Monday, November 17, 2014

Employment: Hiring Discrimination

As you all know, I’m on the job hunt.
The interview went real well and I’m very hopeful.  Thank you to everyone who asked!
That got me thinking about all the interviews I’ve been on, and why I haven’t gotten many offers.
What changed about Jax over the less 2 years that made her less attractive to the job market?

Employers discriminate against hiring mothers, especially with young children.
People find out you have a kid, and suddenly you’re taboo.

I know that is a harsh and general statement, but I stick to it for the average company.
I mean, let’s think about it.
1. It’s almost guaranteed that a mother would require a family plan.
2. A mother may require extra time off of work to tend to their child.
3. A mother’s first priority isn’t their job, it’s their child.
4. There is a decent possibility that the mother may want to have more children.
All of this is valid, but does any of it really effect an individual's job performance?
I mean, give me a break!  A father has the same responsibilities as a mother!

I have interviewed to countless places.
Every company that learned I had a young child, never called back.
The two companies that did give me an offer, had no idea that I was a mommy.
Coincidence?  Maybe, but let’s be realistic…

Do you believe employers exercise discrimination (of any kind) while hiring?


  1. Oh yeah, they discriminate up the arse hole. At least 95% do anyway. If you don't fit into their worker drone mold, then adios. You may have all the qualifications and be the best, then someone comes along who is almost the best. They don't have a kid, you do, you get the big screw you.

    A list of 4? Where are the other 6 lol

    1. Lol I justified it by telling myself it is not a real list!!! Hahahaha

  2. Yep, I have no doubt that is not a coincidence! It's all about the dollar to them! Best of luck on the search...I hope you find the perfect job!

    1. Its so sad how people discriminate. It is not just mommys that get the short of the stick...people get discriminated against for lots of things.

      And thank you! :)

  3. I try my best not to discriminate when I'm doing I reviews for my job. I don't care if it's a mother, as long as she had reliable child care and will be able to come last minute to help cover shifts (not every single time but at least half the time, otherwise I could end up working 12 hour days). I haven't hired a mother only because they soon follow up with, "yeah the baby daddy is in prison" other things that red flag them as having lost control of their lives and attracting drama.

  4. I was actually discriminated in a way in one of the schools I had worked, because I was the only male, the only nonHungarian, and the only one with a degree there :)

    1. Oh really? You would think a school would be more fair than a private company!

  5. It's a problem for which I don't know the solution. It is cheaper and more effective for a company to hire a non mother, but they can't not hire someone based solely on that. It's a pickle :P

    1. Like I said, the companies doing this have valid reasons, but everyone can have a valid reason not to be hired if you dig deep enough. Having a child does not mean that you aren't fit for a job. Sigh..

  6. Most people don't realize that certain questions during interviews are illegal. Someone being a mother or not is none of their business.

    1. I agree with you. I avoid saying it, but if I am flat out asked, how can I say none of your business? They would throw away my resume for being rude!! haha

  7. i wouldn't tell them. it's not their business until you need insurance.

  8. Omy ! Here is the same Jax!
    About years I dont have problem because I dont have kids but when adopted my twins was different!

  9. I am sure corporations today do make their decisions based on things like that (knowing how unbelievably cut-throat and greedy they have all become!).


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