Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Employment: When is it time to move on?

When we first met in 2011, I was a staff accountant for a Japanese company.
Come on, I know you all remember those stories.  Does Russian Hat Man ring a bell?  Haha
It was a great work environment and I was very well liked and respected.

While I loved my job, after 5 years of accumulating more tasks, I felt overworked and under paid.
Then I got  p r e g n a n t
From a mental standpoint, they were super supportive.
From a business standpoint, they saw a young girl in a rough situation and tried to take advantage.
Instead of fighting for a job I loved, I packed up and left.
Talk about a Sicilian temper, huh?

I should have fought for a secure job I loved instead of just up and quitting.
I totally could have spoken to my manager and pleaded my case.

That’s how I ended up where I am today.
I’m a biller for a very large company.
…and by biller I mean a glorified paper scanner…
For the first few months, I hated this job.  Then as time went on, I made friends and became comfortable.
…and by comfortable I mean I hung up pictures of Mushy Face in my cubicle…
Then I hit my o n e  y e a r  m a r k and found out my job was being centralized.
Management assured me that I still had job security, but I would be doing admin work. Bleh
The double slap in the face was when they made the SME in charge of centralizing my own job!

Good thing I learned from my mistakes…
Every muscle in my body is itching to say “I quit” and walk out.
Instead I’m taking my time to find a company I can grow with.
I need a job that makes me happy, is secure, and can still support my little Mushyface.

What do you think is a valid reason to move on to a new job?

**I have a big interview for a supervisor position (doing what I used to) today.  Wish me luck!**


  1. Can you go back to your old place of employment and see if they will take you back? That's a good question though... when is it time to move on? I guess you have to weigh the good with the bad. Is the pay reasonable? Do you have the schedule that you need? Job security? I guess it also depends on whether or not you plan to make your job your career, or is it just a way to make money? If you are unhappy and you are going to be there forever, i'd say look for something else. But if it is just a way to put food on the table for awhile, then weigh the other options like pay, schedule, etc.

    1. You are right...there is a definite difference between a job and career. It's important to identify which one you are thinking about moving on from.

      I did try to go back to my old job. My manager said the second my position becomes available again, it's mine. As much as I would love for it to be available tomorrow, it's a good job and could take years to free up. I'm getting old (26 EEP) and would like to find a place to grow with now.

  2. Best of luck to you on your interview. Also, I think that the best thing is to always be prepared ahead of time in the job hunt. The worst time of all to quit a job is when you hate it and can't stand it another second. It's always good to know what your options are and what else is out there, even when you are content with your current job. That way you can move on quickly to something that you like (and is better) when the time comes

    1. Yes! You are 100% right. I would also hate to go from one job I dislike to another I dislike. I'd love to find one that I could be at for life. Job hunting is stressful. :P

  3. Oh mine has been dead end since I started, but the schedule was nice, only 4 days a week lol now that it is 2 days of course the pay sucks for that. Doesn't matter what job it is, there are going to be some days where you just hate it. If you like it more then you hate it, then it may be one worth keeping, provided it gives you the dough to live and such. If the other way around, ditch it and get a new one.

  4. I'm also trying to reinvent myself, but my problem is that I live in a chaotic country in which the experience and good work aren't valued and mean nothing... all that is important is having ties and connections.

    1. Aw, Dez! You are way too clever to be pigeon holed...but I'm afraid this country is like that as well. There is certainly more job opportunities, but the majority of the good ones is all about who you know.

  5. Good luck with the interview!
    Happiness on the job is #1...
    Linda :o)

  6. I don't seem to quit or get fired from any jobs. They just accumulate. The two exceptions are KFC, from which I quit, and the two months I was a door knocker, where I quit one because I was poached by another, and fired from that one a month later.

    Good luck with the job interview!

    1. Maybe becoming a professional blogger is in your future! Wouldn't that be nice? :)

      Thank you!

  7. I left my first job because I was moving here. I loved it there and I cried when I left, but I love my boyfriend more so that's how I knew.
    When I left my second job, it was because the manager treated me HORRIBLY. I had more stress serving for 1-4 hours twice a week than I do now as a supervisor of a store working 35+ hours a week.
    I really enjoy the job that I have now and I hope to grow and improve and keep it for a long time. For me, it seems I have better luck with small businesses/chains that are locally owned. Big cooperate left a bad impression on me.
    PS- GOOD LUCK!!!

    1. You are right!'s funny you mention that, because the place I am now is HUGE and it's awful. The larger the company, the less your hard work means to them. It's always nice to be recognized.

  8. good luck!! ican't wait to hear how it goes!

  9. I'm not sure how to comment on this because this post is not in list form. Don't you have more lists to write?

    There are days when I love my job, other days I tolerate my job, and many days where I just hate it. The thing I hate the most is the low pay. If it paid better I would probably love my job every day.

    1. LOL! I know, it's cringe worthy right? You totally miss my lists!!!!!

  10. Never leave angry, that's all I can say. Seen so many former co-workers leave good jobs for the dumbest reasons.


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