hand

  4. I had to explain to my girlfriend of the time what dial-up internet was. That was a bit of a shock. I also had to try and convince someone that Adam Sandler used to make good films. That was a bit harder.

    1. People don't know what dial up? Sigh...that was what we had until I was almost done with high school. YOU just made ME feel old. ;) hahahaha

  5. When I realized it's about to be a decade since I graduated high school

    1. I won't do the math. Don't make me do it... haha

  6. girl, i hear ya! i hate when they discontinue my faves!!

    1. Oh, the worst!!! Or when they obviously change something was perfect... I used to love Natural Instincts hair dye. Then they discontinued my favorite color (Egyptian Plum) and then changed their product all together. Catastrophe much? sigh!

    2. Exactly!
      The stuff I used to use to streak my hair? GONE! Why? I have no idea....but I sure miss it! Garner Nutrisse made it.......then stopped! Why didn't they call me? Hahahahaha!
      Linda :o)

  7. I just left a massive comment and Blogger ate it. In a nut shell:

    People at work ask me if I'm in school (no) or college (no) and then if I go out and party (also no). They always get confused and ask my age. When I say 21, they get shocked because my age number isn't very high but my age mentally is like 30.

    1. Why does blogger keep eating comments!!!!!????? Errrr so frustrating! yes, you are definately more mature than your age. Be careful, because that could be a good and bad thing. I regret being so "responsible" and not fully enjoying the time when I didn't have any real attachments (like a child)...

  8. I think time seeming to pass so quickly is worse than the aging. When you're a kid, a year seems like an eternity... now a year seems like about a minute.

    1. I know. Don't you wish you could slow down time? Sigh :(

  9. My back and neck hurts ALL the time - uggh

    1. Ug, back pain is the worst!! Look at us ancient folk with ancient complaints. ;) haha

  10. Youthful vanity... I find that really amusing, Jax. But... what's he holding in his hand? And why are his pants down? I bet he's trying to make a point.

    Yep, I get really pissed when they discontinue or change my favorite product. Really pissed.

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